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Four New Delhi Rapists Sentenced to Death

Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta:  Guilty and Sentenced to Death

Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta: Guilty and Sentenced to Death

If you have ever wondered what the face of evil could look like – well, wonder no further.  Here you are!  Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur and Pawan Gupta were found guilty of the New Delhi gang rape of a 23-year-old female student who later died of her injuries.  The four had pleaded not guilty.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Dan Stevens: Heir Apparent at Downton Abbey

First look at Matthew Crawley's heir apparent on Downton Abbey's season four surfaces

First look at Matthew Crawley’s heir apparent on Downton Abbey’s season four surfaces

Downton Abbey season three has come and gone.  If you blinked you might have missed a terrible lot and will have to go to Masterpiece’s online stream to catch up!  We swear that was the quickest albeit most engrossing and entertaining few episodes ever.  And even though a major spoiler alert on Dan Stevens untimely departure from the hugely successful show loomed with the season finale – with full knowledge of how even – it never detracted from its impact.

Hell if we didn’t forget to breathe as we watched the dashing lad slipping away in a ditch! Read the rest of this entry »

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Dan Stevens: Broadway Papi

Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens at the stage door of The Heiress in NYC.

Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens at the stage door of The Heiress in NYC.

We have been jonesing for our very own photo of Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens.  But every time we have attempted a revisit of the The Heiress stage door we just barely miss him and are left bereft – it just doesn’t seem to go as envisioned.  That is until now.

Don’t get us wrong…  Sure, we are deeply grateful for his Heiress’ costar Jessica Chastain’s amenable disposition and beautiful smile but in the end gays’ will be gay – and Dan Stevens’ sparkling blue eyes is where our heart thaws.  Sorry Jess…

Our thanks to Stevens for extending us the opportunity for some great shots.

Alas, a fellow pap-ster had to go and drop the bomb on a impending twist contained in the 3rd installment of our beloved Downton series.  And after a little Googling, we happened upon further learning of its resounding truth.

We are crushed yet again.

But we will dutifully watch and mourn (again) when the time comes.  Until such time we will regress to complete ignorance and deeply rooted denial.


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French & Saunders: Absolutely Fabulous Till This Day!

Jennifer Saunders' brings AbFab back for an end of 2011 two episode run

The number of priceless Absolutely Fabulous TV moments are countless.  There are no other duos out there presently that can pull off such over the top comedy while delivering political undertones applicable to society of yesterday, today and likely tomorrow, like the French & Saunders team can muster.  So lets just admit the obvious – Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders are geniuses.

We got the opportunity to sit our asses down and click play on their new two episode special installments of the long running classic – just two episodes – and were immediately in stitches. It was like they never stopped – if it only lasted under two hours.

Seriously, they are like Sade – timeless.  Not a wrinkle nor a loss of pitch.

Theirs’ is a talent and a theme that never gets old, never looses its timing and never looses the talent of their imaginative writers.  Many have tried to copy it – Roseanne anyone – but none have achieved it!

C’est pas possible.

On a personal position, we live for the over-the-top presentation of sheer delusion that Edina and Patsy reside within.  Excess and frivolous spending, sprinkled with a few pills and washed down with some bubbly.  What the hell is there not to like, sweetie?

Our only disappointment is that it was merely a two episode special brought about by the kind graces of the BBC.

We would kindly like to petition French & Saunders to be obligated to serve time putting these styled annual revisits together every year!  It would only be right.  And this would give us a definitive reason to turn on our flat screens – say nothing of justifying paying for one…

So a big merci to Lumley & Saunders for bestowing us with such a gift and here’s to their continued returns.

We cannot display this gallery

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Keira Knightley: Stalker to Appear in Court

Keira Knightley Photographed Leaving Late Show Taping to a Hord of Fans

British beauty queen Keira Knightley, here pictured leaving a taping of The David Letterman Show in NYC, is the victim of yet another stalker, the BBC reports.

Polish national Marek Daniluk, 41, was arrested outside the Comedy Theatre where Knightley is currently appearing in Moliere’s “The Misanthrope,” on Thursday following a complain to London Police. 

An unidentified woman phoned authorities and reported the strange “behaviour of a man outside the theatre on Wednesday.” 

The cops apparantly quickly followed up and Daniluk was apprehended outside the theater the following day. 

Say what you can about this fool, he is dedicated! 

Having brought the facts to you, I must now chime in and say that I don’t understand fanaticism. 

I have witnessed it first hand and the lunacy of this act escapes me.  I can’t fathom waiting on anyone for countless hours just to be close to them.  WTF is that about? 

There are prescription meds that can correct this problem. 

The only reason my ass will wait on someone is if I am going to make some coins from it…  And that becomes debateable after a certain amount of time cuz my ass hates waiting on people!

I hope the British courts throw a book with a prescription at this fool!

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RTnM Hot Links

It is Monday morning and I got nothing. So rather than pull what little hair I have left (by choice) on my body, I am simply going to share news from around the way with y’all. Don’t even think of giving me grief for this!

BBC reports on Sir Ian McKellen getting a Variety Club Award in London for his contribution to entertainment. (Who can dispute this? Although I question the Simon Cowell part…)

SelfAbsorbedMe chronicles the morning routine! (I 2nd the sentiment! Take your time girl!)

