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Beyonce: China Through the Looking Glass

Beyonce and a bevy of fashion clad ladies at the Met Gala's China: Through The Looking Glass fete

Beyonce and a bevy of fashion clad ladies at the Met Gala’s China: Through The Looking Glass fete

Beyonce made herself the premiere attendee at The Met Gala’s China: Through The Looking Glass fete, last night. A hard enough endeavor given that EVERYBODY worth shooting was slated to attend.

From Rihanna, Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoon, Olivia Wilde, Naomi Campbell and Lady Gaga to her majesty Madonna, legend Cher, Emily Blunt, Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, and Zoe Kravitz – the list grew and grew as the night progressed. Read the rest of this entry »

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Yanis Marshall: Blow by Beyonce Reinterpreted

Choreographer Yanis Marshall

Choreographer Yanis Marshall

Young choreographer extraordinaire, with some 17-million Youtube hits to his credit, Yanis Marshall, has been getting more and more attention for his jazz-fused classes around the globe, while full out in some three-inch heels.  He’s even gotten a shout out or two from the talent responsible for the tunes he uses.

He serves you fierceness – delivered with a ‘that’s how you work it’ attitude and fluid motion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beyonce: House of Mirrors Super Bowl Show

Behonce gets a hug from hubby Jay Z post half-time  Super Bowl show  (image via Instagram.)

Beyonce gets a hug from hubby Jay Z post half-time Super Bowl show (image via Instagram.)

The nation is all up on the Beyonce Super-Bowl half-time show.  We marvel at the public’s fascination with it.  It was indeed elaborate – for Bey.  But aside from the grandiose staging of a Beyonce video montage, we didn’t really see a cause for the OMG response.  Yes, she sang live but she sounded winded from the get-go!

Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce ain’t. Read the rest of this entry »

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Patrick Ford: X Factor Cringe Factor

Patrick Ford, 20, manages to make gays the world over cringe with his rendition of the Britney Spears cover of Circus on X Factor.

“Meeting Britney Spears is like meeting god!” declared 20-year-old Patrick Ford on X Factor.  And with those words Ford manages to make you stop dead in your tracks.  You just know this isn’t going to go well or why else would the under-cover Simon Cowell allow him to be featured on the show?

Food for thought…

That gays flock to the Chipmunk sounding Brit-Brit is little news but this here ode to the trailer trash icon by a self-proclaimed number one fan is simply beyond.

We love the “if we win the $5 million” he would have a girlfriend named Britney part.  LUV IT.

Not judging, simply stating an opinion y’all.

Ford attempted a rendition of Spears “Circus” track and, lo-and-behold, he manages to sound worse than the aging pop princess on a day without studio help.

We know its hard to fathom.

We were particularly tickled, however, at Brit-Brit’s cringe-ful reaction to the adulation.  Really girl?  This is your fan base…  For sure now she knows 1st hand how her voice has made some of us feel all these years.  And your breasts are sagging girl…  Time for more support.

Sadly this didn’t turn out to be a vocal version of Shane Mercado.  Y’all surely recall him right?  He was the dancer who worked Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” choreography in his dorm-room.  We’d put a ring on that!

As for Ford…  No, sister, that didn’t go as planned – for sure.

We cannot display this gallery

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Beyonce: Heat Macys Launch

Beyonce Launches Her New Fragrance "Heat" at Macy's Herald Square

It seems everyone and their mother goes down the fragrance branding road.  And Beyonce Knowles is now no exception. 

Girl has gone and launched a fragrance line called Heat. 

Assuredly you have seen the commercial where she covers the iconic song “Fever” to debut the scent.  Original that she is…

And where else would she peddle such wares?  Macy’s Herald “34th Street Special” Square.  Where else?

This “event” would have been monumental – photo wise – were it not for the fact that girl and handlers went and held a private function the night before exclusively shot only by one wire service! 

And the bitch wore red, just to add insult to injury.

Here is Beyonce and her horse hair arriving at the “red carpet” Macy’s presentation meet-and-greet (for the price of a purchase). 

At least she didn’t wear black!

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RTnM Hotlinks

NYC has been cold enough to cause delusions of Armageddon and I’m not exactly of sound mind…  Sequestered in my humble abode, I am trying to ride out the arctic temps while on my knees praying for a warm spell.  (Yes, it’s that dire!)

