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Christina Applegate: Youth In Oregon TFF Premiere

Christina Applegate and Josh Lucas premiere Youth in Oregon at TFF

Christina Applegate and Josh Lucas premiere Youth in Oregon at TFF

Beauty Christina Applegate joined Josh Lucas at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of “Youth In Oregon,” held at the BMCC Performing Arts Center, a few days ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tom Cruise: Rogue Nation Tops Box Office

tomcruise-dailyshow1With little surprise to be found anywhere in reports, Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation dominated box office tallies it’s opening weekend.

The fifth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise earned a whopping $56M, securing its number one spot.

That’s one major cha-ching for Cruise who also serves as a producer on the film. Read the rest of this entry »

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Justin Long said to be Justin Short

Justin Long is anything but in the endowment department, according to an undisclosed crew member on the set of his new film “Going the Distance.”

This bit of news is rather odd coming from someone making their living in part to the stars of the film: Drew Barrymore, Justin Long and Christina Applegate.

The story told is that when time came for a love scene with Barrymore and Long, cuteness was anything buy shy and went full frontal.

The same crew member, standing in the street for the take, observed Long from the driveway standing in the window and registered his endowment for commentary. Discreet, no?

Not being present myself, but having ample knowledge of the male – form from years of research, I quickly offered my take on the matter: Long could be a grower and not a shower! Never mind the distance involved!

But truth is that most hetero guys think theirs is the biggest willy ever packaged.

In the end I concluded that this particular crew dude’s locker room talk was likely the demonstration of bitterness over his own shortcomings and Long not only being hotness, reportedly banging Barrymore off camera but making more coins than he will see schlepping lighting equipment. Just my own observation on the matter.


Applegate in Riverdale

Christina Applegate could be found in Riverdale, NY this past week, while shooting scenes from the romantic comedy “Going the Distance.”

The film also stars the reformed bad girl – Drew Barrymore, and her on-again, off-again love, Justin Long.

This being three of my favorite folks, I had to try to pay the set a visit a some point. But I could have pulled out a molar quicker than getting a pic of any of them.

Ms. Applegate was said to be “under the weather.” More often than not this is a phrase I have always found to mean lady problems. Although, Ms. “Samantha Who” executive producer was feeling good enough to go from the trailer to the van, and from the van to the inside of the house they were shooting at quickly enough. Perhaps she popped some Midol without telling anyone…

When we attempted to barter with security for the opportunity of an unobstructed photo (it happens,) they returned to say that Ms. Barrymore was going to be shuttling it due to being hit on set. You figure that one out…

So in the end this pic is all I came away with! Thanks a bunch Kelly Bundy!

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Longoria’s Beso Soiree

Eva Longoria, of Desperate Housewives fame, (here pictured leaving the Fashion Week tents in NY last September,) rang in the new year at her restaurant Beso, in LA, accompanied by her personal hotness – Tony Parker.

Among the notable attendants reported to have mooched on her liquor and tax write off were: Nadine Velasquez (of My Name is Earl,) Christopher Lambert (you recall his fab portrayal of Tarzan all those years back, ) Eve and allegedly still woman about town (that means single dammit!) Christina Applegate. (I bet you she is second guessing that split from Jonathan Schaech

Those are the most recognizable names to have been present. Not much on the star power. Even Mario Lopez stayed away (he hosted the Joonbug party in NY.)

Now don’t get me wrong, my lazy ass opted to skip the arctic wind chill factor of 1 degree and popped a bottle of bubbly with my neighbor to accompany some foie gras on a baguette (thanks Steph n Manuel!) and was in bed by 12:05!

I just don’t fare well in the cold. My body starts to shut down and the years start to pay me back for all the abuse they endured since my tween years! It’s not easy aging in gay years, I am telling you…

It certainly must be hard being a business mover and shaker in the entertainment biz cuz why else would Longoria making it a working night? With all the swirling rumors on her man you’d think she’d do a more intimate soiree – never mind still being relatively newlyweds!

But what do I know, my ass is broke and got no man!

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