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Alex Skarsgard: The Men at CFDA Fashion Awards

Alexander Skarsgard, Ansel Elgort and Hugh Dancy attend the CFDA Awards in NY

Alexander Skarsgard, Ansel Elgort and Hugh Dancy attend the CFDA Awards in NY

A stunning tuxedo clad Alexander Skarsgard joined twink-a-licious Ansel Elgort and Brit DILF Hugh Dancy in lending a testosterone tone to the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards at The Hammerstein Ballroom a few days ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kyle H Allen: The Path Set Hottie

Kyle H. Allen films The Path in NY

Kyle H. Allen films The Path in NY

Young upstart – and mod hottie – Kyle H. Allen landed the lead in the new Hulu series “The Path,” starring opposite Aaron Paul and Hugh Dancy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Elizabeth Olsen: Martha Marcy May Marlene NYFF Screening

Elizabeth Olsen joined by John Hawkes and Hugh Dancy at the Martha Marcy May Marlene NYFF screening

Elizabeth Olsen – younger sibling to those wonder twins – joined her costars Hugh Dancy, Brady Corbet and Julia Garner at the New York Film Festival screening of “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” held at Alice Tully Hall last night. 

And the crowd goes wild!  No, seriously, they did.

The little sister that towers over her older and richer offsprings is herself generating enough attention to rival that of Mary-Kate and Ashley.  Although at the mention of her name folks immediately suspect an imminent appearance of support.

And they are generally right.  The entrepreneurial duo were photographed sneaking into the post-screening party at the Empire Hotel.

No matter really.  Hugh Dancy!

Other notable attendees:  Chace Crawford, Parker Posey, Bob Balaban, Andrew Levitas, Christian Campbell and LX TV’s Pedro Andrade.

We cannot display this gallery

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Penn Badgley: HTC Serves Up NYC Event Launch

Penn Badgley at the HTC Serves Up NYC Launch event in NYC

HTC – the cellphone makers perpetually attempting to compete against the Apple genius of IPhones – scheduled a culinary fete at the Highline Stages in NYC a few nights ago touted to be a “product launch event.”  The guest lists screamed A-LIST with the likes of Charlize Theron, Leighton Meester, Hugh Dancy and rising star Elizabeth Olsen along with Gossip Girl hottie Penn Badgley and lesser red carpet staples Rashida Jones and Charlotte Ronson.  Certainly a not to miss venue – on paper.

The talent arrival commenced with the lesser known Olsen sister clad in a creme colored mumu.  Girl stepped onto the entrance way and promptly picked up stride and sprinted off the carpet leaving a press line wondering what was going on…?  ‘Perhaps she had to pee,’ offered one pap.  ‘She’ll be back’ quipped another.

No she wouldn’t be!

This very same action repeated with the arrival of Hugh Dancy who, hands in his pockets and head bowed down, made like he had just shoplifted one of the new phones being launched and was attempting an inconspicuous get-a-way cept for he was just entering.

And the crowd, noticing a theme, Booooed!

This did not go over well with the event organizer who raced over and proceeded to drop a total of three F-bombs on the photog line.

“Don’t you fucking booo my guest,” she yelled out.  Two more followed but you get the general tone of what they were like…


The PR then made a huge effort to “Serve Up” the chefs participating in the theme along with D-list types like Max Winkler, Jodie & Danielle Snyder, Cary Levine and Paul Iacono.  If you are asking yourselves ‘who?’ we share in your sentiment.

Cameras down, a slew of them did.

The evening climaxed with the arrival and photo-ops of Penn Badgley, Rashida Jones, Charlotte Ronson and Book of Mormons TONY winner Nikki M. James.  Hot Chocolate Mathew Thomas was a personal favorite for us.  Brother was ripe!

And then came word that Ms. Meester would be delayed an “maybe an hour,” and Theron was a “we don’t know.”

Well, need we point out that a few packed up and vacated promptly.

Final word on Theron and Meester is that they arrived few minutes shy of the witching hour and breezed through the entrance forcing the die-hard crew to machine gun they shortened step-and-repeat.

Event worth the time invested?  Not in a hells chance less you were working all access.  We do hear the likes of Jonah Hill and Jeffrey Wright also making an improptu appearance at the posh set-up.

We cannot display this gallery

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Met Gala Wrap UP

I am finally wrapping up my Met Gala Costume Institute photo roundup.  And as such I am giving you all the heavy hitters of the red carpet.

Beauties: Zoe Saldana (who would not let me take a photo of her arriving at her hotel a few nights before the event,) Emmy Rossum, Emma Watson, Eva Mendes, Gwen Stefani, Demi Moore, Matthew Morrsion, Jude Law, Hugh Dancy, Sienna Miller (getting that photo was work I tell you, ) Kate Hudson, Kerry Washington, Kirsten Dunst, Oprah and Rachel Weisz – to name a few!  (Damn, my carpel tunnel just flared!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Orson Welles Screening Catty Comments

This is rich! I love it when bitches get all catty and shit. This posting on BlindGossip leads all roads back to the answers of one of its know it all readers.

