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Rosie Perez: Mitt Romney Latino Statement Response

Rosie Perez takes on Mitt Romney’s attack on Latino voters.

We try not tackling politics on folks.  It’s dull and nothing more than a elongated four letter word.  And, why use longer expletives than needed?  There is also the general practice of bias by folks.  We find that people are going to support a candidate within their party and hell to the evidence of wrongs or character flaws there be looking them in the face.  Like take Mitt Romney for example.  The man has all but sworn his looking down at 47% of Americans as nothing more than lazy non-willing to work poor-is-me takers and yet there are those who would march their way on their knees over jagged cement to support his privileged ass..

Say nothing of his Mexican sneers.  But we betcha their are a slew of Latinos still willing to cast a vote for the well-to-do wanna-be president.  Cuz, well, you know, Romney will share the wealth and see them as exceptions to the rest of em…

News flash for those Latinos:  He isn’t going to share it with y’all, nor is he going to let you become a member of his elitist club!  Stop it already, dumb-asses.

It’s a twisted version of tunnel vision – the support any one party member shows for their identified candidate that is – or selective vision, as we prefer to say…  Sad but wholeheartedly true.

We will however make an exception with this here Rosie Perez response to Mitt Romney’s suggestion of it being easier for a Latino.  Cuz y’all know how we grow cash out back alongside those Avocado plants. And most Latino’s have someone sitting at a desk ready to sign that check so their kid can schlep off to Harvard, they just chose not to go cuz what would be the point in taking that opportunity.

Try as we might, however, we couldn’t possibly do it the justice girlfriend uses to break it down so beautifully for the masses.  So we won’t even try any further.  But we couldn’t pass on the opportunity of mixing up the celebrity content – say nothing of the NSFW material – on here with a some sass from a true ass Puerto Rican..

So it is with this sentiment in mind that we give the floor to Ms. Perez of the Bronx, NY.

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