But I keep on with trying to bring you something to entertain yourselves with…

JustJared:  Beyonce wins 6 Grammy Awards.  (I watched her performance and couldn’t think of a positive thing to say.  At least she tries – but no GaGa is she!)

BBC:  Actor Rip Torn (cousin of Sissy Spacek) ties on a few too-too many and breaks into a Conn Bank while armed!  (WTF?  Is this a reflection of where the American upper-middle class are at as a cause of the recession?)

DListed:  Reviews Queen Elton and Lady GaGa at the Grammy’s.  (A bit harsh but some good as points made from memory.)

CelebSlam:  Eyewitness spots Ben Affleck falling off the wagon at Sundance party.  (It can’t be easy to watch your career go down the tubes so slowly but consistently…)

HitDanBack:  Etta James hospitalized for a sever UTI!  (Poor girl can’t catch a break!  We send out deepest wishes for a speedy recovery.)

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Beyonce: Parents Split

Beyonce at the 09 MTV VMA Awards

Beyonce can now add being just like the millions of other kids who come from a broken home to her long list of accomplishments, reports state. 

Tina Knowles, mother and co-creator of House of Derelict, began legal proceedings for divorce against her husband Matthew Knowles on November 11th and have now released a statement on the matter.

“The decision to end our marriage is an amicable one. We remain friends, parents, and business partners,” WFAA reports the couple stating to The Associated Press this past Friday. “If anyone is expecting an ugly messy fight, they will be sadly disappointed. We ask for your respect of our privacy as we handle this matter.”

Ain’t that some shit?  I especially love the part referencing no “ugly messy fight.”  Especially given that this development comes on the tail end of Matt being named the daddy to an unborn baby in a paternity suit by an Alexsandra Wright.  Seems like the fact they are divorcing already constitutes a fight of sorts…

Me thinks this is already ugly and messy – if not, wait for it, cuz for sure this isn’t the only one!  More like one too-to many…

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09 MTV VMA: Beyonce

Well its fucking official! I am back at work.

And what better way to re-immerse myself than with duties on the carpet at the 25th annual MTV Video Music Awards – which returned to Gotham at the famed Radio City Music Hall after a six year hiatus.

A stellar lineup comprised the celeb list (although Megan Fox and Robert Pattinson skipped) but I thought I would start with sharing a pic of horse-headed Beyonce on the red carpet.

Of course I have stated my disdain for the wanna-be Ms. Ross, but in truth the red cocktail number was cute. (I ain’t hating Carmen!) Her performance on the show (lip-sync anyone!) was less so.

But shed light on the highlight of her attendance I must! Cuz for sure it had to be her earnest on camera ‘what is he doing’ response to messy under-cover homo – Mr. Kanye West’s rant on how she was wronged. This immediately followed after he rushed the stage and pulled the mic from cuteness Taylor Swift.

Girl was truly gagging! It was almost as if she was going down on Jay Z’s meat…

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Angelic Angelina: Forbes Tops Woman

Angelic Angelina has topped Forbes magazine’s most powerful celebrity!

Jolie, here pictured while on the “Salt” set, once again proves to be able to bring home the bacon, fry it up for her man and rub the bacon grease all over Aniston!

Let’s go over Jolie’s list: Brad Pitt, a gang of beautiful kids, humanitarian work for the under-privileged, homes all over the world, a stellar career, a stack of cash and lets not forget her natural beauty!

I no mathematician, but it looks like she wins – hands down! How’s that all work for you Jennifer?

Forbes Top Five:

Angelina Jolie
Oprah Winfrey
Tiger Woods

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Beyonce Tops Tix Sales

The stalker thriller pseudo rip-off of “Fatal Attraction” starring horse-headed Beyonce, here pictured at The Letterman Show recently, topped box-office tix sales this weekend with $28 million.

“Obsessed” debuted at number 1, while twink-a-licious Zac Efron’s “17 Again” slipped to 2nd place and Channing Tatum’s “Fighting” entered in 3rd.

I know Beyonce wont hold the premiere slot next weekend! But I presently have to eat my own words as I thought the theater going public would see the flick for what it is…

How wrong I am…! Lord help us. She will next be looking to star in a remake of some Shakespeare.

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