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Eddie Redmayne: Abs of Steel Wont Save Jupiter Ascending

Not Even Eddie Redmayne's abs of steel can save Jupiter Ascending

Not Even Eddie Redmayne’s abs of steel can save Jupiter Ascending

Newly hitched Brit, Eddie Redmayne, is presently basking in the glory of all things “Theory of Everything.”  Rightfully so.  He may not win the OSCAR – we are rooting for him – but he sure as hell deserves the recognition.

The performance is nothing shy of amazing!

His follow up project, ‘Jupiter Ascending’ – in which much talk has concentrated on the mod looking star’s killer abs – will not, however, go down in history as the brightest choice for a follow up script for an award nominated actor. Read the rest of this entry »

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Channing Tatum: Lands Gambit Spin-off

Channing Tatum snares Gambit role in new Marvel spin-off

Channing Tatum snares Gambit role in new Marvel spin-off

“Magic Mike XXL” star and Alabama native, Channing Tatum has snared the role of “Gambit” in the new Marvel spin-off, reports state.  The role was first introduced on the big screen by Taylor Kitsch, 32, in the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” film circa 2009. Read the rest of this entry »

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Michael Strahan: Magic Mike XXL Run

Ex-NFL star turned morning talk show host Michael Strahan shows off to Channing Tatum on Magic Mike XXL set

Ex-NFL star turned morning talk show host Michael Strahan shows off to Channing Tatum on Magic Mike XXL set

At 42-years-old, Michael Strahan is proving that he can go up against the best of them, physically speaking.  The 6′ 5″ ex-NFL player turned daytime talk show host has found uber-stardom and become a household name with his stint on Live with Kelly and Michael and is now making a Magic Mike: XXL run, reports state. Read the rest of this entry »

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Protected: Channing Tatum: Magic Mike Candid

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Channing Tatum: Magic Mike Settles in Second Place

Channing Tatum aka Chan Crawford pictured turning the other cheek to an admirer during his stripper teen years in Florida

Here’s a Debbie downer for your Monday morning.  Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike – the do good’er stripper romance flick, starring a bevy of hotness, including Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez and Matthew McConaughey, opened in second place after a whirlwind of promotional appearances by cast members.  Box office tallies place estimated earnings at the $39.16 million mark.

Not anything to sneeze at but certainly not something to light up either given the magnitude of celebrity in the cast. Read the rest of this entry »

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Channing Tatum: Magic Mike Stills

Magic Mike’s Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Adam Rodriguez.

Channing Tatum’s highly anticipated Magic Mike is on the horizon.  And boy are we excited about the bunch of stripping eye candy set to grace the big screen!  We thought to await the countdown with this here round-up of the stills from the flick set to arrive later this summer… Read the rest of this entry »

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Channing Tatum: Details February Cover Boy

Channing Tatum Struts his Stuff on Set of Son of No One

Hotness Channing Tatum graces the cover of the upcoming February issue of Details Magazine.  And damn if he doesn’t look like two scoops of melts in your mouth yumness!  We are over the rainbow at the prospects of seeing his upcoming shake-his-money-maker stripper flick “Magic Mike,” which incidentally stars a bevy of male hotness, including “White Collar’s” Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and “True Blood’s” Joe Manganiello.

OMG!  Lord help us. Read the rest of this entry »

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Channing Tatum: 21 Jump Street Trailer

On the tail end of our having checked out Johnny Depp’s “The Rum Diary,” something we are considering filing a formal complaint with the production company for a full refund plus damages, we get an email notice of the “21 Jump Street” trailer.  And wouldn’t you know it – it’s been revamped into a comedy, starring hotness Channing Tatum and a slimmed down Jonah Hill – with Ice T thrown in for a hood mix!

Well, nothing can be as un-entertaining as that Diary flick!  Seriously, it went nowhere.  But at least this reprisal stars Tatum, and he soothes the senses.  So there’s that.

We haven’t, as yet, concluded as to how we feel about the one time small screen drama that shot Depp into the stratosphere of stardom being restructured into a National Lampoon style dra-medy-esque feature flick, we are letting it sink in a bit first.   But as we said – it’s Channing Tatum!

Word is that Depp makes an appearance in the flick, but we don’t know in what capacity and/or if its merely a cameo.  But it seems like a missed opportunity as he should’ve been cast as the Officer leading the pilot program.  Just a thought…

RTnM Exclusive: Funny man Jonah Hill caught arriving on the set of The Sitter

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Channing Tatum: Son of No One Trailer

Tatum Shoots Exterior Scenes in Queens NY for Son of No One

We love ourselves some Channing Tatum.  He is easy on the eyes and talented to boot.  His new flick “Son of No One” is due out shortly and we now have a preview of the star studded film which costars Katie Holmes, Juliette Binoche, Al Pacino an Ray Liotta.

We had the opportunity of visiting the NYC set and couldn’t be happier that the finished product is on the horizon.  Doubly happy we are to be able to re-utilize the pics!  It’s slow as shit in NYC presently & snow everywhere…

For a look-see at the trailer, click on the link below.

Tatum Photographed on His First Day of Exterior Son of No One Shoots


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Channing Tatum: Earth Made of Glass

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan at the Earth Made of Glass TFF Premiere

Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan have gone and diversified their respective resumes and now tout Executive Producers to their long list of talents – which inlclude all around hotness couple!   Seriously, this is one couple that could set off sprinklers…

The duo premiered their latest collaborative endeavor “Earth Made of Glass,” a documentary by Deborah Carolin, at the Tribeca Film Festival last night.  The project deals with the Rwandan genocide and one survivors quest to find clues on his fathers’ killer.

We took a quick opportunity to ask Tatum how his other film “Son of No One” – which is currently filming on location throughout NYC – is going.  True to his nice guy rep, the strapping buck replied “great,” as he gave us a smile.

The small event was also attended by Reid Carolin and documentary subject Jean Pierre Sagahutu.  Other notable attendees:  Haley Duff and Nick Zano.

We cannot display this gallery

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