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Tarence Mitchell: DL Jock Kills Lover

Tarence Mitchell is accused of stabbing Ronald Taylor Jr., his lover of 2 years to death

Tarence Mitchell is accused of stabbing Ronald Taylor Jr., his lover of 2 years to death

Here is what being DL (or Down Low) will get you.  18-year-old Tarence Mitchell – a Bloomfield High School football player – is presently being held on a $1 million bond for fatally stabbing his lover of two years, Ronald Taylor Jr., aka Rondale, five times, after a heated conversation, reports state.

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Gay Pride Subway Hate Crime

Two unidentified Queens bound F train subway riders commit gay hate crime and attack woman recording their attack

Two unidentified Queens bound F train subway riders commit gay hate crime and attack woman recording their attack

Here is the face of bigotry – on gay pride no less!  Two men on a Queens-bound F train were recorded making homophobic slurs at a group of gay youths after they boarded the train.  A concerned rider became concerned and documented the altercation – at the expense of her own safety.  When the two homophobes realized they were being recorded by the female bystander one of them is seen walking towards her and lunging at her in attempt to take her phone to destroy the evidence.  Although the ER breaks were pulled the duo managed to get away at the Roosevelt Ave stop.

The identification of the two bigoted cowards is unknown.

If you recognize either of these two lovely individuals call the police and report their small dick asses.

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Protected: Nick Gruber: Recycles Sugar-Daddies

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Nick Gruber: Touts Calvin Klein Model Status

Nick Gruber attends the After Earth NYC premiere

Nick Gruber attends the After Earth NYC premiere

Ex-porn twink turned kept boy extra-ordinaire Nick Gruber turned up at the After Earth premiere in NYC and was promptly introduced to the press line of photographers as an ex-Calvin Klein model.  And we damn near missed a step and almost caused an avalanche.

Wow!  Y’all know he’s comfortable in front of a camera – no inhibition what-so-ever.  But we must’ve missed his CK days…

And this is why we have to ask, what billboard did he grace?  Which magazine pages – other than the nude ones did he pose for?  Which runway season did he stride?

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Terry Richardson: Patriota Twins Plein Kissing Campaign

Marcio & Marcos Patriota play out incest for Terry Richadson's Philipp Plein campaign

Marcio & Marcos Patriota play out incest for Terry Richadson’s Philipp Plein campaign

Terry Richardson is one of those individual who’s notoriety far exceeds his talent.  Case and point:  Richardson is the culprit behind the new Philipp Plein Spring/Summer 13 campaign ads.  There is little to be found by way of original or enticing about the ads.  So what does Richardson do?  Throw in a little incest to get media attention.

And so you don’t go confusing his “work” with someone more talented than him, his attempt at ingenuity is to follow it up with ingesting his likeness into said campaign so that you KNOW this was at his hands.

Wow!  Speak about being overpaid and under-worked.

We admit that getting the smoking hot duo Marcio and Marcos Patriota to play out an incestuous make-out embrace in a photo has a tinge of hotness to it.  We cannot lie.  But once you get past the visual of what is otherwise considered a crime against nature there is little else to the photo that gets you motivated.

Let’s face it, they are wearing far too much for the visual to stand alone and not require some self-visualization.  Gucci this ain’t!  And then good luck recalling who’s damn collection started you off down a path that would end with you wanting to wash your thoughts out with soap.

So what does Richardson follow it up with?  Nothing short of throwing on the clothe and ingesting his person into his own campaign spread as a cameo.  Like he was Jon Favreau in Iron Man!  WTF.

Were this coming from the likes of Pierre et Gilles or David LaChappelle or even Bruce Weber – the horror of this thought, as these named artists would far out measure the conceptualization of the campaign – we would likely be hollering ‘bravo!’  But with Richardson – it equals nothing more than self-grandeuring by a wanna-be celebrity who’s work is little more than mediocre.

Get off the tip Richardson.  Your material is not all that interesting and you, sir, are no model.  Go back to the “casting couch” endeavors that procured all your initial notoriety.  Allegedly.

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Pedro Almodovar: I’m So Excited Trailer

descendantspedroalmodovarThere are few directors out there that can do camp like Spain’s Pedro Almodovar.  Es la pura verdad.  Get a glimpse of Almodovar’s new flick titled “I’m So Excited.”

The teaser looks to be fueled by sexual overtones and gay glee.

It may not be OSCAR material but, in our humble opinion, this looks, to us, as if this will be a laugh from start to finish for the man responsible for the meteoric rise of Spanish cross-over Hollywood fixtures like Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Hugo Silva – who also star in the film.

