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Daniel Radcliffe: Cause of Mexico Overcrowding

Daniel Radcliffe attends the 2014 TONY Awards at Radio City Music Hall

Daniel Radcliffe attends the 2014 TONY Awards at Radio City Music Hall

It appears that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t lost any magic across the border in Mexico.  News report state Radcliffe’s appearance at a red carpet event in Mexico City Thursday evening, for his new film What If, caused such a turnout of fans that local police canceled the event due to overcrowding.

Of course overcrowding is a relative term given how riotous news events can become in Mexico – and that’s just from a media standpoint.  Local reporters and news cameras alone are known to attack their subjects like a pack of Hyenas after a fresh Wilder-beast kill. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hugh Jackman: And The Men at Tony Awards

Hugh Jackman at the 68th annual TONY Awards in NYC

Hugh Jackman at the 68th annual TONY Awards in NYC

The 68th annual TONY Awards swooped into midtown last night to a bevy of stage and screen thespians alike.  Men as far as the eye could see!  And leading  the pack was the evenings host – The Wolverine himself – Hugh Jackman.

It stayed on that tone for most of the evening with hotties Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer, Adam Brody, Neil Patrick Harris, Tony Goldwyn, Jonathan Groff, Zach Braff, Zachary Levi, hot chocolate T.I.,  and hotness Orlando Bloom. Read the rest of this entry »

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Shia LeBeouf: Nude Music Video Debut

Shia LeBeouf goes full-frontal in new “Fjögur Píanó” music video

Hollywood’s premiere go-to boy – Shia LeBeouf – has now gone and done his part to dispel the male full frontal taboo practice by traveling his narrow ass across the Atlantic up-a-ways to take part in Icelandic band Sigur Ros’s new music video for their song “Fjögur Píanó.”  But before you go and let your panties cream, you should acknowledge that nothing is as taboo in the good ole US of A as male full-frontal nudity.  That’s fact.

It’s as if the powers at be have pin-pointed the embodiment of male dominance residing solely in what lies behind that zipper.  And well we don’t mind confirming to y’all that, in some cases, it does!  Cuz truth be told, there are some men out there that can work you to within an inch of your breathing capacity and make every one of your nerve endings stand at attention – simultaneously!  Or so we hear.  While others – well, three minutes in and you want to tell them to get the fuck up and get the hell out!  True story.

And y’all can thank the DailyBeast for bringing the son of a hippie’s attributes stateside.

We loudly applaud LeBeouf’s bravery in putting it all on display.  We do…  Doubly so as it incorporates interpretive modern dance.  Bravo!

We also think he should’a trimmed that bush down before they yelled ‘action!’  But that’s another matter and one which not everyone shares in kind.

Clue:  If you trim that shit, it will look bigger!

That the Beast felt the need to compile a reference point for all men who have gone and shared what’s hanging with the masses is just simply unkind.  There is little need to compare a young mans foray into being filmed nekkid to that of Michael Fassbender’s amply endowed third leg!


And leave Daniel Radcliffe alone already.

Sure, it is a matter of size!  We know.  And anyone who says it isn’t is lying!  But since you can’t really augment the length and width of what you were brought into the world with – you can thank your mother for that one – you do have other avenues to travel…  Like learning to properly use what you are working with and incorporate some tongue artistry into the mix.  Les you forget that the tongue is a muscle!

And for all we know LeBeouf could be working with some other talents that we just aren’t privy to.  (It could happen…)

We cannot display this gallery

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Emma Watson: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows II Premiere

Emma Watson peeks over her shoulder at a horde of press members at the Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows 2 NY premiere

Emma Watson wowed the UWS last night during the “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part Two” American premiere, held at Avery Fisher Hall.  Clad in a bustier evening gown and goth styled eye makeup, the text-book savvy wizard seemed all a-glow for the American premiere of the last installment of the series.  Watson was joined by cast-mates Daniel Radcliffe – on a momentary loan from his Broadway show “How to Succeed In Biz”, Rupert Grint – who has grown both upwards and outward (he is a bit chubby-poo -but cute non-the-less), a mod looking Tom Felton, genius character actor Alan Rickman and Matthew Lewis – who has shed the baby fat entirely!

