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Orlando Bloom: Set to Divorce Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at The Good Doctor TFF premiere in NYC

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at The Good Doctor TFF premiere in NYC

“Show us a beautiful woman and we’ll show you a man who is tired of fucking her” is the old quote.  Guy’s without always argue “nah, I couldn’t leave that,” but case and point:  Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr – the couple that beauty built – are set to divorce after being separated for months – unbeknownst to the rags.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Miranda Kerr: Nude Polaroids Surface

Aussie VS model Miranda Kerr pictured in a set of nude polaroids shot by French photog Laurent Darmon.

Aussie Victoria Secret supermodel turned Orlando Bloom baby momma Miranda Kerr has faced newly surfaced nudes with tongue and cheek.  But hell, how else to do it given her whole career is about tits and ass – and a lucrative venture at that it really is!  So we are befuddled over the hoopla over a set of alleged “unauthorized” nude Polaroids shot by famed French photog Laurent Darmon surfacing and making the rounds these past few days.  Slow celeb news days will do this to the under-worked folks pretending to be “journalists.”

As if the beauty getting to make beaucoup $$$ for strutting and showing off her attributes and getting to shag one of the most coveted Brit specimens EVER weren’t enuf already!  No, we have to endure having our noses rubbed into it and be made to feel guilty about being lax’ed on our gym regiment.


We don’t see the big to do.  Not really.  Less it’s really about how she isn’t adding bank to her account with the release of these here photos.  And you know that’s where its at.

We have a simple approach to such matters…  If you don’t want something getting out simply don’t do it!  And by the looks of the photos, Ms. Kerr was all too happy to show off her hot piece of ass and perky and quite appealing tits!

Yes, y’all, it’s about the tits and ass.

Sure we would be happier were they of her love Bloom.  In that Lord of The Rings blond wig please!  But we do appreciate beauty when faced with it and the photos do the subject justice so lets leave it at that.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at The Good Doctor TFF premiere in NYC

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Orlando Bloom: The Good Doctor TFF Premiere

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at The Good Doctor TFF premiere in NYC

Orlando Bloom and his baby mama Miranda Kerr swooped into the Tribeca Film Festival to premiere his new flick “The Good Doctor,” at BMCC a few days ago to the hoops and hollers of an excited crowd of paps.  And yes, we were at the forefront!

This event could easily be said to be the highlight of this years week long scheduled screenings, but we are biased.  It’s Orlando Bloom!

The pretty has all grown up now and left a man in its place.  Ripe with smoldering.  And a daddy.  Papi is a daddy.

That Miranda is one lucky lady to have the likes of Bloom playing doctor on her curves.  We felt a pain ourselves – and would have voiced them to Bloom had we not been fully aware of the fact that it stemmed from Kerr being on his arm.  She just best stay away from ledges…

We will say that Kerr has regained her Victoria Secret’s body back in record time – its only been a few months since she gave Bloom his 1st born.  That’s amazing…

But no matter, cross over to the dark side Bloom!

We will be awaiting.

Bloom was joined by Riley Keough, Sorel Carradine, Rob Morrow and Vanessa Shaw.

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