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Prez Obama: HRC Speech

President Obama attended and rendered a moving speech at this years HRC dinner where he announced that the Shepard Bill will finally be signed into law.

This has been a long time coming and long ass overdue!

But like our good Prez says, it may not happen as quick as we’d like but it does happen – and in this direction we head.

I get all tingly hearing Hot Chocolate speak about this stuff.

Now I truly understand the attraction Lewinsky had for Clinton and where it stemmed from!

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Gay Marriage Hits the Streets

My sorry (yet tanned) ass can’t get a date but I am not about to let that bitter side keep me from supporting the pursuit for equal rights and the prospect of getting some damn jewelry!

Of course I speak about the quest to solidify the right to procure legal boom-boom! In other words the Gay Marriage issue.

So with that inspiration – the jewelry with a dash of hope for a little boom-boom, I skipped on down to the great white way’s Action = Marriage Equality Rally, yesterday afternoon.

The call to arms, put on by the good folks at Broadway Impact, Broadway Cares and HRC, included guest speakers like Cynthia Nixon (give em hell, girl!,) Governor David Patterson, Mayor Bloomberg and stellar performances by Audra McDonald, TONY nominated actor Gavin Creel and the cast of Hair and hotness himself Cheyenne Jackson. Also in attendance was one of my favorite “Ugly Betty” costars – Ana Ortiz, who lent some serious rhythm to the “Hair” musical act!

A hot topic for a few years now that keeps gaining momentum and now accounts for (count em off!) THREE states recognizing and performing same-sex marriage is all about civil rights, as Kristen Davis poignantly stated. Alas, NY is not quite there yet, but thanks to Governor Patterson and Mayor Bloomberg, among others, we may correct this oversight sometime in the near future.

(We need to get it going cuz, seriously, I am NOT getting any fucking younger!)

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