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Robin Thicke: Booty Grab Photo Surfaces

Robin Thicke blurs the lines of a fan photo

Robin Thicke blurs the lines of a fan photo

Just when you thought the post-VMA stories on Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus were nearing their tale-end and that there couldn’t possibly be any further mileage gotten out of the conjured up brouhaha surfaces a photo of  Thicke partying at NY Chelsea one-time hot spot Club 1-Oak.   What’s the big to-do about the photo?  Thicke is observed in a reflection palming Lana Scolaro’s ass with what could presumably be his middle fingering prime for fingering the reported NY student and alleged socialite while looking all too innocent in the forefront.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Protected: Joey Kovar: Opiate Overdose Death Ruling

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Jonathan Manfre: The Unit is Charged With Fellony K Possession

Jonathan "The Unit" Manfre and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If there is one thing those messy Jersey Shore children can do is party hard!  But apparently its not just with bottom shelf liquor.  Oh No!  Those MF”ers go at it like farm animals.  The gang of the famed MTV New Jersey based “reality” gig appear to have themselves a special heavy hitter style user in their midst, reports Radar Online.  Jonathan “The Unit” Manfre, who touts himself as one buff -assed tight bodied trainer to cast member Mike Sorrentino – skin tight he is – has now been indicted on his Summer 2011 arrest for possession of a “powdery like substance” outside the house of debauchery.

NJ Police investigators now claim lab results indicate the substance resulted as allegedly being determined to be non-other than the horse tranquilizer club drug Ketamine, or Special K, a class third degree felony.  The indictment comes with a possible 3 to 5 year sentence if found guilty.


We wonder, if convicted – not likely as “celebrity” never sees civilian results –  if MTV will look to throw Manfre his own spin-off.  Perhaps they could even call it Hard Bottom Unit!

Has a catchy ring to it, no?

It would certainly be an appropriate title, all components considered, we think.  Cuz you know with a body like that the brothers won’t even wait for him to drop the soap.  Hell if they wouldn’t be clambering for a first crack of that fine piece!

And damn if a scene with him on all fours, back arched, knees shoulder width apart, readied for a downward dog move, wouldn’t be the hottest visual EVER!  Stretch it out…

Manfre’s case is scheduled for a January 10th court date – although the man of the hour is not expected to appear.


We can’t help but wonder how an indictment of this severity does not require him to appear before the judge?  Or how there isn’t a mugshot for the supporting cast member.  And this all in a state that gloated over admitting practicing racial profiling.

Doesn’t seem kosher.

That’s MTV pull for you!

We cannot display this gallery

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Andy Dick Sexual Assault Arrest

Andy Dick Arrested - Again - for Alleged Sexual Assault

Comedic actor and sometimes lewd mess Andy Dick, here pictured attempting to tongue Fred Durst at the MTV VMA’s circa 01,  has been arrested for alleged sexual assault in West Virginia, FoxNews reports .

“Based upon statements of two victims and independent witness accounts alleging that he had engaged in unwanted and uninvited groping of the two victims’ genital areas, Andrew R. Dick (AKA Andy Dick) of South Pasadena, Calif., was arrested and charged with two counts of Sex Abuse in the First Degree,” Huntington Police Department statement reads.

The one time uber funny and talented “News Radio” alum has, in recent years, been on a steadfast downward spiral with alcohol and narcotics his constant companion.  Seriously y’all this mothafucka has been thru rehab more times than LiLo and Winehouse put together. 

This marks one additional bout with molestation charges – which violates his 2008 probation on a similar conviction involving a teen. 

Sad part in the story is that Dick is actually funny.  But brotha man, one can only look past a talents shortcomings but so many times before you get written off!

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Britney Documentary

Stop! Really! I beg you…

America’s most famous white trasher and Photoshop queen – Britney Spears, has gone and made a documentary (albeit an MTV one.) Evidently the girl who’s life is played out in every tabloid rag across the world isn’t satisfied with the play by play coverage of her iced-coffee runs and wants to make amends.

“There’s a lot that people don’t know about me that I wants them to know,” Spears states in one promo.

Lets think about that Brit-Brit. You’ve flashed your coochy (more then once), cracked and been carted off in an ambulance, hooked-up with a pap and ran off to Mexico (one who you assuredly knew was making beaucoup $ from hooking up with you), lost custody of your kids, lost control of your own estate, bombed a major (lip-synching) performance (on the same network) due to your hard partying and have had every shopping/coffee run/club run, et al – covered on film and pics…. did I forget anything? Oh yeah, you security detail manhandles women pap-pers to get you from door to car even after your “people” leak intel on your whereabouts.

I know you have another lip-synching project due out (which was leaked in its entirety online,) but really girl, what the fuck!

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Guess the Teen Sensations

Heres your chance to win a ripe rimming from the prettiest twink in all the land. Just guess the teen sensations in the studio contrived romance in the pic. The duo recently stopped by the MTV TRL studios to promote their latest Disney project.

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Total Beyonce Live

Former Destiny’s Child lead singer turned wanna-be actress popped up at the Viacom headquarters in NY for a taping of MTV’s TRL on Tuesday.

Although in all black – a ghetto Black Swan number, Ms. B proved to be beyond help. Stop wearing your mothers’ “House of Dereon” designs!

There’s a reason for Fendi, Prada, Dior, Givenchy, Channel – NAMES, Names, names… Lacroix, sweety, Lacroix!

ADDENDUM: Add thief to her credits! Check out WWTDD’s post on BK!

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Via-com-Dios TRL….

Apparantly MTV has pulled the plug on its Time Sq. madness inducing, traffic stopping, teeny bopper magnet TEN year running TRL (Total Request Live,) so report DListed and Princess Perez.

Wow, truly a sign of the times… or whatever. I cant help but wonder what Viacom’s reasoning is…. Did its popularity wane? Pressure from the NYPD? New hosts’ not snorting enough coke? I’m all sad now. Well whatever the case, I know a number of pap-pers who are already in the throws of mourning the pending void in their trawling grounds.

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