Expect a 2013 installment to a art theater near you.

Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz at the "Broken Embraces" NY Premiere

Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz at the “Broken Embraces” NY Premiere

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Taylor Lautner: Gay Blind Item Candidate

Taylor Lautner stops by the David Letterman Show to plug his new Abduction flick

Before we dive into anything on Taylor Lautner lets just say it outright:  That is one piece of ass we’d risk suffocation given the opportunity to eat!  But evidently, if a certain blind items suggestion and its reader response have anything to say about it, he already has a live in beau to do the job!  This fact would certainly not impede on our willingness to do a back-flip in to that ass cuz, well, threesomes are great fun.

But let us no digress from the reason for this post.

According to Crazy Days & Nights‘ readers, the likely candidate for the “almost A-list” blind item mention is non-other than the chiseled supporting role hotness otherwise known as Jacob in the Twilight flicks.

Surprised much?  Don’t be…  The rumor has been around for quite sometime.

And, well, there does happen on that Lautner sets off the gay-dar whenever he appears – and our gay-dar is seldom wrong!  But we will concede to certain types within the gay community who would love nothing more than to appropriate twink-a-licious by-way of affirmation for the community at large.  A bit twisted really and not unlike how born-again Christians look to recruit everyone they meet to make themselves feel like the choice they have made is indeed a right one.  Piety at its worst!

The posting goes on to suggest that the closeted status is due to management and PR advice and that the blind item only feels normal at premieres.  Hmmm.  The beard thing also hasn’t panned out for buffness and his run at top-billing in a real action movie.  And this is where Lautner’s name really gets an “enter here” slot.  Taylor Swift anyone?

Sure, we think his tight physique is yummy but it ain’t no never mind to us  and we got our own real problems to contend with – we are having our own booty-call dilemmas! – which we dare say are grander than an alleged unease about being “out” in public with the lover that does real bad things with you in your boudoir.  Let blind item find his own way out that loosely closed door closet.

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Protected: Antonio Biaggi Davila: Perfect Puerto Rican Porn Papi

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Ricky Martin: “I’m Gay!”

Ricky Martin at the La Vida Loca Concert in Nassau Now Declares Sexuality

What else can be said of the declarative statement? 

For those who didn’t believe, I reckon its definitive.  For those of us who knew – but really didn’t care one way or the other cuz we’d have gladly ridden that ride moaning ‘si, papi – eres mi pecado mortal’ – it’s of little consequence.  It is what it is!

We here at RTnM don’t condone “outing” someone – there really isn’t any justification.  Nor are we of the belief that folks have a commitment to give us affirmation for our own wicked ways.  We much prefer to run our own race into our own sack.

But Martin has gone and done it and we salute the Puerto Rican hotness never the less.  It has been stated with thought, dignity and self-respect.  Take that Barbra Walters!

“To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids were born with. Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen 5 or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment,” Martin is quoted as stating.

“These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn’t even know existed,” he goes on to proclaim. 

Ain’t nothing more we can say on this cept to continue to wish papi all the best.  BTW Ricky, we are single!

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Evangelist at Yale Causing Stir

Religion is a touchy subject.  It has been my experience that most folk, at some point or another, believe what they believe and there is no reasoning or deviation.  In some cases, if you don’t subscribe to their beliefs they chuck it off to the ‘you will answer to your maker’ theory and call it a day.

In extreme religious fanatical cases, however, it boils down to their road or your own road to hell!  (I know this one first hand, dating as far back as my middle school Christian friends and their parents.  I won’t get into how their pious lives ended up…)

Self-proclaimed born-again Christian, Jesse Morrell, falls into this last category.  The  head of the Open Air Outreach ministry has taken to voicing the “gospel of Jesus Christ to sinners through open-air preaching, calling them to forsake their sins and trust in Christ, and to train up other believers to do likewise,” as his ministry’s mission statement proclaims, reports the Yale Daily News.

His message, first being delivered on the Yale University campus and then to its outskirts, due to Police involvement, is because these students are on the road to – you guessed it – “Hell!”  (Message to Yale students, I will be working the guest list just beyond the velvet rope – ask for me by name.)

And this leads me to point out where art kicks in!  This photo, taken by Daniel Carvalho, captures a moment fit to make Time Magazines all time greatest pics.  He couldn’t have done better had it been choreographed.  Bravo Daniel!

Jesse Morrell Preaches to Wayward Yale Campus

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