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Justin Bieber: Gets Cheeky and Moons Public

Justin Bieber bares his smooth ass on his social networking site.

Justin Bieber bares his smooth ass on his social networking site.

Following talk of twink sugar-pop prince Justin Bieber lighting up and smoking on some of the good stuff comes a self-posted ass photo, via his personal social networking site, which can only be proclaimed as a message to rim his smooth ass!

We didn’t personally catch the shortly thereafter removed photo but thankfully one of our ardent supporters sent us a copy prior to its disappearance.  And for that we are immensely thankful.

Of course adamant detractors screamed from the heavens of the nudes which were “leaked” shortly after the Bieb’s property was stolen.  But we daresay they can’t backtrack on this one!  (We hold steadfast that the previous nudes are real!)

So if you are of the cheap thrills bunch, well, feast on this indisputable tidbit.


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Vin Diesel: NSFW Full Frontal

XXX star Vin Diesel goes au naturel at the beach.

au naturel at the beach.

Here is one we haven’t seen before.  And what better way  to wrap up 2012 than with something new to our eyes.   Feast on a frontal of XXX star and fellow NYker Vin Diesel!

Bandoleros: Rodriguez n DieselAllegedly~

We have heard 1st hand accounts of stories of Diesel being a two minute man.   C’est vrai.   Not that we would turn down 120 seconds with the raspy voiced action star.

We figure 2 minutes might be better than 60 minutes – if its a good two minutes.

Don’t judge…  Some MF’s couldn’t get it right if you gave them a map and played them a how-to video simultaneously

On the flip side it is good to see that he isn’t one to shy away from showing off while in the midst of shrinkage.

We will look forward to his return to the big screen come 2013 and view him with a whole new level of respect.

Here’s to a rocking end to a long and trifling year and best wishes for the road ahead.

Happy 2013 folks.

(Please note:  The above is alleged!)

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Zachary Quinto: Full Frontal

Zachary Quinto full frontal.

Zachary Quinto full frontal.

Feast your eyes on Zachary Quinto.  In all his uncensored glory!  At least we believe it so.  We love it when an object of desire bares it all for his devotees.  Cuz lets face it, fan-dom is all about being ravished (or ravishing,) or at least thinking you can, by the object of your – at times misguided – affection.

Quinto has always been someone we’ve found alluring…  There is simply something about him that is brazen.

Well, this here portrait (don’t ask us who shot it!) keeps in that style.

We would gladly get to work on it once he man-scaped the body-hair.  Just a preference…

But it would seem that his beau Jonathan Groff, on the other hand, minds very little the idea of flossing.  But who are we to judge.

The coupling certainly evidences opposites attracting, we would say.  An over abundance of hair or no hair, as is the case with Groff, we sure wouldn’t mind playing peeping Tom on their goings-on.

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Joey Kovar: Opiate Overdose Death Ruling

MTV’s Real World alum Joey Kovar’s death cause ruled opiate overdose.

Juiced muscle Mary looking Real World alum Joey Kovar died as a cause of opiates, report state.

We haven’t watched anything MTV related in quite sometime and rightly had no idea who the pretty smile belonged to and why anyone needed to care.  So we had to go on the research quest to figure out who this fool was with a fucked up hair-do.

Seriously, y’all!  Who styled him and/or told his dumbass that the front sweep in that overly-gelled do was attractive?  On the flip side, he did see the error in his ways and let the do grow out.

Our search, lo-and-behold – landed us on his Playgirl run and we got to see his other attributes.  Not that there is anything to get overly excited about.  Evidently the juice didn’t make all things grow on the 29-year-old.

But we couldn’t help having a tinge of sympathy for Kovar.  Fame – and it’s pursuit – can be a bitch!

RIP Kovar.

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Bobby Cannavale: Full Frontal

Hotness Bobby Cannavale full frontal in Boardwalk Empire.

We can’t begin to tell you what stumbling across these here full-frontal screen grabs of hotness Bobby Cannavale in Boardwalk Empire brought on for us.  It was like having a cold-sweat fainting spell with an outer-body experience – simultaneously.

Once we came to and suppressed another bout of the vapors we were left jonesing to be afforded an internship on the shows costume department.

We have a whole new lever of desire for the tall 6.2 1/2 thespian.

It is also nice to see he is anatomically correct!  And that’s soft.  Heaven help whoever gets to ride that erect.

Yummy Bobby Cannavale at The Other Guys world premiere

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Channing Tatum: Magic Mike Candid

Channing Tatum on the set of Magic Mike.

And still more material surfaces from the Magic Mike behind the scenes shenanigans.  Feast your eyes on this here unobstructed view of Channing Tatum and his glorious perfectly formed ass.

It’s the stuff of dreams.

The candid shot was taken on the set of the soon to be released on DVD film and we are thankful someone decided to share it with us all – as if we needed any reasons to wake up with a reason to get back into bed & fantasize of hotness.

