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Cameron Diaz: Longevity Book Signing in NY

Cameron Diaz attends "The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, The Biology of Strength, And The Privilege of Time," book signing

Cameron Diaz attends “The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, The Biology of Strength, And The Privilege of Time,” book signing

One time sex kitten Cameron Diaz has gone and lent her name to a book, titled “The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, The Biology of Strength, And The Privilege of Time.”  Read the rest of this entry »

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Quvenzhane Wallis: Annie NY World Premiere

Quvenzhane Wallis joins Cameron Diaz and Will Smith for the world premiere of Annie in NYC

Quvenzhane Wallis joins Cameron Diaz and Will Smith for the world premiere of Annie in NYC

Quvenzhane Wallis joined her castmates Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Dorian Missick, Rose Byrne, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and hottie Bobby Cannavale, along with producer Will Smith and Sandy the Dog, for the world premiere of the reboot of that ole classic rags-to-riches story “Annie,” in New York City yesterday morning into mid-afternoon.

No kidding, y’all!

The step-and-repeat ran a total of 4 hours long for the gathered press line which boasted a call time of 11:00 AM and didn’t wrap until 3:00 PM – and there folks missing.  There also included a stand-offish Diaz in a non-stopping drive-by and, most notably, Jay Z and wifey Beyonce  skipping the carpet all together to the moans-and-groans of a tent full of photogs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cameron Diaz: The Other Woman NY Screening

Cameron Diaz at The Other Woman NYC screening

Cameron Diaz at The Other Woman NYC screening

You have to hand it to Cameron Diaz – recently in town promoting all things The Other Woman, opposite Kate Upton, Taylor Kinney and Leslie Mann.  She knows she is fast approaching the cut-off point that a-lot of bombshells in Hollywood must inevitably face when their careers have been predicated on sex-appeal, but she perseveres. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jennifer Lopez: Parker Screening at MoMA

Winter white for Jennifer Lopez to attend the Parker screening of her new film Parker at NYC's MoMA.

Winter white for Jennifer Lopez to attend the Parker screening of her new film Parker at NYC’s MoMA.

Here’s one for the records!  Jennifer Lopez gets herself a special NYC screening of her new flick “Parker,” starring opposite Jason Statham, at MoMA y’all.  Now it ain’t that we think it too highbrow for Jennie from the block but we are still getting over her being on the screen opposite The Transporter.

Let’s face it, Statham isn’t someone we would have readily listed on her “to co-star with” list.  But we reckon neither was Fonda – although that didn’t turn out all that well.

See more pics of the MoMA screening after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

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Shrek Forever After Premiere

The Cast of Shrek Forever After - Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers and Antonio Banderas Kick off the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC

The Tribeca Film Festival kicked off last night with the “Shrek Forever After” world premiere.  And it will be a hard act to top. 

What with hotness Antonio Banderas, sexy Cameron Diaz, funny man Eddie Murphy and “do I make you horny” Mike Myers all in tow – a better list will be hard to orchestrate. 

Granted, I am biased having seen all its predecessors and fully intending on hitting the theater for the fourth installation starring that green ogre.  What can I can tell you?  Puss-N-Boots and Donkey are hysterical!

True that Ms. Diaz wore black thus limiting – if not diminishing altogether, the placement of the photo, she did work the step-and-repeat like a viper.  And she sported a pair os tan stilettos.  I am a sucker for a woman in strappy shoes.  So I can’t complain – much.  I don’t know what got into her but she must have pulled out some trick from her modeling days and was shooting sparks!  And we chant ‘Gracias Cameron.’

Throw in the likes of Zach Braff, Donald Faison – with his ivory companion, Robert DeNiro, Dan Abrams, Ariana Grande and icon Melanie Griffith – girl will not let go of that man of hers and who can blame her…  I’d be on it 24/7 given half a chance… and the night will stand tantamount to its box office draw come opening weekend. 

We cannot display this gallery

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Diaz and Marsden: The Box Premiere

If someone showed up at your door with a mysterious art nouveau encased box and said ‘push the fucking button and you’ll get a million dollars,’ you would push the button before they finished disclosing the fine print!

I know I would sprain my masturbating hand for pushing that damn button! Don’t you judge me…

Such is the premise of Cameron Diaz and James Marsden’s latest thriller “The Box.” Of course they do listen to the details and all the running begins – but hey, its Hollywood, what do you expect…!

Here are the stunning duo at their Box NYC premiere last night. She looked dashing in a navy blue, his baby blues sparkled! (What can I tell you, I a homo!)

The only question I am left with is why they shared an SUV to arrive together… Could that be a tell-tale sign? I sure hope not, I couldn’t take it.

The Box Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers

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Cameron Dias: Sisters’ Keeper Prem

Cameron Diaz pulled a rare form and was all compliant at the world premiere of her new film “My Sister’s Keeper,” last night in NYC.

Dressed in a white asymmetrical cocktail number, Diaz proved to be none the diva of the night by showing up first!

The part Cuban hotness even surprised some by responding to calls in Spanish… How’s that for a shocker?

Diaz will soon be reprising her “Charlie’s Angel” role opposite Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. That is one I am eagerly waiting on!

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Diaz at IFC Awards

Cameron Diaz was among the many who attended the IFC Spirit Awards on Santa Monica Beach this year.

She is truly like a Monet. Good from far but far from good once you get up close.

But whatever I can say about her at least she ventured over to the sidelines where my ass was stationed as the PR folks refused my credential for coverage on the actual carpet.

“Space issues,” was the official refusal, although they had enough space to stage a Cirque du Soleil tent. Fuckers!

So there I was amongst the many a fan on the long stretch of beach along with the horde of the most irritating bunch of professional autograph hounds this vast land of ours offers, trying to get a photo.

All in all, I got some kick ass material, no thanks to the girth and annoyance of aforementioned “fans.”

Diaz will be reprising her role in yet another “Charlie’s Angel” flick soon.

Although I am a fan of the franchise, much like the sideline I occupied at this awards show, I remain on the fence on her being the stand-in for a Farrah Fawcett originated role. She isn’t even a real blond! At least she is sporty…

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Sex Driven Mardsen

Heres James Mardsen – of X Men Cyclops’ fame, who stopped by the MTV TRL studios this week to promote his latest flick “Sex Drive,” co-starring that little guy with the big comic delivery – Seth Green.

I don’t know about y’all but when Mardsen smiles he shifts me into fifth gear. It’s like a male version of Julia, I dare say. It’s so broad, genuine and bewitching – I’d drop my undies right quick and give up the booty without ever loosing eye contact with those beautiful blues of his… he’s just a specimen – tight svelte body, talented actor (he rocked in Hairspray and The Notebook,) and he doesn’t appear to take himself too seriously!

And the machine keeps it coming… he has a few projects in the works: “Nailed” – opposite Jake Gyllenhaal (yummy!) and “The Box,” co-starring Cameron Diaz.

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