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Lily James: Cinderella Tribeca Grand Screening

British invasion!  Lily James, Richard Madden and Matthew Goode at the Cinderella NYC screening

British invasion: Lily James, Richard Madden and Matthew Goode at the Cinderella NYC screening

Lily James and her Prince Charming Richard Madden have been on a long promotional tour for their new Disney film “Cinderella.”  The film premiered in Germany just a few days ago – preceded by a Milan photocall, a Moscow screening and a Los Angeles city-block premiere.

It’s Disney, people!

This weekend the fairy dust blew on NYC, bringing the “Downton Abbey” and “Game of Thrones” stars to Gotham for a special Tribeca Grand screening. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chord Overstreet: Disney Date with Emma Roberts

Chord Overstreet and Emma Roberts take their date to Disney Anaheim

Ousted Glee beauty Chord Overstreet took his girlfriend Emma Roberts to Disney and doesn’t care who knows it!  The couple who during a post-premiere party in London only weeks ago made every attempt to not be photographed together (to no avail) decided to share their coupling with the world via an official Disney photo moment.  And of course Disney made an official release of the keepsake.

We have some deeply rooted issues with Disney but we won’t get into that right now.

What we will get into is how tightly wrapped Overstreet’s arm is on Roberts!  Damn we are jealous of her.

Not only does she tout America’s Pretty Woman as her aunt but she goes and lands a dude with a mouth to rival her aunts.  Where is the justice?

There are no bad things we wouldn’t do with or to Overstreet and daresay we have a tad-bit more know-how under our belts.  (Don’t judge us, it is fact and we have worked hard to obtain them…)

We also can’t help noticing that now that Overstreet has shed the blond locks the couple look more like sibblings than lovers.  Not to go and get all crazed and biblical on y’all.  Just an observation.

Begrudgingly we wish the couple all the bestest and hope their day at Disney-Anaheim was a fun one – and leave it at that.  Cuz it’s not like he took her to the real Disney in Orlando!

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Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince of Persia

Hotness Jake Gyllenhaal will be on screens the world over in the screen adaptation of the “Prince of Persia,” in 2010. But what really keeps me on the edge of my seat doing unmentionables is his sporting a body worthy of the title.

And here are the 1st official publicity stills from the Disney Films epic. I sure would have skinned something to have played his bather!

Folks are already turning on the big screen adaptation but I say watching a buffed out Jakey is worth its price of admission! Hopefully Jerry Bruckheimer has cashed in on the obvious and kept enough exposed flesh to have me not fax him asking for a refund…

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No More Narnia: Disney

As if the 2008 holiday season hadn’t sucked enuf! Now E Online brings Hollywood Reporters‘ tidings from the the suits at Disney – fuckers responsible for my dysfunction – and word of them pulling the plug on the Narnia Chronicles!

I wanted to purposely drop my espresso and burn three quarters of my body in protest! Alrite – scold my bottom lip and right nipple, but all the same. Do you know how hot espresso can be? It really hurts…

But seriously, the Narnia flicks are 2nd only to the boy wizard flicks. The CGI really rocks (unlike that Keanu remake!) and the cast is dreamy! (Georgie Henley grew so well into her buck teeth!) But even with all that “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” what would have been the 3rd installation, has been stopped due to “budgetary and logistical reasons.”

What that means is that the greedy bitches at Disney couldn’t guarantee doubling their $$$ like they did with the 1st of the films. (The 2nd slightly tapered off…)

As a homo, I know all about wanting more! I see Lexington Steele’s long black shaft and salivate like a lobotomized twink – but what about the art? How the fuck else am I to know what finally comes of the Narnia tales? I need it brought to life…

Hopefully we wont have hide out in a closet too long till those handsome talented thoughtful suits over at _____ (enter studio name here!) ride to Narnia’s rescue and save me from any further espresso disfigurement.

I’m so ready to wake up from this horrible holiday! Whats next? (Don’t answer that!)

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Parading Archuleta

Under cover Twinky – David Archuleta, is one of the super teen sensations that has taken part in the this years’ pre-taped Disney X-Mas Parade.
The boy with the mouth that’s made for indecent actions (seriously, look at that! Its deep-throat y2k+ for sure…) joins the Jonas Bros, Corbin Bleu and every teens fave tramp – Miley Cyrus, from the Disney arsenal, in wishing a happy-happy, merry-merry.

I’ve said it b4 – and it never gets old for telling… But I attribute a large part of my dysfunction to Disney! The whole growing up waiting for my Prince on a White Horse to arrive bit didn’t really pan out and, well, you know the rest…. I believed in that damn fairy tale promise!

Having re-disclosed that – I must say I don’t really condone impressionable minds being subject to the further disillusionment those fuckers peddle! I’m all good with the Santa bit, the tooth fairy bit and the Easter bunny bit – But the Disney shit…? That’s where I draw the line.

So my ass advises you sit at home and watch the “A Christmas Story” marathon on Lifetime as the alternative…

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Guess the Teen Sensations

Heres your chance to win a ripe rimming from the prettiest twink in all the land. Just guess the teen sensations in the studio contrived romance in the pic. The duo recently stopped by the MTV TRL studios to promote their latest Disney project.

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Pooh & Bitter…

On a crisp Saturday morn, I schlepped myself to the Playhouse Disney Fall toys line-up launch to witness what those bastards have now done to Mickey, Pooh Bear and the rest of all our childhood friends. And for a second, I remembered the good times! M-I-C… I digress… A not to distant second later I recalled that it is partly cuz of Disney that my ass is so fucking dysfunctional today!

All that time believing that one day the white horse with my Prince would come and carry me off bareback and we’d live happily ever after (hey, I didn’t think it was gender specific, I was a sheltered child and very naive – cut me a fucking brake!)

Well, dysfunction and all, I was partly appeased knowing that at the least I’d be getting a bit of quality time with hotties – Gossip Girl’s Matthew Settle (damn daddy if you squeezed me like that!) and Ugly Betty’s Eric Mabius, but alas their respective wives were also in tow – and expecting, to boot. So it was to be a visual appeasement only. I’m a cheap bitch, and know better than to keep waiting on that horse so I take it where I can get it! Also in attendance were Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Kerry Butler, Naama Nativ (Mrs. Settle), Ivy Sherman (Mrs. Mabius) and Kelly Rutherford. But I don’t need to post their photos…

Congrats to the fertile duo! And Disney, end the cycle, please clarify who exactly Prince Charming comes for~!

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