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Diane Brame: Free Lunch Firing Gets Job Back

Hudson Elementary School's Diane Brame is fired for giving needy child a free lunch.

Hudson Elementary School’s Diane Brame is fired for giving needy child a free lunch.

We know that the nation is up at arms over the Sandy Hook atrocity but this here tidbit, coming out of St. Louis, made us stop dead in our tracks and want to cry.  Diane Brame, 60, was fired from her position at Hudson Elementary School for extending a needy child a free lunch.

And we ask ourselves ‘where is the harm in that?’

The excessive action was taken by her employer after discovering Brame had wracked up $45.00 worth of free lunches.

And still we look to cause.

A child in need.

What is wrong with people?  This is some type of fuckery you can’t go and blame on a gun.

“I understand that the food wasn’t mine to give,” Brame is quoted as telling KMOV.  “I was wrong in my actions, but I don’t think I was stealing.”

We would agree!

It’s not like this was food taken out of the Jean George kitchen for personal feasting at home.  She was doing right by a child in the fourth grade who couldn’t afford to pay for a cheap-ass lunch that assuredly is over-priced!

“Kids can be cruel to see this kid eating cheese sandwiches day after day after day.  ‘You don’t have any money in your account, that’s why you have to eat cheese sandwiches’.   And my heart just couldn’t tolerate that, so I broke the rule,” she points out.

Reports have Grame getting her position back – no doubt in part to the hyper-coverage televised on a story brought about by a heartless and insensitive supervisor who extended Brame the option of being fired or being demoted to a cooking post at another location!

We think perhaps the company should review this supervisor and demote their dumbass for lacking supervisory skills!


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