LARagMag brings us Enrique Iglesias’ music video stills half naked from a few years ago when he still had the mole. (I don’t see how this is really important given that he ain’t even showing the crack of his ass! But so be it.)

Bitten and Bound brings us the Always Sunny in Philadelphia promo with a naked Danny Devito. (I can be found in the bathroom vomiting!)

Angry Black Bitch! gives us her clear and insightful perspective on the Sarah Palin book tour and her Big O interview as only she can! (Dammit girl, Harpo should be looking to book your ass on that show!)

OMG Blog! brings us Justin Long’s bare smooth ass stills and video from a flick he was in. (You know what I’m thinking so I ain’t goin to say it.)

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Daniel Radcliffe: I’m No Pot-Head!

Harry Potter star – Daniel Radcliffe, 20, and his rep have come out with a emphatic denial to a Daily Mirror claim of the young thespian engaging in 420, reports the BBC.

The Mirror quotes house-party guest Wadia Tazi, 26, as stating that Radcliffe “looked spaced out and didn’t look like he knew what was going on.”

His rep has immediately gone on the defensive and released a statement. “We categorically deny the allegations regarding Daniel Radcliffe published in today’s Daily Mirror,” his spokeswoman proclaims.

Adding that although Radcliffe “does smoke the occasional roll-up cigarette, but he was not doing anything more than this.”

At 20, me thinks it wouldn’t be great harm or shock that he’d dabble in some weed. Who the hell can judge? Never mind Brits commonly seen pilgrimage to the neighboring Netherlands to dabble in some Coffee Shop herbs.

There are also some holes in the story. Tazi’s claim of not recognizing the international star for one!

“I didn’t recognise him as he looked so different to what I expected from the films. When my friend told me who he was, I was shocked,” Tazi claims.

She goes on to add that “he didn’t want us to recognize him. When I said he looked like that actor in Lord of the Rings [Elijah Wood], he got a bit funny and said, ‘No, that’s not me’. He looked pretty uncomfortable.” Ummm, right… Elijah? Get real girl!

I find her statements hard to swallow and I have little gag-reflexes. Sounds like a bunch of bull. Leave Harry Alone!

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Leona Lewis: Attacked at Signing

Leona Lewis has been punched in the head by a “fan” during a bookstore appearance in London, Reuters reports.

I missed the raging news piece yesterday but Police have said they “charged Peter Kopwalczyk, 29, of south London with assault… [and] detained [him] under the 1983 Mental Health Act.” He is scheduled to appear before a judge on October 26th.

The remaining particulars of the incident are sketchy, cuz clearly this was no regular fan – of hers anyway.

In a statement, Lewis, ITV1’s X Factor 2006 winner, said she’d been left “extremely hurt and upset,” reports the BBC.

Me thinks this is likely some disgruntled X-Factor watcher who is still bent that she beat out his fave some years back – if not having been scarred by this outfit she wore to the Jingle Ball concert at MSG back in December.

But who the hell can blame him! I have had to stop watching SYTYCD and AI myself cuz the fucking judges talk to damn much!

I ain’t the physical type – my manicure is more important – but that don’t mean I wouldn’t tell Kelly “Piggy” Clarkson, Simon “I Ain’t Gay” Fuller or SYTYCD head homo a thing or two were we in a face to face. That’s one serious tongue beating in the making!

All the same, leave it to the Brits to take it up a notch and belt out their disapproval! Can’t wait to see if a video of this brutality surfaces….

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Roman Polanski: Awaits Extradition Proceedings

Controversial film maker and OSCAR winner – Roman Polanski, 76, has been detained in Switzerland on a 31 year old arrest warrant dating back to his pedophilia case involving sex with a 13 year old girl when he was old enuf to be the girls dad, reports the BBC.

Polanski, who has been residing in France since fleeing from the United States in 1978 – after pleading guilty to charges, currently awaits extradition hearing. He was detained at the airport and is being held pending outcome presently after attending an awards ceremony where he received a lifetime achievement award. Umm, congrats?

Although Polanski has applied for dismissal of his rape case, the judge presiding has tossed out request on the grounds that he has not filed in person.

The one time victim in the 20th century case – Samantha Geimer, has formally asked that charges be dropped. Geimer is presently married with children.

I am familiar with both the allure of youth – gays are universally obsessed with regression to a time where all is nice and tight – and the Lolita syndrome (an amazing book and film,) but a man on top of something more than twice his age (girl was 13 years old for fuck sake,) is all types of fucked up! And that’s not just my Catholic upbringing talking… And throw in administering narcotics to the said minor is beyond fucked up!

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Jane Fonda: Kisses Old Knee Goodbye

Jane Fonda, 71, has kissed her old knee goodbye, reports the BBC.

Fonda, here pictured all smiles at this years Tony Awards, has broadcast her recent knee replacement operation on her blog.

“For years I ran on it and skiied. I am remembering the girlhood scabs from falls off my bike. The splinters and bruises,” Fonda recalls. Evidently, Fonda also recalled her joint as being “a strong faithful knee.”

At almost 3/4’s of a century old, I’d have to agree! That was a long lasting piece of cartilage. This procedure comes after a 2005 hip replacement.

At this rate the one time 80’s aerobics diva will have all new working parts and will be fully capable at making a another comeback!

We wish Barbarella a speedy recovery! Stretch it out, girl…

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