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Zac Efron: NSFW Leaked Nude Pic

Zac Efron joins the ranks of the elite “leaked nude pics” club

Perusing the web we came upon this here “leaked” photo of Disney star Zac Efron showing off his boy parts.  We had to look twice cuz we missed it looking at the pic the first time.  But true enough – he’s naked & showing off his woody.

We don’t know how we missed this when it surfaced this past August!  Seriously y’all, damn vacations break your stride!  Ordinarily we are all over this shit.

But better late than never is the old saying.

So we color corrected and enlarged it a bit so y’all wouldn’t miss it like we did & here you are.

The photo is touted as having been “leaked.”

We don’t know if we buy it but we’ll take it anyway.  And it makes perfect sense given that his old flames nudes have been out for a long ass while!  (if you haven’t seen em look em up, we got a posting of them!)

Of course we are still of the folks who put him in the “alternative” category.  That is to say he is AC/DC y’all.  And much more than that, he is a passive player.  Pussy boy central.  And his depicted size in the photo doesn’t help putting him in a top role.

Yes, we’d tap that – right after tasting them cheeks!  And to give you all a visual of this, we went and found this here CGI pic of the boy wonder which some fan created prior to his nude hitting the airwaves.

We rightly think they got it 100% right and can totally see Efron in this position.

UPDATE:  Efron was caught nude as a he could be on a hotel terrace which reinforce the “leaked” above pic.

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