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George Michael: White Light Single On Horizon

George Michael releases new track titled White Light

He’s Back!  Wham alum George Michael has released his new track White Light.  And the chorus sings Hallelujah.  The official release date isn’t until July 17th but there are already a slew of remixes already floating around online and word is the single has been released to radio.

Give a listen to and find your own significance within Michael’s lyrics which, for us, is clearly about his own dark days and surviving what seemed like a never-ending downward low point that culminated with the icon serving time in a London jail.  Our own personal take on the songs message, which juxtaposes Michael and Amy Winehouse’s untimely demise, is simply about his coming through it all and, as the song declares, he is still here.

We couldn’t be happier for the 49 year old Greek turned Brit.   And in fabulous retro fashion, Michael’s video will feature the last of the super models – Kate Moss.  Now we just need to work on getting him cleared to tour in the USA!

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George Michael: 420, Yes, Pleese!

George Michael Tells All to The Guardian

George Michael is an iconic musical god!  His library of tunes, till this day, remain poetry in motion.  And who the fuck can do better – or has ever done better, in some hot pink neon booty-shorts than Georgie circa Wham!  Nobody, that’s who.

In his latest interview with The Guardian, G drops it like its hot and gives full disclosure to his “public” life, sets boundaries on what constitutes his  “private” life and hints at his musical return!  He even has a new X-Mas song.  “I’ve got some great stuff, and I don’t know whether I should release it or hold on to it. It uses my supposed infamy on my own terms,” Michael states.  Whoohooo.  And the choir sings, Amen!

Me thinks this piece is fabulously candid and should be used as a standard stateside for celebs as to what constitutes a real interview.

I especially love how Simon Hattenhouse brings Michaels’ word to close it out:  “People want to see me as tragic with all the cottaging and drug-taking… those things are not what most people aspire to, and I think it removes people’s envy to see your weaknesses.” He stops. “I don’t even see them as weaknesses any more. It’s just who I am.”

If that isn’t a man who’s found his own freedom, than I know not what is…  Bravo!

George Michael Guardian Audio Interview

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Copy Cat Beyonce

Its little news that I’m not really fond of horse-headed Beyonce. And this here picture is in large part justification for my position…

Catch glimpse of her lame-ass “Sasha Fierce” adverts re-incarnating Thierry Mugler’s pieces from George Michaels’ “Too Funky” music video some 16 years ago. I think her ghetto ass father thought people wouldn’t make the connection.
It seems he has also neglected to tell her that one doesn’t use words like fierce to self describe! Its tacky! But wait – I almost forgot who I was referencing, I take it back, it is most appropriate…

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BRITS Drop Michael

George Michael has been dropped as the front-runner for this years BRITS Life Time Achievement contention due to his wicked public endeavors!

Now, this isn’t saying much for the suits (or the British – uptight fuckers that they are,) behind the decision who The Mirror and AceShowBiz are reporting as stating, “George was front runner to get the lifetime achievement award. But Brits bosses felt it would be better not to be associated with him for the time being since the Brits is a shop window for our music.” Can you spell anal?

He may be a sexual deviant – and its ironic that the British are disowning one of their own, and he may just be dallying in some controled substances (crack is whack Georgie!) – but what’s all that have to do with his musical accomplishments? Perhaps this could have had a positive affect on this crooner – and us die-hard fans of his work certainly would have appreciated it… to say nothing of the sensationalism in having a scandalous recipient at your otherwise boring ass awards!

Take that finger out of your sphincter you BRITS!

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On The Edge!

Gay icon – George Michael, 45, has been busted over the weekend in yet another mens room. This time with crack cocaine and weed! Thats serious multi-tasking intent…

In a statement Georgie says: “I want to apologise to my fans for screwing up again, and to promise them I’ll sort myself out. And to say sorry to everybody else, just for boring them,” reports Us Magazine.

What is wrong with you G? This has to be a cry for help cuz if it were just about drugs (or dick), your dumbass could get that shit delivered to your flat! At your age it’s no longer cute, outrageous or sensational – merely pathetic, just stop. Haven’t you learned from Whitney? I hate to think of the day you end up on the tube falling over looking like this…

photo courtesy of: SMatask

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