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Beyonce: Parents Split

Beyonce at the 09 MTV VMA Awards

Beyonce can now add being just like the millions of other kids who come from a broken home to her long list of accomplishments, reports state. 

Tina Knowles, mother and co-creator of House of Derelict, began legal proceedings for divorce against her husband Matthew Knowles on November 11th and have now released a statement on the matter.

“The decision to end our marriage is an amicable one. We remain friends, parents, and business partners,” WFAA reports the couple stating to The Associated Press this past Friday. “If anyone is expecting an ugly messy fight, they will be sadly disappointed. We ask for your respect of our privacy as we handle this matter.”

Ain’t that some shit?  I especially love the part referencing no “ugly messy fight.”  Especially given that this development comes on the tail end of Matt being named the daddy to an unborn baby in a paternity suit by an Alexsandra Wright.  Seems like the fact they are divorcing already constitutes a fight of sorts…

Me thinks this is already ugly and messy – if not, wait for it, cuz for sure this isn’t the only one!  More like one too-to many…

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Ali Larter: Obsessed

Ali Larter arrived to last nights’ “Obsessed” premiere, presented by The Cinema Society and MCM, and promptly ran away with the coveted best dressed prize.

From her off the shoulder white mini dress and black strappy stilettos, cascading chandelier earrings – holding a hot pink handbag – she gave just the right dose of sassy, flirty, I’ll-take-your-man, but with a genuine smile.

Girl made sure everyone knew the poster for the film wasn’t doctored, much…

Horse headed Beyonce, on the other hand, arrived in what was meant to be basic black. But what was assuredly one of her mothers’ House of Derelict corset styled fashion numbers. (Don’t even think of asking me for a pic!)

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Beyonce at Bloomindales

Horse haired Beyonce attempted to do double duty last night during her appearance at Bloomingdale’s: present her mama’s new tired ass House of Dereon collection and promote her latest role (yes, someone is still hiring her!) in the bio-pic “Cadillac Records” which tells the life of superstar jazz singer, Etta James – among others, and the famed label.

What should have been an easy venue turned into an ordeal as not only did girlfriend keep the fans and a horde of pap-pers waiting an hour and a half while she did interviews, but we were forced to listen to the soundtrack of the film.

Being a huge Etta James fan – lady rocks the mic – this should have been a pleasant interlude. However, Beyonce’s cover of “At Last” is wanting its soul-full orignator to save it from bad vocalization.

And just as the natives became restless, nappy headed Tamika Ray sashayed her hefty self onto the makeshift stage in a yellow ensemble talking bout how people were mistaking her for the woman in waiting herself.

Well, girl! So long as you believe that… Not soon after that Ms. Fro was booed by photographers and she attempted to turn her attention to the fans to not much better a reception. It seems that Tamika’s hair is also soundproof though, cuz she wanted to keep going…

Finally Beyonce took the stage and attempted to answer some question about the prom looking garbs. But all her and her mother could muster was something about loving brocade and using it as inspiration. Ummm ok Ms. Knowles. Your blue strappy heels did rock – if your dress didnt!

I believe FIT has some really great intro design courses open for registration – we should look into that Ms. Knowles…

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Total Beyonce Live

Former Destiny’s Child lead singer turned wanna-be actress popped up at the Viacom headquarters in NY for a taping of MTV’s TRL on Tuesday.

Although in all black – a ghetto Black Swan number, Ms. B proved to be beyond help. Stop wearing your mothers’ “House of Dereon” designs!

There’s a reason for Fendi, Prada, Dior, Givenchy, Channel – NAMES, Names, names… Lacroix, sweety, Lacroix!

ADDENDUM: Add thief to her credits! Check out WWTDD’s post on BK!

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