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Blake Lively and Leighton Meester: Gossip Girl Trailers

We happened on Blake Lively and Leighton Meester, coming and going to and from their trailers, after filming in the Wall Street area of NYC yesterday.  And as the handlers rushed about, attempting to look busy, we simply stopped for a quick fag to capture the keep sake on our trusty IPhone.

We are always thinking of y’all!

Gossip Girl steadfastly enters its last season which presently looms on the horizon.  And some folks are rejoicing.  We remain neutral on the matter, although some on the show are less than our faves.  Sure, we have enjoyed visiting the set and dealing with the personified starlet attitudes but it shall be no longer!  We will simply wish them – not all – well and continued work.

We’d hoped to have a glimpse of Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley, cuz lets face it those two are way easy on the eyes, but it was not to be, and we couldn’t spend too much time waiting on the starlets to surface.  So this here video is what it is and there you have it.

We did however have enough time to marvel at how the two leading ladies snubbed a handful of awaiting fans, some of which came all the way from Germany, and wouldn’t even sign autographs for them.


Our other observation was along the lines of how dowdy Meester looks.  And did she gain weight?

But let that be a lesson…  Be careful where you place your adoration, we say.

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Blake Lively: Marries Ryan Reynolds in S.C.

Blake Lively attends the Savages NYC screening hosted by the WSJ

We don’t know how she did it, truly we don’t, but Blake Lively has gone and married hotness and ScarJo’s ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds in South Carolina over the weekend.

And the girls are gagging!

Seriously, we are still reeling from the fact that she wiggled her way into an Oliver Stone film and now this!

Something ain’t right.

Assuredly the duo will be heading up their newly bought home in Westchester County.

If she gets to reproduce with the likes of Reynolds we will trip and break something…

Well!  We wish the happy couple all the the happiness his previous relations clearly was missing.

Here’s hoping this one last longer than two years!

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Joe Manganiello: Duracell Olympics Games Program Launch

Joe Manganiello lends his hotness in support of Duracell’s Olympic Games Program launch in NYC

We love em tall.  And True Blood’s resident ripeness Joe Manganiello fits the bill with inches to spare.  So when we got word that The Wolf was racing into NYC to take part in the Duracell Rely on Copper to Go for The Gold Olympic Games Program launch, we were drooling at the onset.   We tell y’all our hearts skipped a beat and we nearly fainted when he sauntered into the Stage 37 studios.

And it gets better!  Like wet dream better…  The ever pretty picture of Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford proceeded Manganiello and all we could think of was a picturesque menage a trois with uncontrollable emissions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Blake Lively: Gossip Girl Set in Harlem

Blake Lively makes for a fashionable fast get-a-away after shooting Gossip Girl scenes in Harlem

On an otherwise slow yet sunny day, we stopped by the Gossip Girl set during their Harlem stop to snap a few quick pics of Blake Lively dashing from her trailer to an awaiting van.  The CW show, which looks to be coming to the end of its course, was filming at The North General Hospital for a better part of the day.

We also spotted Leighton “Sour Puss” Meester and Ed Westwick donning hoodies and hospital gowns.  But given the extent of their attempts to keep not only covered but shielded by umbrellas, we have concluded that the show is trying some “hospital” drama in an upcoming episode.

Just don’t ask us what the “drama” is or what character gets hospitalized.  But can’t they shoot that eyesore already?  With all the crime that happens on the UES can’t they write it into the show & off Blair?

No matter.  The hospital scenes come on the foot of the shows Vera Wang flagship store scenes.  (See post below…)

We reckon they are working overtime to keep it “fresh” and exciting for dwindling viewers.

Lively has been all the buzz of late due to her developing romance with hottie Ryan Reynolds.  The leggy blond has been keeping late hours with the stud and even visiting him while on the set of his new film R.I.P.D., presently filming in Boston.

Our hats are off to Lively for bagging that piece.  We don’t know how she managed that but kudos to her.

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Leighton Meester: Vera Wang Gossip Girl Stop

Leighton Meester films Gossip Girl scenes at Vera Wang flagship store on the UES

We have fallen out of the loop on what’s been happening on Gossip Girl since our fave beauty Taylor Momsen left the show, but it appears someone is attempting a walk down the aisle.  And wouldn’t you know it its Leighton Meester’s character.  Aint that some shit?  Sadly that does mirror life in that the heifer gets a man to propose mariage to her bow-legged sour puss looking ass!  Not that we are bitter or nothing…

We stopped by the UES flagship store to catch Meester shooting scenes arriving to meet with the famed designer herself, assuredly for a wedding dress chit chat.

And we must say that the coat and bag in the scene were fab!

