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Michael Sam: Reality Show Postponed

NFL draft pick Michael Sam and beau Vito Cammisano

NFL draft pick Michael Sam and beau Vito Cammisano

The Untitled Michael Sam reality show has been postponed according to reports by The Associated Press.  Reports quote a statement by OWN President Erik Logan that read “”After careful consideration and discussion with the St Louis Rams, ‘The Untitled Michael Sam Project’ has been postponed, allowing Michael the best opportunity to achieve his dream of making the team.”

The buffed out twink – he’s 6.2, 256, and 24-years-old – was in talks to develop the terms and allow cameras to film his entry into the RAM’s team.

Sam’s now infamous kiss with his swimmer beau Vito Cammisano went viral and was all anyone could talk about after footage aired of his call to inform him of his drafting – making history as he became the 1st openly gay draft pick EVER. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mark Sanchez: Smooth Ass Jock

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez drops trou while entertaining two ladies with a dance

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez drops trou while entertaining two ladies with a dance

We LUV ourselves some smooth ass!  No other way to state that really.  Enter Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez into the picture and we are at attention.  Sanchez is prominently featured in a “leaked” online video posted on Terez Owens where he drops trou while dancing for two ladies keeping him company and showing us what he’s working with! Read the rest of this entry »

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Alan Gendreau: Gay NFL Bound Hopeful

Alan Gendreau looking to be the 1st openly gay NFL player EVER

Alan Gendreau looking to be the 1st openly gay NFL player EVER

Here is Alan Gendreau.  An openly gay football player from some southern state college – Middle Tennessee State to be precise – who, to hear him tell it, in this below posted interview, played 4 yrs of college football all the while openly gay to his team-mates.

And two things immediately come to mind when thinking of a college football locker room scenario and being gay – but we won’t delve into any of that cuz that’s not what this blog is about, dammit! Read the rest of this entry »

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Isaac Sopoaga: 49ers Renege on It Gets Better Spot

49ers' Isaac Sp[paga

49ers’ Isaac Sp[paga

Ain’t this some thit?  Isaac Sopoaga, Ricky Jean Francois, Donte Whitner and Ahmad Brooks, of the San Francisco 49ers NFL team, have collectively gone and doubled back on a Trevor Project “It Gets Better” pro-gay commercial they filmed citing they weren’t aware it was anything more than a anti-bullying spot, as opposed to a pro-gay spot for a pro-gay non-profit.

And one must say ‘hmmmmm.’  See video after the jump!

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Victor Cruz: Latinos for Obama Spot

NFL pro-footballer for the NY Giants Victor Cruz is one hot salsa-field-sporting Latino.  And a nice guy to boot.  It also doesn’t hurt him any that folks all across the country adore him.  But he has now taken a moment from his sport to convey a well intended and earnest message to his fellow minority in support of President Obama.

And we thinks Latinos ought to pay attention.  STAT!

We marvel at a minority that attaches itself to a Republican ticket in the subconscious belief that by proclaiming their support for a club as the GOP it will merit them membership…

Here’s a news flash for those folks…  being tolerated is not inclusion, nor membership.

We ain’t judging those folks – not at all.  Simply stating facts.

So without further chastising, here is hottie and his spot.


YouTube Preview Image

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Rob Gronkowski: Photo with Porn Star Bibi Jones

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski gives porn star Britney Maclin the shirt off his back

Talk about a generous jock giving the shirt off his back.  Rob Gronkowski, 22, of New England Patriots tight end fame, is all up to his quarter sized nipples of deep shit for being photographed in the company of a blond by the name of Britney Maclin, 20, better and more widely known as porn star Bibi Jones.   In the photos, posted by Maclin, Gronkowski appears smiling while she models his teams jersey.

You’d think the team as a whole would simply thank her for the free publicity…  But NO!

This bit has rocked the NFL and sports world as if it were the first time – ever.  No, really, it’s everywhere. 

Cuz you know that this type of shit doesn’t happen in a wholesome sport such as this… 

Just imagine, these overpaid, over-hyped, testosteroned fueled (and a times topped off with a bit of steroids,) taking advantage of some of the pussy thrown in their direction and then letting them bitches put on their jersey during post-coital moments.  The shock!  And in these case it happens to be professional pussy, what else could he do?

What we don’t get is when is giving the shirt off your back to someone your banging so wrong?  It’s only proper to let them don your tops to appear presentable for a quick trophy snap.  How the hell else are you going to be able to make it locker room babble?

Well, the powers that be didn’t see it this way and the twenty-two year old Gronkowski was promptly called into the the NE Patriots’ principals office – Robert Kraft - and made to release an apology.

“I didn’t intend anything to hurt the reputation of anyone on the New England Patriots or on behalf of Robert Kraft,” the 6.6 tall and 265 lbs football twink said. “It was just a simple picture and that’s all.”

We don’t see how who he mounts or takes a pic with would harm a reputation that is less than polished and shiney, but thats just us…

We do however wonder if he wrote that himself or needed a flack to do it for him?  Cuz let’s face it, he is some type of fine-ness, he shouldn’t have to bang it out & then use his talents for something as menial as this…

Now, cutting to the chase…  When is the sex tape going to “leak” out?  Cuz y’all know there is one somewhere…  It ain’t possible to be a 22 yr old stud and be banging a fine piece of porn ass without getting a keepsake recording of it…  That just wouldn’t be right!

Until it leaks, we thought we’d round up some sexy Gronkowski pics and give you a look-see at what he was enjoying – for more on Jones click here.

no images were found

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