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Brazilian Hotness: Palais de Justice Capoeira Performance

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Brazilian hotness take over the Palais de Justice square

Its not often that we will sit and watch street performers – especially while on holiday – it generally isn’t our thing but what is one to do while you wait upon the arrival of a friend in the old center of Nice and a lot of hotties arrive and begin to stretch it out?  Sit your ass down and watch them warm up is what you do.  It’s that simple!  (see video after the jump!) Read the rest of this entry »

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HodgeTwins: Beauty and Brawn vs Brain and Intellect.

HodgeTwins show off their buff frames post workou on their Youtube channel

Meet 37 year old HodgeTwins Kevin and Keith.  Two fine ass brothers with bodies completely lick-able.  A total moca-late package who happen to be packing something many – ourselves included – would like to uncover.

They appear to be of mixed background.  Workout fiends.  Live in the South.  And not afraid of showing off their attributes.  What’s not to like?

Not much really.  Cept the duo beg the question of beauty vs brain. Read the rest of this entry »

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Soul Summit: Ft. Green Park Party

Hot Chocolate at Soul Summit Ft. Green Park Party

After spending an amazing day out on Jones Beach with my good friend Ralph of Flossie & McKinley Catering, we made an impromptu pit-stop at the Fort Green Park “Soul Summit” party which was well underway.

We walked right into the soiree everyone had an invite to and was guaranteed to enjoy.  It had amazing sounds, all types of hotties – thanks for the photo Nafie Pollard, a collective positive vibe and the feel of a truly unified local neighborhood gathering.  Hot stuff!

The Music, by Sadiq of Soul Summit Music, rocked harder than that found behind any velvet rope sans any attitudes and I lost my t-shirt right quick to join the masses getting down to his tunes.

Lucky that we stopped by too, cuz as it turns out this was to be their last “block party” style fete for the 2010 summer – largely due to the Bloomberg’s admin and their tightness with the permits – they were only extended two!  Ain’t that something?

Can you imagine limiting a collective gathering fusing good music, camaraderie, neighborhood unification and all around positive vibes – all on the technicality of political bureaucracy and red tape?  DAMN Bloomie – that ain’t right!  I know you’re a business man but seriously…  Loosen that Hermes tie a bit…

But the folks partied on and kept it positive non-the-less!  And thats what its about!  Rock on…

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Spartacus Test Shot Hottie

Hottie Sacrifices Self for Paps

Here is a hottie working the “Spartacus” premiere last night.  He valiantly sacrificed himself up as the test shot for paps.  And I snapped away.

He didn’t tell me his name, but as he is a total cutie, I opted to keep the shot and share it with y’all. 

I say anytime you want to offer it up some more, just give me a jingle.


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Mara’s Bowling Birthday

Glee's Dianna Agron Poses with Nadine Crocker While Celebrating Talent Agent Mara's Birthday at Lucky Strike!

This may come as a surprise to some, but I know my way around a bowling alley.  I don’t know if its the manifestations of a former white trash life resurfacing but I can pick up a ball and roll that baby onto some pins!  Slips right in…

It may however have something to do with the phallic nature of the sport.  Who can tell…

When I got the invite to cover talent agent Mara Santino’s birthday at Hollywood’s Lucky Strike, I said ‘hell yeah.’  It didn’t hurt any that there were to be a handful of young eye candy pieces – both male and female – being paraded in front of my lens.  A win-win situation if you ask me.  Never let it be said I am not up for a cheap thrill!

Among those in attendance were:  Glee’s Dianna Agron – love that show!, Nadine Crocker, hotnesss Reichen Lehmkuhl (damn papi!), Derek Theler (YUM!), Ben Robinson, James Preston, twink hotness Josh Stevenson, Johan Urb, Tyler Neitzel, Simon deVeer, Colton Haynes with Ally Maki, Brandon Vayda, Natasha Green, Italian import Alberto Frezza and director Mark Cross.  Absent was Kellan Lutz who was the top biller on the tip sheet but pulled a no show.  In the end there was so much fresh meat that he was hardly missed – I swear I was but a step from taking residence in a bathroom stahl at the slightest hint of some erect pins!