Sadly it was on the wrong person.

If there was bliss to the storyline it sure as hell wasn’t present during her time shooting outside.  Girl gets bent at paps and fans alike being in her “eye line.”

You would think someone would stop babying her and tell her skank ass to “act” like there isn’t anyone there.  But what can you do.

We cannot display this gallery


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Protected: Blake Lively and Leighton Meester: Gossip Girls Nudes

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Blake Lively: Gossip Girl Intermix

Blake Lively shoots scenes for "Gossip Girl," on the UES in NYC

We caught up with Blake Livlely on the set of “Gossip Girl” yesterday as blogs ragged over the OSCAR snub of “The Town.”  The omission could arguably be valid as the flick is pretty worthy and testosterone fueled.  Ben Affleck truly did an amazing job with that…

The other bit that truly stands out in the film however, is how truly god aweful Lively is in her small supporting role as a prostitute with a heart of ice.

As one friend told us, “she is the missing link” in the film.

And so while we stood waiting around for Lively to exit her Intermix shoot, we wondered how is it that she continues to have folks rave about her.  Let’s face it… girl is truly pretty but she is a one shot wonder.  No acting range present.

So is it truly the work of a good publicist that has magazines foaming at the mouth to use her likeness?  Hmmm…


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Taylor Momsen: Gossip Girl UES Set

Taylor Momsen struts to her trailer on the Gossip Girl set on the UES in NY

Let us commence this Friday with giving thanks to the gods in the heavens above for Taylor Momsen’s return to the Gossip Girl set. 

She is one beauty we don’t mind waiting on. 

Now that her album is done, campaigns have been signed and the tacky suits on the show know girls got talent and major marketability – she is back, and we coudln’t be happier!

Truth be told, she is one of the only reasons we visit the set for photos.  Cuz no one else there can work multiple cameras, at the same time, like she can!   That’s fact.

Also on set were hottie Penn Badgley and Amanda Setton along with her “Wanna-Be’s” cohorts. 

The chubby-poo addition in the photo above is one mess I couldn’t get out of my frame – it’s a large mess, and for that I apologize.  It could tentatively hurt your eyes – be warned.

Ms. Thing is always in the wrong spot at the wrong time, accompanied by her delusion of grandeur – MESS I tell you. 

Heres hoping this photo of it standing next to beauty  encourages it to take a more active stance on it’s personal appearance – the teeth we will discuss at a later date.

We cannot display this gallery

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Kelly Rutherford n Matthew Settle: BFFs

Kelly Rutherford with son Hermes and Gossip Girl costar Matthew Settle at Dry Max Launch

Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle play on-screen “Gossip Girl” lovers.  As such, folks talk.  This means very little as most folks talk mainly to hear their own voices, most of the time.

Throw in divorces from their respective spouses however and the talk turns into rumors.

Such was the case at the Pampers’ Dry Max launch this past Thursday when Rutherford arrived with her daughter Helena and was promptly joined by Settle on the carpet.

Ordinarily I would leave it at that.  But when said talk started to spew out of the press line about their coupling I threw in the customary ‘he’s married with a child.’   Naive, I know!  It was at that point that I realized I was far from aware of his seperation from his wife and soon corrected. 

And when I learned that they continued on to the Saks Fifth Avenue party – together, I have to admit that the talk may not be altogether to far from the truth.  There they were (same outfits) looking all to cheerful, together.

It certainly wouldn’t be a new phenom to have two actors working together hook-up.  Hell if it isn’t customary.  Blake and Penn and Jessica and Ed are reflective of that…  I swear there is a blur of perspective with actors in general and their emotional stability.  But this one would seem weird as there are babies involved. 

Whatever the case, it is non-of-my-business!  And they do make a cute couple.  But Matthew, should you want something non-camera related, you can come be my daddy anytime!

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Penn Badgley and Connor Paolo: GG Set Buddies

Connor Paolo and buddy Penn Badgley walk to the Gossip Girl set in Brooklyn

Gossip Girl hotties Connor Paolo and Penn Badgley proved to be the best of buddies during their on-location shoot in Brooklyn, NY a few days ago. 

I turned a corner and bam!  There they were shooting the breeze and my heart skipped a beat! 

The duo pal’ed around prepping for their scene together and casually chatted while walking unescorted to the set for rehearsals.  

Of course that is before the swarm of fans got wind of it and security stepped in and spoiled it for them.  And once Chace Crawford arrived things were getting heated.  

I can’t fault any of them as it is quite easy to lose yourself in that beauty.   

The show has officially wrapped filming and won’t be back for a good while so for now, we will have to make do with watching the WB hit on TV.

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