Given that my ass was made to cover the “Me and Orson Wells” Film Society screening outside of the Chelsea Theater, only to then have the star of the movie give me minimal eye contact like his ass couldn’t hear me although he was standing right in from of me, I am all to happy to follow these bitches lead! (Plus I get use of my photos! Can’t beat that…)

BLINDGOSSIP: CDAN – At a recent movie premiere this married foreign born B-/C+ list movie actor appeared to out this former A list tweener and now B list movie actor. At the premiere our foreign born actor said to a group of people standing next [to] him, “well you know ______ is gay.” He said it very loudly and in the same room as the former tweener, although he wasn’t [overheard] by the former tweener. The former tweener’s Clist actress girlfriend was not in attendance but our foreign born B- list movie actress wife was.

#1 – foreign born actor
#2 – former tweener
#3 – former tweener’s girlfriend
#4 – foreign born actor’s wife

And the (alleged) answer:

November 27th, 2009 at 3:22 pm · Reply

#1 Hugh Dancy
#2 Zac Efron
#3 Vanessa Hudgens
#4 Claire Danes

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Claire Danes: Gowned n Ready

Claire Danes, here pictured at the CFDA Awards, tells People she is trusting her longtime short chubby Cuban friend and designer, Narciso Rodriguez, “implicitly” while he designs her wedding gown.

Danes is engaged to Brit hotness, Hugh Dancy. (Don’t get me started!)

“It’s amazing,” Danes tells People at working with Rodriguez. “I’m so privileged. I’m collaborating a little bit, but I’m just trusting him implicitly. I’m offing my ideas, but they always pale in comparison to his,” she adds.

What this means is that she’s dissecting his every move and she has more suggestions than are welcomed.

This is always the case when non-artistic types “collaborate” with creative types. They have to ask about everything and have the smallest things changed so that they can go around blabbing “we worked on it together!”

Forever the double talker, Rodriguez says that Dane’s “an extraordinary woman inside and out,” which “always comes through. You can’t hide it. I just try to make her look more beautiful.”

This is double talk for “this bitch is driving me crazy and I wouldn’t be putting up with it were it not for all the media coverage I am going to get on both sides of the Atlantic for doing her fucking dress!”

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Beckinsale Dresses Up

Hands down, the award for best dressed at the Elton John AIDS Foundation annual Oscar viewing party goes to: Kate Beckinsale!

Girl brought a much needed dose of style, glamour and sophistication to the carpet and just enough color (the dress was blue!)

I have seen her in casual wear and somehow the shine doesn’t materialize for me. Which begs the question: Do clothes make the person?

I will let you ponder that for yourself. But you can’t bring in hotties like Zac Efron, Chace Crawford or Hugh Dancy into the equation, cuz its a no brainer to figure out that they would look best wet and naked!

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Claire Danes: Signs Fat Head

What’s got Claire Danes’ so squeamish?

It was having to sign the fat balled head of some no-life professional autograph seeker at the IFC Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, last week.

From my birds eye view (I was on a ladder,) high above the revolting scene, I had the displeasure of witnessing it all play out – from beginning to end.

It started out all to innocently. Heavenly Hugh Dancy arrives with his new fiance – Claire Danes. He escorts her from their car to awaiting fans. They dutifully sign autographs for the mobs, all the while being gracious enough to make eye contact every once and again with interwoven pap-pers who were shut out of coverage on the carpet, and then it all went to shit.

I know girl ran and used a hand sanitizer hidden in her publicist purse.

Hell, I was grossed out myself given that, from my vantage point, I had long ago spotted the sweat dripping down the rolls of his neck from said head. Had I taken the time to eat breakfast, I would have surely upchucked it!

The sad part (it does get sadder!) is that she wasn’t the first to pen on the barren landscape!

Alec Baldwin had done the initial honors and left this mamoth individual to gloat to all within earshot (and then some, thanks to cell phones) about how his “favorite” actor had signed his fat balled head.

Seriously, WTF?

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Shopaholic Nuptials

Yum-ness himself – Hugh Dancy and long time girlfriend, Claire Danes, here pictured arriving to the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” post-premiere party at The Plaza in NY, are engaged reports

The darling couple, who strategically avoided posing at the premiere together, arrived holding hands and looked the dreamfest I perceive their relationship must be… Hell, I simply look at Dancy and my eyes twinkle as I hear myself sigh.

Well, the bitch Danes (who was once blamed for Mary Louise Parker’s split from Billy Crudup,) gets the man (again) so I’m going to sit here and gloat with the solace of my having got the photo! (I know, I know, but I have to tell myself something to keep from finding her and kicking her in the small of her back!)

Congrats to the happy couple!

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