I didn’t get a chance to handle the balls but the photos were a breeze.  Happy Birthday Mara and many happy returns!

reichen lehmkuhl and "buddy" Rodney Santiago Strike a Pose at Mara's Birthday

Hotties Derek Theler and Chris Brown Make it a Difficult Choice!

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Pillow Talk

This is how waking up in the morning should be!

Lord knows, if I had that laying next to me, I wouldn’t ever get out of bed…

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Cooper Vs. Phelps

The blogger-sphere has been abuzz since CNN’s hottest anchor, Anderson Cooper, challenged 8 time gold medalist Michael Phelps to a one lap race during a 20/20 interview.

Primarily the buzz has consisted of gripes at Cooper donning a pair of swim trunks to Phelps’ one-size too small Speedo. And I concur, dammit!

No self respecting homo wears trunks to get in the water! What type of CNN puritan bullshit is that? We don’t expect Silver Fox to reveal himself a Mandingo or nothing but really… Why go the ‘I am ashamed of folks seeing the size of my willy’ white boy route! Is there no justice left?

I initially resisted playing the clip mainly for fear of disillusioning my threesome fantasy. One that immediately hit me upon knowing these two would be in the same room. The thought of joining one ripe-aged intellectual (I just know his experience surpasses the intellect and over-achieves the nasty!) and the fastest resilient laden twink had me damn near a sexually induced epileptic fit. It plays out perfectly – a triangle of me tonguing Coop while he’s fingering Phelps while he’s deep throating me…

Damn, Coop! This would have been the perfect gift. But you had to go and scrooge it!

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Automatic Ultra Nate

This is the perfect example of why music videos are important. The right imagery can engross you and your hooked!

This is Ultra Nate’s cover of 80’s group The Pointer Sisters’ Automatic. It had me salivating, wanting to rush out to the gym and praying for the crotch climax shot all before it ended… Serve it, GIRL!

But I couldn’t rightly tell you how I feel about the cover just yet, I’m going to have to watch it a few more times – at least….

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Diesel Ambi-xXx Circus

The gays, straights, bisexuals, trans-sexual and virginals were all present and accounted for at the Diesel xXx Rock n Roll Circus concert at Pier 3 in Brooklyn last night!

The orgy of A-listers spanned from master of ceremonies – Joey Arias, trying to look up Peaches Geldofs mini-dress to the virginal Emma Roberts (niece of that pretty woman) and Gossip Girls’ Taylor Momsen (in a white leather off the shoulders dress) onto the dreamy Chace Crawford (you decide where he fits in the above mentioned categories,) bi-vixen Lindsay Lohan and hottie – Enrique Marciano from Without a Trace.

And with such a happening carpet, folks like Michelle Williams – of Destiny’s Child fame, looking a trifling mess, loitered to long while professing how her uncle has bestowed yearly under garments as x-mas presents since she was a little girl to an In-Touch stringer. Creepy! Benji and Joel Madden tried their chubby-poo bestest to be Blues Brothers rock-n-roll – leaving some of us thinking that they must be hanging some serious dick to be keeping the likes of Paris and Nicole! and Tyler Kimball with Chris McNally kept the entire arrivals line wondering who is the passive and the active in the duo, as both were way to pretty to discern right off the bat…

Not much warrants schlepping out of metropolis on a Saturday night except a “must-attend” venue full of A-listers. And they threw in hot-dogs and some Mr Softee cones to boot!

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Ass You Like It!

It is little secret that a nice ass can conjure up all types of smile inducing visuals. Like resting your head on it – for example…

I saw this one last night and looking past its embellishments (I just know its dreamy it in its natural state), it is full, firm and spreadable!
Thank you, Papi!

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