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Claire Danes: Gowned n Ready

Claire Danes, here pictured at the CFDA Awards, tells People she is trusting her longtime short chubby Cuban friend and designer, Narciso Rodriguez, “implicitly” while he designs her wedding gown.

Danes is engaged to Brit hotness, Hugh Dancy. (Don’t get me started!)

“It’s amazing,” Danes tells People at working with Rodriguez. “I’m so privileged. I’m collaborating a little bit, but I’m just trusting him implicitly. I’m offing my ideas, but they always pale in comparison to his,” she adds.

What this means is that she’s dissecting his every move and she has more suggestions than are welcomed.

This is always the case when non-artistic types “collaborate” with creative types. They have to ask about everything and have the smallest things changed so that they can go around blabbing “we worked on it together!”

Forever the double talker, Rodriguez says that Dane’s “an extraordinary woman inside and out,” which “always comes through. You can’t hide it. I just try to make her look more beautiful.”

This is double talk for “this bitch is driving me crazy and I wouldn’t be putting up with it were it not for all the media coverage I am going to get on both sides of the Atlantic for doing her fucking dress!”

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