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Soul Summit: Ft. Green Park Party

Hot Chocolate at Soul Summit Ft. Green Park Party

After spending an amazing day out on Jones Beach with my good friend Ralph of Flossie & McKinley Catering, we made an impromptu pit-stop at the Fort Green Park “Soul Summit” party which was well underway.

We walked right into the soiree everyone had an invite to and was guaranteed to enjoy.  It had amazing sounds, all types of hotties – thanks for the photo Nafie Pollard, a collective positive vibe and the feel of a truly unified local neighborhood gathering.  Hot stuff!

The Music, by Sadiq of Soul Summit Music, rocked harder than that found behind any velvet rope sans any attitudes and I lost my t-shirt right quick to join the masses getting down to his tunes.

Lucky that we stopped by too, cuz as it turns out this was to be their last “block party” style fete for the 2010 summer – largely due to the Bloomberg’s admin and their tightness with the permits – they were only extended two!  Ain’t that something?

Can you imagine limiting a collective gathering fusing good music, camaraderie, neighborhood unification and all around positive vibes – all on the technicality of political bureaucracy and red tape?  DAMN Bloomie – that ain’t right!  I know you’re a business man but seriously…  Loosen that Hermes tie a bit…

But the folks partied on and kept it positive non-the-less!  And thats what its about!  Rock on…

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