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Mark Wahlberg: The Gambler NY Premiere

Mark Wahlberg joins Anthony Kelley and Brie Larson to premiere The Gambler in NYC

Mark Wahlberg joins Anthony Kelley and Brie Larson to premiere The Gambler in NYC

“The Gambler” is Mark Wahlberg’s latest big screen endeavor.  The drama is reportedly so intense it will take the one-time Bostonian bad boy rapper into the OSCAR contention mix.  Walhberg shares the screen with a bevy of talent in the production depicting a risk-taking professor who puts his life down as collateral for a loan.


It costars Brie Larson, Anthony Kelley as well as John Goodman and Jessica Lange – who were both absent for the East coast presentation.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Mark Wahlberg: Ted 2 NYC Stop

Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried film Ted 2 in NYC

Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried film Ted 2 in NYC

Word of Mark Wahlberg hitting the streets of Boston, to film the highly anticipated Ted sequel, reached NY almost as fast as they yelled “rolling.”  Then the photos started flooding the market and NY paps were jonesing for it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mark Wahlberg: Transformers Age of Extinction Premiere

Mark Wahlberg and family attend the Transformers: Age of Extinction US premiere in NYC

Mark Wahlberg and family attend the Transformers: Age of Extinction US premiere in NYC

The completely rebooted 4th installment of that futuristic robots that turn into hot toys movie arrived to the states with enough fan fare to rival a boy band.  Transformers: Age of Extinction spared little arrangement for the US debut in New York City last night.

And how could we miss it?  No way.  Not happening.

With it came the new faces of the franchise:  DILF Mark Wahlberg with wife Rhea Durham and little ones, beauty Nicola Peltz accompanied by her bro, Jack Reynor and the man of many faces Stanley Tucci. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mark Wahlberg: Lone Survivor NYC Premiere

Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg brings his Lone Survivor drama to NYC

Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg brings his Lone Survivor drama to NYC

Mark Wahlberg, accompanied by his two sons Michael and Brendan, brought his testosterone fueled drama “Lone Survivor” to NYC last night, along with a bevy of boys cast in the drama.  

Read the rest of this entry »

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Mark Wahlberg: Broken City Bronx Stop Exclusive

Boston's own Mark Wahlberg stops by the Bronx to film Broken City

Boston’s native hottie Mark Wahlberg is back in NYC filming his new movie “Broken City,” which costars Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta Jones and Kyle Chandler.  We got a chance to snap a few frames of the muscled papi during his Bronx, NY stop and boy were we tickled. 

Seriously, it was like we were one of those circus monkeys having our belly played with…

We say tickled cuz one often thinks of Wahlberg as being a bad ass.  But in truth it never seems to be the case with him at all, he is always quite polite and accommodating.  Sides, we will always think of the rapper turned actor turned producer (he backs this film as well as stars alongside an A-list brigade) as the shirtless wonder bread New England CK Underwear model hotness Marky Mark with the abs of steel! 

We felt the vibrations, we assure you – the body is (still) tight.  Makes us want to run our asses off to the gym just thinking about it, even till this day!

Even more tickled that Wahlberg spotted us immidiately as he walked back to his trailer and, unlike alot of other folks in the biz that will get bent and shield themselves with their accompanying bodyguards (one he doesn’t need as he will beat you down) while further making a production of abstaining being papped, Wahlberg looked over at us, as he listened to his IPod, and continued on his way completely unperturbed.  He even later gave us a wave.

Totally professional and always a gentleman.

We are truly greatful for that.

Mark Wahlberg Bares Almost All for CK

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Kyle Chandler: Broken City Film Set in The Bronx

Kyle Chandler on the Bx set of Broken CityY’all remember Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights.  We never watched that show, but we do recall him from a much younger role in his career – Homefront.  We loved that show and the theme song.  Yes, he moved on to the big screen – most notably his role in the King Kong reboot – but that throwback to simpler times show will stay with him always. 

Well, we stopped by Mark Wahlberg set of  Broken City, camped out in the Bx, yesterday, and spotted this dude who we swear is Chandler – if a sourpuss faced one.  We kept an eye on him as he walked towards the craft table and then were bemused as we watched him fumbling with one of the machine.  Brother man looked frustrated as all hell. 

We went and snapped a few pics of him, well, just cuz. 

But here is the thing…  Oddly enough, we looked up the cast roster and his name doesn’t appear anywhere on it. 

Are we totally wrong? 

Is this a look-a-like?

We didn’t & still don’t think so – less we are seldom mistaken.  (We may forget a name but seldom mistake recognizing them.)

Another question we were left with is by way of this strapping muscle papi.  His trailer – for supporting characters – list him as “bodyman”.  No such listing on IMDB – as only the principles and producers appear listed.

But if any of y’all know his name, please drop us a line STAT!

UPDATE:  The muscled papi’s name is Frank Fortunato cast as Kevin the Body Man.


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Darren Criss: Time 100 Glee Gala

Honoree Darren Criss, of Glee fame, attends the Time 100 gala party in NYC

The Time 100 issue featuring the Most Influential People ever – of this past year – rolled around with their annual gala showcasing their long ass list of honorees at the Time Warner building in NYC.  A potpourri of luminaries from politicians to the world of celebrities and do-gooders.  No one is left out.  And with that comes an avalanche of folks you fnd yourself asking ‘who the hell is that?’ when they make their way down the carpet.  Don’t judge – you would likely be in the same boat for half, if not more than we are…  But we weren’t totally out of the know – cuz big & small screen personalities we know!  Darren Criss – who is set to have his own Glee spin-off on the horizon, Chris Colfer, Mark Wahlberg, Kerry Washington, Blake Lively (we asked the same thing…), Amy Poehler, Carmelo Anthony & Lala Vazquez, Gov. Chris Christie, Mayor Cory Booker, Harvey Weinstein, Christiane Amanpour, Brian Williams, Rain, Aziz Ansari and Takeshi Kanno – to name a few.

