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Darren Criss: Shirtless Santa Pic

Glee's Darren Criss poses as a shirtless Santa.

Glee’s Darren Criss poses as a shirtless Santa.

The holidays are hard for some folks.  So here’s something to take your mind off the lackluster merriment that plagues your ho-ho-ho.  Darren Criss – of Glee stardom – posing as a Santa (of sorts) shirtless, holding an over-sized candy-cane.

It put a spin on our very own.  If for a moment.

Less is more, is our personal practice, but we ain’t kicking the Murphy gift-horse for sharing this teaser.  Although we might’ve been a little more gleeful had this been an over-the-should showing some smooth posterior.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda been…

Merry Holidays to all and to all a long lick the candy cane!


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Darren Criss: Succeeds on Broadway and Jacks up Tix Prices

Glee's Darren Criss poses for an underwear pic at what appears to be a frat party

There is no denying that Glee’s Darren Criss is not only a fine piece of talented hotness but popular to boot!  And that comes with having made out with another dude on an internationally viewed prime time show.  That’s pure appeal for you!  So it should be of little surprise that Criss is capitalizing on said appeal and branching out on to the stage.  And it just so happens that there is a role damn near tailor made for his diverse skills just become available!

But as his bout on the Great White Way gets officially under way with a three week run in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying – a role he inherited post Daniel Radcliffe’s revival – the nasty side of business goes and throws greed into the equation!

Never think that the suits are far behind, ready to take from you what you didn’t think you wanted to give…

Playbill reports that tix prices for premium seating for the limited three week engagement have been jacked up by $100 per ticket.  And it’s not like prices to a night of live entertainment were cheap to start with…  That is to say that if you were willing to pay the $302 price you will now have to fork out $402 – + ticket process and handling charges, cuz you know that pushing a button to have a machine print out a ticket if hard work.   And don’t even think that comes with any semblance of a “happy ending.”

So it appears as though the lesson here is how to truly succeed in business without having to much to try…  Cast an already on the rise talent and let the fans hock what they don’t have to raise your profit margins!  Et voila…

True that it has also been reported that there will be limited $30 rush tickets offered, but getting your hands on one of those – emphasis on being limited # of em available – could prove more difficult than finding Criss attending a party in your own hometown and drinking enough beer to end up in this here above kitschy ensemble!

But hell if it were to be part of his costume changes on stage (or backstage for that matter) we’d endure the bitter cold snap presently looming over Gotham to either work some oral magic and procure one of those said rush tix, or seriously consider handing over our lunch money for the pleasure of seeing his fine ass in those skivvies while doing what we know he can do so god darn well.

But it ain’t!  So we won’t!

We have little doubt that he will be stellar in the role – award nomination stellar even – but let’s keep it real, it’s about the money, honey.  We will simply catch him on the small screen and pretend that shit was live.

Break a leg Darren!

Curly haired Darren Criss at the Deathly Hallows NYC Premiere

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Darren Criss: Sexy Underwear Pic

Glee's Darren Criss poses for an underwear pic at what appears to be a frat party

It is often said that you know your famous when the gay rumors start.  Well, Glee’s Darren Criss ain’t got to worry about that going around cuz brother went and locked lips with an openly gay beauty on the show – and on stage during the Glee tour this summer – and he isn’t pressed about it.  But you know that’s upset a few folks with nothing better to do than hate on him for his progressive approach to his craft and the gay movement.

But somewhere along the line it was inevitable that something would surface given all his success – which includes the much rumored Glee spin-off & news of his taking over for Radcliffe in How to Succeed in Business on Broadway early next year – and it takes the form of a pic of hotness in his undies at what seems like a college frat party.  In his underwear!  Showing some yumness of his derriere!  Que beau!

We’ve had the pic for sometime now.  It’s true, we cannot lie.  But we had to keep it for review of a personal nature.  Y’all understand.  And if you don’t comprend just look a that waist arching…  (We just gave ourselves the vapors – again!)

The photo is obviously real and clearly taken some years ago when he was at the height of twink-a-licious.

We don’t fully approve of the Hanes brand but damn if Criss doesn’t make it work!  What we do approve of is his unabashed personality.  Say nothing of his talent!

And if anything has been gained by some dumbass releasing it in hate, well, this here photo raises Criss’ value factor in our book.

Honoree Darren Criss, of Glee fame, attends the Time 100 gala party in NYC

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Darren Criss: Time 100 Glee Gala

Honoree Darren Criss, of Glee fame, attends the Time 100 gala party in NYC

The Time 100 issue featuring the Most Influential People ever – of this past year – rolled around with their annual gala showcasing their long ass list of honorees at the Time Warner building in NYC.

A potpourri of luminaries from politicians to the world of celebrities and do-gooders.  No one is left out.

And with that comes an avalanche of folks you fnd yourself asking ‘who the hell is that?’ when they make their way down the carpet.  Don’t judge – you would likely be in the same boat for half, if not more than we are…

But we weren’t totally out of the know – cuz big & small screen personalities we know!  Darren Criss – who is set to have his own Glee spin-off – if reports are to be believed – on the horizon, Chris Colfer, Mark Wahlberg, Kerry Washington, Blake Lively (we asked the same thing…), Amy Poehler, Carmelo Anthony & Lala Vazquez, Gov. Chris Christie, Mayor Cory Booker, Harvey Weinstein, Christiane Amanpour, Brian Williams, Rain, Aziz Ansari and Takeshi Kanno – to name a few. Read the rest of this entry »

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