Crowds reportedly gathered across from Lincoln Center twenty-four hours in advance for a glimpse of the cast.  They weren’t disappointed as every cast-member took a saunter across the street to wave and sign a few copies of the books being thrusted forward.

We can hardly wait for its arrival onto our local IMAX screens and will assuredly be both gleeful and sad at the stories end!  Yes, we have read all the books and not only covered every NY premiere but seen every flick – countless times!  Sue us.

Other notable attendees:  Sarah Jessica Parker with hubby Matthew Broderick and son, Sarah Hyland of Modern Family fame – with beau entow, Emma’s hottie brother Alex Watson, America Ferrera accompanied by her new hubby, Marcia Gay Harden, Mark Sanchez, Joey Fatone, Seth Green and an unseen Whoopi Goldberg.

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Daniel Radcliffe and Friends: Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Prem

Mr. Harry Potter himself – Daniel Radcliffe is all smiles at the NYC premiere of The Deathly Hallows

I have absolutely no shame in admitting that my skinny ass will be que’ing up to see the latest adventures of the Hogwarts gang come November 19th!  I can even set aside the thoughts that its been a long time coming and just cruel to make us wait that long…  I also have little shame in disclosing that when I got wind of “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Pt 1″ having a premiere in NYC – I shot a credential request in all types of directions to assure a place on the arrivals line.

Last night was indeed worth all the pre-premiere excitement!  Ok, so they premiered it in London first a few days earlier – they are Brits after all, any grievance would be added to a long list of Pilgrims brew-ha-ha’s & so two centuries ago.

Having covered just about every HP premiere in the series (yes, I’ve seen them all and read all the books!) this one comes with a small bit of sadness in knowing that, although they have split it into two parts, the end is upon us.  And it is also some marvel to watch the young’ens all grown up now.

I tell you time waits on no one!

But Daniel Radcliffe has managed to retain the fresh faced look that garnered him the role.  And we couldn’t be happier about that.  Emma Watson is a lady with curves and a beau on her arm to her premiere – a cute ass twink at that.  And Rupert Grint is a mighty dapper carrot top.

Will all their success they seem to have maintained a level of normalcy that is lacking the Brit-Brit’s and LaLohan’s of these here united States.

So much for breaking off for religious freedom and such…

Other notatble attendees:  Liam Neeson, Lourdes Ciccone Leon (yeah, that’s Madonna’s child,) Drew Roy, Darren Criss, the evil wizzard himself Ralph Fiennes, malicious Malfoy – Tom Felton, Sarah Jessica Parker with hubby Matthew Broderick and child, Joey Fatone, Viola Davis, Kerri Russell, Gabourey Sidibe, Patrick Wilson and twink-a-licious Olympic skater Johnny Weir.

Hows that for a line-up?

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Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I trailer on #Fandango

The last instalments of the Harry Potter wizard tales have long been in the pipelines.  Not to mention long overdue! 

Seriously, I all but thought they had gone and changed their damn minds and weren’t going to appease our cravings for a big screen ending.

Of course the mega-blockbuster had to be dragged it out into a two part scenario.  In theory, it’s all the better, I think – they have little excuse now to skimp on the book!

But even though we all know how the story plays out, I for one am giddy with delight over the arrival of part 1 this November. 

Now if they were only to stop teasing us with all these trailers!  Well, nothing we can do bout that but click on play and watch it…

Watch the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I trailer on #Fandango.


TONY Awards: The Men

TONY Nominee and Award Host Sean Hayes at the 64th Annual TONY Awards in NYC

I spoke with my good friend Gin-Gin this morning and he’s told me the ratings for this years TONY Awards came in with the worst numbers ever. 

