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Anderson Cooper: I’m Gay, Always Have Been

This should get a whole herd of folks riled up.  CNN anchor Anderson Cooper finally addresses his long-time official sexual orientation non-disclosure with a letter, published on The Daily Beast, officially and matter of factly stating his gayness.  “The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud,” states Cooper.

And the chorus sings.

Truth is we’ve always known and only wished it were us kneeling at his feet in praise.  But given that we haven’t been afforded the opportunity to taste hotness we haven’t cared much.  Live and look for a welcoming zipper is our motto.

But some would and often argue that his high-profile presence would be a welcomed champion, or beacon if you will, for gay youths nationwide.

Well now you have it!

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Prez Obama: HRC Speech

President Obama attended and rendered a moving speech at this years HRC dinner where he announced that the Shepard Bill will finally be signed into law.

This has been a long time coming and long ass overdue!

But like our good Prez says, it may not happen as quick as we’d like but it does happen – and in this direction we head.

I get all tingly hearing Hot Chocolate speak about this stuff.

Now I truly understand the attraction Lewinsky had for Clinton and where it stemmed from!

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Aussie Variety Show DumbAsses

Contestant on a variety show in Australia, who performed a Jackson Five skit in black-face have caused a whirlwind of controversy on the tail end of Obama winning the Nobel peace prize.

And who would be sitting on the judge’s panel but southerner Harry Connick Jr.

Ordinarily I am all about outrageous-ness but this is some dumb-ass shit! Black face could only be mildly tolerable were a black person to do it! And even then it’s questionable – if not redundant.

Leave it to some down-under aboriginal dumb fucks to think this type of shit would be funny.

Much like my good buddy over at AngryBlackBitch – I tip the hat covering up my real kinky ass hair to Mr. Connick Jr. for calling the dumb-asses – well, insulting dumb-asses!

Embedded video from CNN Video


Jackson Rehearsal Will Sell!

With more brouhaha building over the death of pop king turned sideshow freak Michael Jackson, its only to be expected that a snippet of his rehearsal footage would be released only days before his Staples center memorial.

Reportedly the Jackson’s will provide 100k tix free to fans although, according to ABC News, no official word has come as to how this will be orchestrated. Expect a few stampedes, mow-downs and a couple dozens casualties to keep this “event” in true MJ fashion…

Presently everyone from nannies to bodyguards to dermatologists are fighting to get in on the attention of MJ’s death. You would think there would be a cap on how many people could get in on the action of one persons passing – but it is the circus of the Jackson’s after all. And Jermaine hasn’t had this much camera time in more than a decade!

My only question is how could MJ leave “his” kids to his parents? Was he really in such denial that he couldn’t figure out how fucked up his parents made him? But I guess that was rhetorical cuz you don’t go from being born black and reinventing yourself into a white man by living in the here and now!

Here is CNN footage of the rehearsal. Don’t be surprised to see the whole thing made into a DVD commemorating MJ’s reign in the not to distant future!

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Black Pastor Crosses the Line

There is always two sides to a story. And most of the times, folks try to editorialize an event to better suit their needs.

There have been email blasts going around on the coverage by CNN of the black pastor who was carried away by Secret Service agents at LAX a few days ago.

The email proclaims the event as “unbelievable! U have to watch the video.” Declaring it as “the new leaps of racism continue.”

Embedded video from CNN Video

Shortly after the original email alert, a response has been issued addressed from NJBlkStrike which clarifies and sheds some light on the situation not disclosed in the video footage. This serves as a reminder of why we must always be cautious of jumping to conclusions!

NJBlkStrike writes: “Not everything is as it might sometimes appear and I believe that to be the case in this incident. I don’t see it at all as an act of racism, but rather someone who was removed when she violated long-standing standards.

I am a professional journalist. I also am black and gay. While I now work in my company’s senior-level management in our New York office, I was once a Washington reporter. I have covered the White House, presidential events and a full presidential campaign.

This woman claims to have a White House press credential. If she does, she was not displaying it in the CNN interview and if she had been displaying it at LAX it’s unlikely that she would have been confronted. Reporters who cover the White House, Congress and federal agencies are required to display their credentials at all time. That is especially true when covering a presidential event.

Even if she does have a White House credential, there are very clear protocols and standard of behavior that journalists who cover the president are expected to follow and do follow.

You cannot be a journalist and a social advocate at the same time as Brenda Lee was attempting. In the guise of a journalist she was attempting to deliver a written message to Obama opposing gay marriage. That is a flagrant violation of long-standing journalistic ethics.

Was she there as a minister and anti-gay marriage advocate or as a journalist to cover the event? She couldn’t do both, and once the lines were blurred she had no right to be where she was. No legitimate news organization would have allowed it. Had one of my reporters done such a thing, I’d have been in HR firing her even as they were dragging her away.

So before we start accusing anyone of racism, let’s take a close look at the situation. I can tell you from my many years of experience as a journalist that she clearly crossed a line that once violated invalidated her right to be where she was and it was appropriate for her to be removed. The staffer was right to confront her, and the Secret Service was right to remove her.”

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Cooper Vs. Phelps

The blogger-sphere has been abuzz since CNN’s hottest anchor, Anderson Cooper, challenged 8 time gold medalist Michael Phelps to a one lap race during a 20/20 interview.

Primarily the buzz has consisted of gripes at Cooper donning a pair of swim trunks to Phelps’ one-size too small Speedo. And I concur, dammit!

No self respecting homo wears trunks to get in the water! What type of CNN puritan bullshit is that? We don’t expect Silver Fox to reveal himself a Mandingo or nothing but really… Why go the ‘I am ashamed of folks seeing the size of my willy’ white boy route! Is there no justice left?

I initially resisted playing the clip mainly for fear of disillusioning my threesome fantasy. One that immediately hit me upon knowing these two would be in the same room. The thought of joining one ripe-aged intellectual (I just know his experience surpasses the intellect and over-achieves the nasty!) and the fastest resilient laden twink had me damn near a sexually induced epileptic fit. It plays out perfectly – a triangle of me tonguing Coop while he’s fingering Phelps while he’s deep throating me…

Damn, Coop! This would have been the perfect gift. But you had to go and scrooge it!

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Cooper Regrets…

Gawker is reporting on CNN frontman – Anderson Cooper and his sole regret as a New Yorker. Something to do with Keekee-ing, carrying on or sum-such. Well, I was surprised by the headline so I was hooked and clicked!

Well Andy, since you’ve disclosed your regret, here is mine – I haven’t been afforded the opportunity of riding your seat – I would be happy to assist you in reconciling this grievous omission from your vast done-it list and I am amenable to fitting it into your schedule.

Really Papi! I’ll even shout out in Spanish and fry you up some plantains as a post coital gesture, if it will cement the deal.

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