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Perez Hilton: Purported Manhunt Profile Nude Ad

Alleged Perez Hilton Manhunt Profile SurfacesThe self proclaimed one-time chubby queen of all media, you know the one – Perez Hilton (aka Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr) – the same one who has transformed himself into a muscle Mary yet has still managed to be as unattractive as a wet-fart, is now himself the focus of attention at the hands of an alleged Manhunt profile containing nude self-pics.

Shocked you say?

Well, we have never been fans of the Ms. Thing.  And don’t mind stating there isn’t any love lost.

Ugly is as ugly does.  Made all the worse by the incessant drive to achieve some personal level of fame without any discernible talent…

But what does surface at reviewing the profile info are the statement it contains…

We winced at the “fantastic neg top” declaration.   And nearly choked on our Dr. Pepper at the “almost 8 inches” part.  We think that’s stretching the truth a tad bit.  It’s more along the lines of almost 7 inches, with little girth to make up for its shortcoming.

The “into” portion, however, suits his vapid existence – especially the “voyeurism” part.  Bitch was fat as all hell & assuredly couldn’t pay for it with a borrowed platinum card so it is easy to visualize him being one of those obnoxiously over-bearing trolls that is always peeping others trying to get a grove on at the baths.  (Don’t act like you don’t know the type dammit!)

We do also wonder how this materialized…  And we are not ruling out dumbass purposely putting it out there for some half-hazard attempt at infamy ala Christopher Landon.

As for the “work out 5x a wk” bit…  the mirror never lies Princess Perez.

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Christopher Landon: NSFW Self Nudes Surface

Chris Landon and friend cozy up to Mr. Black LA buble ass at weekly fete

UPDATE:  Although we had no intention of removing the “leaked” nude photos of Chris Landon – they are super hot as far as we are concerned – we have been repeatedly asked to do so.  As such, we feel it only proper to comply.  Sad, we know, but true.  Our position on nudity remains the same & were our body to look as fine as Landon’s –  it’s yummy – we’d be running the street naked, as brought into the world, tout le temp.  Modesty be damned!  We happen on knowing that the photos are still circulating round WeHo, by jealous parties no doubt, so don’t be surprised if they arrive on your smart fone.  As a backup, here is a pic of Landon while at the Mr. Black La soires.

Christopher Beau Landon, son of Little House on The Prairie star Michael Landon, is the latest in the celeb world to face a self-nudes leak scandal.  Although we dare say that if the pics are going to show your bits to the world at large we should all be so lucky to have them look like this!  Lawd have mercy!  The boy is our definition of a stairway to heaven.

Landon, writer of the hit movie “Disturbia,” which starred Shia LaBeouf, is presently facing what appears to be a spread of his parts on display on the site WeHo Confidential.

The sassy site not only has the full monty but some dish on the young buck thrown in for catty purposes.

“Want more,” the site cheekily asks.  “You can always catch Christopher in the sauna at the Equinox Fitness Club on Sunset,” they offer.


We think this might be a wide step over the line of decency, bitches!  What someone does in the semi-privacy of a sauna ain’t none of your fucking business – less you have been personally invited.  For all you guys know it might be included in the contract cuz we’ve heard of goings on that top this mention out here at the East coast Equinox.

But the pics are up & the comments made.  To say homos are catty is as redundant as saying ‘the sky is blue.’  And there you have it.

We can’t help agree with the euphemism the site geniusly concocted however.  Michael Landon’s “Leg*A*C in between his son’s legs” is a gift worth more than a trust fund any day.

And Chris’ ass is tight!

Note to Mr. Landon:  We type 60wpm and would be happy to serve as your errr assistant – just give a jingle!

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