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Brazilian Hotness: Palais de Justice Capoeira Performance

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Its not often that we will sit and watch street performers – especially while on holiday – it generally isn’t our thing but what is one to do while you wait upon the arrival of a friend in the old center of Nice and a lot of hotties arrive and begin to stretch it out?  Sit your ass down and watch them warm up is what you do.  It’s that simple!  (see video after the jump!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Lyon: Pont Bonaparte

As the rains abate here in gotham, I get a chance to quickly share a pic of La Saone river in Lyon which splits the new city and Old Lyon town.

The view is from Pont Bonaparte. I fancy that I could get used to being forced to look at such views as I go about my day to day life.

Damn, I miss my holidays!

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Jazz Nights at Lyon Opera

Like the summer stages at Lincoln Center in NY, Lyon puts on a summer long jazz series at Lyon Opera House in their foyer.

The otherwise drab entrance is restructured with tables, flowing drinks, a great lighting design and the smooth sounds of a great trio.

The group plays three times a night from Tuesday to Sunday and packs them in!

Vive la France.

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France: Miribel Park Beach

Having spent a week in the warm Mediterranean waters, I am hard pressed to put my beach Bumming to rest.

So when my friend Stephan mentioned that Lyon does indeed have a beach – if only one has lakeside (a naturalist (that’s nudist) one at that,) I jumped at the opportunity to continue my sunbathing ways.

Here is a short video I managed to quickly shoot of the lakeside beach – The Mama – at The Grand Park Miribel-Jonage. Of course once a short fat unidentified man (watch and listen) realized I was attempting to perform this simple task, he ran as if I was the last baguette at the local boulangerie to protest my capturing images of the telling beach. (Seriously, you should have seen chubby run!)

Now I do not fully know how to process that part … Common sense would suggest that if you are prone to exhibitionist traits Likely you should not get bent when someone attempts to capture all your glory for posterity. But of course, this might be just my own thinking American.

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Cote d’Azur Summer Holidays

With the 1st portion of my holidays completed – Cote d’Azur c’est magnifique – I now find a short moment during the 2nd portion of my travels to post this short video of the French/Italian coastline where I paid worship to the sun gods!

Here is all the beauty of Balzi Rossi beach where I spent a week tanning my now bronzed skin, sans mon cul! The waters were simply amazing!

The beach is located on the Italian coast, just across the Menton border – commonly referred to as “the pearl of France,” and viewable from the pebble beach spot.

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Looking For a Good Nut

On a recent crawl about town, in search of something exciting to shoot, a friend and I happened on a gang of squirrels amidst what could only be described as a hobo snowman in Washington Square Park.
We stopped briefly and I wondered how the snowman came to be… hoping he was created by children from the neigh and not the over funded NYU brigade that cluster fucks the park year round. But that’s a different rant.

The park itself is still a complete wreck. But as I’m all about a cheap thrill, I couldn’t resist stopping for a taste.

The little fur hats in the making were in the middle of their ongoing performance for passers-by. Hands down the most fun one could possible have on a frigid NY day. They work hard for their nuts and deserve the ovations they receive.

My friend quickly pointed out that I should be cautious as they can get a bit aggressive when it comes to food. Point taken – as one looked up at me from a dangerously close stance. But they are NY squirrels, what else would you expect. If you want indifference head to the Tuileries Garden in Paris! Those vermin have mastered the art of the French fuck you while remaining adorable. Vive la France!

It’s hard getting a nut these days! I understand completely. And a good nut is a rare find and can call the shots. (Just ask my current Mr. Good Fuck…)

By now the snowman must be in the throws of dismemberment, but it served a great momentary purpose. And in truth it really only served as a supporting cast member. It wasn’t as if he was dishing out nuts or anything…

As for something exciting to shoot. Well here is one mentioned squirrel flashing the cameras!

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LiLo Attacked in Paris

Lindsay Lohan was attacked by PETA folks while entering VIP Room on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. And our friends at X17 have the pics to prove it. (Something that makes me think Hmmm…)

A PETA member poured a bag of white flour on LiLo’s head and reportedly yelled “Lindsay Lohan – Fur Hag!” as she performed the assault. In a truly pathetic statement on the assault PETA European head Robbie LeBlanc said, “Lindsay Lohan might be able to ignore images of bloody animals skinned alive for their pelts, but we hope a dash of flour will help her rise to the occasion and forsake fur once and for all.”

I have always wondered why PETA only go after white folks. You never see reports of them attacking blacks or Latinas. I believe that’s cuz they would get a real ghetto-ized beating – the earrings off, Vaseline out, heels off, weave pulling style beating! And lets face it, those gringos arent that committed…

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