This could possibly be over-dramatization – he’s prone to that.  I myself was to busy editing to sit and watch the entire broadcast and only caught brief snippets.  Congrats again to winners Viola Davis and Scarlett!

But if those snippets were anything to go on, I might have to go on believing him.  Sondheim is melodic but that song Catherine Zeta Jones’ sang, although beautiful, is a fucking downer! 

Lord knows whenever I sing it I just cry up a storm.  Those fucking clowns man…  And who the hell wants to watch an award show to get all weepy? 

I do think Matthew Morrisson’s rocking number was butch and all – his hair is always so damn perfect – but does Lea Michele really believe she can take on Streisand!  Stop girl, please…  You are no Streisand!  And you are far from Epic!

There is no excuse for numbers lacking though.  Sean Hayes is funny!  That Spidey skit had me in stitches.  I reckon I am easy – I still cackle over Will & Grace…

Well this post is about the men so men I am giving y’all. 

Highlights on the testosterone front:  The boys from Green Day, Mathew Modine, Morrison, Puss-n-Boot’s himself Antonio Banderas, hotness Ryan Reynolds, Constantine Maroulis, Ricky Martin, Will Smith, Daniel Radcliffe, David Alan Grier and Jonathan Groff!

Hows that for a round up!

We cannot display this gallery

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Daniel Radcliffe: I’m No Pot-Head!

Harry Potter star – Daniel Radcliffe, 20, and his rep have come out with a emphatic denial to a Daily Mirror claim of the young thespian engaging in 420, reports the BBC.

The Mirror quotes house-party guest Wadia Tazi, 26, as stating that Radcliffe “looked spaced out and didn’t look like he knew what was going on.”

His rep has immediately gone on the defensive and released a statement. “We categorically deny the allegations regarding Daniel Radcliffe published in today’s Daily Mirror,” his spokeswoman proclaims.

Adding that although Radcliffe “does smoke the occasional roll-up cigarette, but he was not doing anything more than this.”

At 20, me thinks it wouldn’t be great harm or shock that he’d dabble in some weed. Who the hell can judge? Never mind Brits commonly seen pilgrimage to the neighboring Netherlands to dabble in some Coffee Shop herbs.

There are also some holes in the story. Tazi’s claim of not recognizing the international star for one!

“I didn’t recognise him as he looked so different to what I expected from the films. When my friend told me who he was, I was shocked,” Tazi claims.

She goes on to add that “he didn’t want us to recognize him. When I said he looked like that actor in Lord of the Rings [Elijah Wood], he got a bit funny and said, ‘No, that’s not me’. He looked pretty uncomfortable.” Ummm, right… Elijah? Get real girl!

I find her statements hard to swallow and I have little gag-reflexes. Sounds like a bunch of bull. Leave Harry Alone!

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Daniel Radcliffe: Fresh Prince

The years are being most kind to Daniel Radcliffe. Even after his long successful run baring it all in “Equus” the young man has that fresh and just out of the box brand new look.

His skin looks so clean and effervescent that it makes you want to shield him from the world. Yeah, thats it… I can totally see how some cougar made him her prey.

Here is the boy who plays the boy wizard who went on to star on both the West End and the Great White Way, attending the “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” NY premiere, held in Midtown Manhattan last night.

The crowds were at an all time high at bout five rows deep – block long. Assuredly this beat the masses that gathered for the last Potter prem over at Radio City a few years back.

Alas, I was not one of the lucky to get a tix to see the flick, so I am left marking x’s on my calendar until the July 15th release!

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Harry Potter Countdown

The latest installment of the Harry Potter franchise is finally upon us! Although not fast enough really…

The film will premiere here in NY this week and I am all tingly with anticipation. Seriously, I am aging with every passing day already, hurry up people!

And I am all to glad Rupert Grint is recovered from his bout of Swine Flu! Can you believe that one? Wow.

To tie us over till then, here are some promo pics courtesy of Warner Bros!

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