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Nicki Minaj: MTV VMA Fashion Blunder

nickiminaj-vmaNicki Minaj, here pictured at the MTV VMA’s, in what appears to be a micro-mini leopard print dress and borrowed shoes – seriously they look about half a size too large – is riding high on the success of her Anaconda twerk video.  It was recently reported that it has some 4 million views – or sum such…  We knew not why it was all the rave.

So given that we hadn’t played it, we of course felt out of the loop and we had to go searching it out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Robin Thicke: Booty Grab Photo Surfaces

Robin Thicke blurs the lines of a fan photo

Robin Thicke blurs the lines of a fan photo

Just when you thought the post-VMA stories on Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus were nearing their tale-end and that there couldn’t possibly be any further mileage gotten out of the conjured up brouhaha surfaces a photo of  Thicke partying at NY Chelsea one-time hot spot Club 1-Oak.   What’s the big to-do about the photo?  Thicke is observed in a reflection palming Lana Scolaro’s ass with what could presumably be his middle fingering prime for fingering the reported NY student and alleged socialite while looking all too innocent in the forefront.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Andy Dick Sexual Assault Arrest

Andy Dick Arrested - Again - for Alleged Sexual Assault

Comedic actor and sometimes lewd mess Andy Dick, here pictured attempting to tongue Fred Durst at the MTV VMA’s circa 01,  has been arrested for alleged sexual assault in West Virginia, FoxNews reports .

“Based upon statements of two victims and independent witness accounts alleging that he had engaged in unwanted and uninvited groping of the two victims’ genital areas, Andrew R. Dick (AKA Andy Dick) of South Pasadena, Calif., was arrested and charged with two counts of Sex Abuse in the First Degree,” Huntington Police Department statement reads.

The one time uber funny and talented “News Radio” alum has, in recent years, been on a steadfast downward spiral with alcohol and narcotics his constant companion.  Seriously y’all this mothafucka has been thru rehab more times than LiLo and Winehouse put together. 

This marks one additional bout with molestation charges – which violates his 2008 probation on a similar conviction involving a teen. 

Sad part in the story is that Dick is actually funny.  But brotha man, one can only look past a talents shortcomings but so many times before you get written off!

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Taylor Lautner: Ripped New Moon

Hell if it isn’t always about product placement! Even when peddling Taylor Lautner’s (here also pictured fully clothed at the VMA’s) twink flesh.

Check out the latest studio releases from the “Twilight: New Moon” behind the scenes series featuring the hotness with the abs – and check out the curve of his lower back leading to a ripe bubble ass – every man, woman and homo wants to lick on the LATimes website.

Can you spell RIPE?

As I wipe the drool dripping down the left side of my mouth I have already penciled my workout days for the month. A homo can only dream of bringing back the six-pack that once was! Don’t you judge me…


MTV VMA: Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga may be a hermaphrodite – I can’t attest for this as I have not seen the video (I had a bad experience live along these same lines in Amsterdam not too long ago and it left me scarred) – and she may indeed look like a drag queen on a pill (work it out girl!) but she can bring the crazy like no other!

Ms. One gives performance art and leaves the stage unsurpassed!

Just take a look at this outfit and tell me she ain’t walking off with THE outfit of the night!

This is some spellbinding Bram Stoker meets Mr. Hyde shit right here.

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09 MTV VMA: Beyonce

Well its fucking official! I am back at work.

And what better way to re-immerse myself than with duties on the carpet at the 25th annual MTV Video Music Awards – which returned to Gotham at the famed Radio City Music Hall after a six year hiatus.

A stellar lineup comprised the celeb list (although Megan Fox and Robert Pattinson skipped) but I thought I would start with sharing a pic of horse-headed Beyonce on the red carpet.

Of course I have stated my disdain for the wanna-be Ms. Ross, but in truth the red cocktail number was cute. (I ain’t hating Carmen!) Her performance on the show (lip-sync anyone!) was less so.

But shed light on the highlight of her attendance I must! Cuz for sure it had to be her earnest on camera ‘what is he doing’ response to messy under-cover homo – Mr. Kanye West’s rant on how she was wronged. This immediately followed after he rushed the stage and pulled the mic from cuteness Taylor Swift.

Girl was truly gagging! It was almost as if she was going down on Jay Z’s meat…

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