You may be asking yourselves ‘did they schedule the event early this year?’  (It could happen.)  Well that is true.  This years event was finally scheduled a whole week ahead of the famed Met Gala which generally usurps all coverage of the event.  And good thing too, cuz this years’ museum fete coincides with another event – a certain touted wedding of the century – which is on a constant countdown.  So perhaps its the best decision the powers at be could have made to garner a bit of attention for this momentous shindig.

We haven’t concluded reading thru the mag but are widely surprised – almost as much as Lively making the list – that the royals aren’t mentioned in there some where.  God only knows a certain numbe of tabloid TV shows are still going at shoving that damn wedding down America’s throat like it was a hillbilly that balding heir and one-time pretty boy was marrying and not some bland British girl who wears ugly hats.

Back on the Time 100 front…  The event has gotten so big that it comes with three – yes, that is right – three step-and-repeat sections.  And they still run out of room!  Ain’t that some shit?

Well, we are just thankful to have been afforded a spot!  Its as rewarding to us as if we were named in the prestigious publication itself.

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Andrew Garfield: Social National Board of Review Network

Kevin Spacey, Armie Hammer, Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network at the National Board of Review awards gala

The annual Nationl Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards Gala is to the kick-off of the accolades season as the phrase “I’d like to thank [fill in the blank] is to the acceptance speech!  It preceeds that West Coast broohaha – more often than not setting the stage for what acceptance speeches will be heard down the road. 

Yes, we know that the People’s Choice now happens earlier but that’s fan based – dammit!  It’s so not the same.

This year NBR hosted the likes of the cast members of that facebook flick “The Social Network” – Jesse Eisenberg, Armie Hammer, producer Kevin Spacey and the new Spiderman – Andrew Garfield, joined by “The Fighter’s” Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg along with Michelle Williams, Alessandro Novila, Emily Mortimer, “True Grits'” Hailee Steinfeld, “The Town’s” Blake Lively and Ben Affleck, Jessica Lange and Special Filmmaking Achievement Award winner Sofia Coppola.

But it was the surprise attendance of Jennifer Garner that got all tongues wagging at an evening already full of glamour, gratitude and star power – all ready to speak of their genuine appreciation for being acknowledged in the grandeur afforded by Cipriani 42nd Street.

And for once, the inclement weather held off until the arrivals portion of the event was done. 

And for that, we are truly greatful!

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The Other Guys: World Premiere

Eva Mendes and Mark Wahlberg at The Other Guys World Premiere in NYC

“The Other Guys'” world premiere took place in NYC last night.  And the step-and-repeat seemed to go on for a lifetime – even with some cast members missing.

We rarely get THE premiere here in gotham – sometimes we get overlooked entirely.  Salt for instance!  So this truly was a big to do. 

Eva Mendes rocked a grey cocktail dress and black stilettos – the bow was diviine girl!, while her costars Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Ray Stevenson looked all so handsome.

But it was Ray Stevenson who caught my attention.  Why, you may ask?  Well you might recall him from the HBO “Rome” series.  He played that kickass alpha-male with a heart of gold.  On the carpet he exuded testosterone and I was giddywith excitement.  I swear I wanted to leap into his arms and find myself protected and manhandled!  (Don’t you judge now…)

Also in attendance were the yummy Bobby Cannavale, Steve Coogan, Damon Wayans Jr. and Mr. Samuel L. Jackson – who I happened to spot at Jones Beach a few weeks ago sporting a Speedo.  No, I didn’t have time to snap a photo.  The camera is not attached to a limb I tell y’all!

Other notable attendees:  Brooke Shields, Lindsay Sloan, Jimmy Fallon, Rob Thomas, Zoe Lister Jones – wearing what can only be described as a “American Pie faux-pas – and Tess Kartel.

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Kellan Lutz: CK Spokesmodel

Kellan Lutz Signs On to Be CK Spokesmodel

Twilight beefcake and one time AF model – Kellan Lutz is taking on the spokesmodel CK underwear campaign reigns, report say.  And the powers that be are looking to bring back the “Marky Mark” style to the homoerotic levels it has come to be known for.

Now, Mark Wahlberg’s CK photos caused many a wet moment – for both boys and girls.  (Let me not get into that with you on here…)  So it is a no brainer that they would look to have Lutz to re-envision the moment.  Lutz is solid muscle!  (And Taylor Lautner is unavailable due to his rumored Armani Xchange something or other.)  But truth be told, Lutz has some serious inches… undies to fill, cuz Wahlberg packed a mouth load!

All knee dropping aside, the CK ads have a history of being fairly steamy, so it will be fairly interesting to see how this plays out for the under-utilized saga cast-member.  Especially since his “people” have been trying to market him as an “actor.”

Mark Wahlberg Bares Almost All for CK

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Samberg Unscathed

Here’s a pic of Andy Samberg of SNL fame arriving at the SNL after-party this weekend.

Mark Wahlberg ranted how he was going to show up at the studios and beat his big nose ass over the skit that aired last week! Apparantly all talk as Andy showed without a scratch…

It seems Marky Mark has truly atoned for his wicked thug past and is now a punk as bitch. Damn shame! I luv me some man-handling. and Andy seems like he’d make a good pussy boy.

Wahlberg’s “Max Payne” did however debut as the top box office draw this weekend. Thankfully he ain’t all soft and did kick some ass – even if it was simply on screen.

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