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Protected: Brit Girl: Caught Performing Fellatio for Drinks

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RTnM Hiatus: We Will Return Shortly

We will return soon

We will return soon

As much as it pains us, we are having to head out for work purposes unrelated the posh world of celebrity coverage. As such, during our hiatus, we will not be able to post regularly for a few weeks but we assure you we will return!

Rest assured we are still thinking of y’all.  We may, at times, find the wi-fi needed to drop a post – or two, maybe three -but its not a given.

We want to thank you for all y’all’s support and hope you will continue to check in with us.

Wishing you the bestest summer ever!


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A Merry RTM Christmas to All

7th Avenue view of the Empire State Building

7th Avenue view of the Empire State Building

Dashing down 7th Avenue, on a balmy drizzling evening, we caught a glimpse of the Empire State Building all decked out in the Christmas colors.  And rather than break stride we snapped a Galaxy S4 pic to share with y’all and wish you and yours a very festive and merry holiday.

Stay tuned…  We will soon get back to the celebrity grind.

Don’t forget to unwrap whats coming to you.


Native NYker

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Macys: Thankgiving Parade 2013

Ariana Grande photographed at the 87th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC.  Credit:  Janet Mayer

Ariana Grande photographed at the 87th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. Credit: Janet Mayer

As a New Yorker, there are a few things that tourist’s consider must do’s while in NYC that we will never volunteer to do – for instance:  Times Square Ball Drop – sure we once went to a rap party at a hotel on East 42nd Street which is within the vicinity, but being herded in  throngs of barricades with folks back to back, HELL NO; Statue of Liberty – of course we have seen her while covering a premiere on the adjacent island, but that is as close as we want to be really; and the Thanksgiving Day Parade – something about parades just doesn’t sit well after you have attended a Catholic School that forced its student body to march every fucking parade imaginable.

Read the rest of this entry »

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RTnM: Happy Turkey Day To All

peanuts-thanksgivingNot much happening on this end…  The drop in temps and the holiday have put a damper on chasing a photo.  But we haven’t forgotten about y’all…  Let us give thanks for you your viewership and continued support.

May you get stuffed nicely!



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Brazilian Hotness: Palais de Justice Capoeira Performance

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Its not often that we will sit and watch street performers – especially while on holiday – it generally isn’t our thing but what is one to do while you wait upon the arrival of a friend in the old center of Nice and a lot of hotties arrive and begin to stretch it out?  Sit your ass down and watch them warm up is what you do.  It’s that simple!  (see video after the jump!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Brussels: RTnM Holidays

The Atom - Brussels, Belgium

The Atom – Brussels, Belgium

Time for a holiday!  As we enter the tale end of Summer we head across the Atlantic for a much needed respite.  Don’t judge us, we find working for the man – as opposed to working on one – exhausting.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Merry Ho-Ho-HO 2012

Christmas-BearTwas the night before supposed merriment and we have to work but the thought of wishing you well we’ll never repent!  Getting is good though giving can be great – but whatever your preference do it with zest!

Happy ho-ho-HO to one and all from your friend Native NYker at RT&M!

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Darren Criss: Shirtless Santa Pic

Glee's Darren Criss poses as a shirtless Santa.

Glee’s Darren Criss poses as a shirtless Santa.

The holidays are hard for some folks.  So here’s something to take your mind off the lackluster merriment that plagues your ho-ho-ho.  Darren Criss – of Glee stardom – posing as a Santa (of sorts) shirtless, holding an over-sized candy-cane.

It put a spin on our very own.  If for a moment.

Less is more, is our personal practice, but we ain’t kicking the Murphy gift-horse for sharing this teaser.  Although we might’ve been a little more gleeful had this been an over-the-should showing some smooth posterior.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda been…

Merry Holidays to all and to all a long lick the candy cane!


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Bahamas Run: Summer 2012

Mommie shows off her newly blown out do in Nassau, Bahamas

“Do you think I could still find a beau?” asked our mommie & lady creator of a little engine that could with a laugh during our visit to what we term paradise – Nassau, Bahamas.  ‘With that hair flowing, it’s a no brainer,” we responded.

Just look at the perfect blend in that do?  We thought it highlights but au contraire!  C’est au natural.

Believe that!

And with that vision of beauty that is our Mommie our brief Summer 2012 visit has fast come to a fast an end but as the saying goes – it’s truly better to have five minutes of wonderful than a whole hour of trifling.

OK; so we adjusted that slightly but y’all get the gist.

We give a whole big thanks to the Wayne & the folks at Bahama Divers for four awesome dives!  The Sting Rays, giant Tortoise and Nurse Sharks while out on The Wall and The Blue Hole dives made for an exciting time down in the warm waters of The Bahamas!  (Better video clip of dives coming up, b4 u guys start quipping about ‘where’s the turtle!)

Now,  as if the above mentioned weren’t enuf to require us to get out a little blue pill (the ones that calm you, no the Jeremy Renner blue one) and make us mind out heart murmur some, we were  joined by Tracie and Wayne – two of our real BFFs, not Paris Hilton BFFs – for din-din at Tracie’s house.  Good times and good home cooked food!  That’s icing.  And dinner featured some kick-ass bread pudding for dessert – homemade!

Can’t beat that with a Sizzling Garden Kalik cocktail, we thinks.   Nothing personal y’all.

Luv you guys.  We will be back soon.  Gotham here we come…

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