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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Bronx, NY

Down utility lines and trees blocking Rock Shore Road – Pelham. November 2, 2012. Photo: M.Mashak

We can earnestly say that we have been very lucky and minutely affected by the slaughter of Hurricane Sandy as it made it’s way across the NY/NJ region.  But we aren’t daft.  Not everyone has been as fortunate.  Case and point:  Staten Island, The Rockaways, sections of Queens and the Pelham Manor portion of the Bronx.

Our good friend and Dive Master M.Mashak shared these here pics he has crossed paths with, as he gets back to grind, out and about in the Bronx.  Heavy shit.

Alas, in the throws of some in the tri-state area being made to stop their day-to-day lives, we have had to continue working for the man.  Ain’t that something?  As such we haven’t ventured far – never ming getting near dusting off our cameras…

But let us not digress…

Our personal belief, when it comes to turmoil, is that shit can always be worse.  If you think you got it bad – cop a squat and ponder all the ways your circumstance could have been easily worsened.  Or look around you and you will likely find someone who may be in a worse predicament.  As such, in spite of all the devastation we are witnessing across our area – power outages, lack of fuel, no heat, flooding, property loss, et al – we truly believe that this too shall pass, for everyone, and normalcy will once again return.

And if you are alive to bitch, moan, complain, point blame at and attempt to make some sense of the chaos of it all, then you too are blessed as there have been many a case that have not been afforded this small luxury and are no longer with us to carry on.

Hang in there folks.

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