Now, we know you are saying ‘we’ve seen all there is to see of Tatum!’  But as a good acquaintance once said to us ” more wants more!”


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Tom Hardy: Ass Up Face Down

Tom Hardy assumes the position in a nude self-pic.

Tom Hardy?  We didn’t get all the hoopla about him really.  Sure, he is cute.  And we wouldn’t have passed it up were we presented with an opportunity.  But we can’t truly say that we were salivating over it.  That is not until we came across this here (purported) photo of Bane in a position we would risk suffocating for rushing in tongue first!

We kid you not.  That ass is a thing of beauty.

God bless Mr. Hardy – from the back cuz the front looks like it is lacking.

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Matt Bomer: Magic Mike Additional Scene Stills

Matt Bomer shows off his tight ass in a deleted Magic Mike scene.

Yes, we know that White Collar’s Matt Bomer is a pretty boy with a smoking hot body.  It doesn’t hurt any that he also happens on having a flair for fashion and style.  And did we mention he is pretty?  He poignantly demonstrated just how pretty worked out that physique of his is in the Magic Mike supporting role – even if we feel he was under valued on screen.  Well just in time for the upcoming DVD release here is a reprieve.

In case y’all say you missed it – the movie – or didn’t know – which is a LIE – rest assured you will fully know now cuz, well, here is your definitive (further) proof!

New stills have surfaced of Bomer from solo out-takes featuring that fine ass of his – literally.   And the chorus says ‘DAMN papi!’  We still feel that dude who directed the flick needed to be replaced w/ the likes of someone who knows how to present the art he was filming.

Who the hell films dance from above or waist-up?  Pan out and lower the camera, dumb-ass!

But getting back to Bomer and that fine ass…  Damn if we wouldn’t mind gladly making like that was desert and even putting some miracle whip for presentation on that…

White Collars’ Matt Bomer at the Hanna screening

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Justin Bieber: NSFW Nudes Surface Post Theft

Justin Bieber joins the celebrity leaked-nudes club!

Twink-a-licious Justin Bieber joins the bevy of celebrity folks with leaked nudes.  And fans rush to decry foul.  But the evidence would suggest authenticity.  Right down to the smooth torso and body art that adorns the Canadian crooner.

On the tail-end of his personal computer and camera being nicked comes word on the internet of nude pics surfacing of a pre-pubescent looking boys body posing for stills with ink prominently visible matching that of Biebs.

Coincidence?  Possibly.

We don’t know for sure whether they are indeed factual, but we ain’t putting nothing past it!  But for now we are going with the fact that all evidence points to truth.  Cuz lets face it… Biebs is hardly the innocent he so desperately purports to be.  And the body matches.

If it smells, sounds and looks like a duck that ain’t never done a push-up – then the quack is the very one that y’all see on stage!

Only question is how long before the sex tape surfaces.  Cuz it ain’t going to be too far off.

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Lindsay Lohan: James Deen Canyons Trailer

Lindsay Lohan and James Deen film The Canyons.

Lindsay Lohan’s return to the big screen is the stuff of constant fodder.  But the time has arrived and will mark a co-starring role opposite some two-bit hetero porn-wanna-be-starlet named James Deen.  That his “stage name” is a jump-off of a more famous, somewhat controversial (for his time) 20th century a-lister and troubled individual doesn’t get lost on us.

Not one bit.

That the Mean Girls star would reduce her waning chances at a true comeback by starring opposite someone so desperate from the word go to achieve infamy is where we stopped and can’t seem to get passed that gear.

Out of curiosity we had to go and look up this out of shape self-proclaimed porn impresario and see if there were any redeeming traits to warrant benefit of the doubt.

Que drums!

What we found was not much to get a rise out of.   His blog for instance can only be described as a lackluster experience.  Even by hetero standards.  The snatch he mainly features – as opposed to his own bodily parts – are beat up and resemble relics of passed around the bathroom stalls of dive bars on the West Coast type of snatch.  And when you get to the bare essentials of his package – well – it hardly measures up.

Sure, some would say its nothing to send home but we measure from a whole different perspective.

Would it hurt him to do a push-up or two?  Say nothing of a stomach crunch…

Suffice to say that American Gigolo he is not.

The movie trailer to her return project is as cheesy as it promises – we give it that.  For sure the folks behind the Liz Taylor bio-pic, which looms on the horizon, are non-too pleased with what precedes their efforts.

But don’t take our word for it.  Take a look see for yourselves…

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YouTube Preview Image

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Hulk Hogan: Butt Ass Nekkid Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan’s sex tape hits the web!

We have never been a fan of the theatrics that are WWF.  Give us real wrestling any day.  Those boys are hot!  But we do know of Hulk Hogan and his colorful family.  We actually thought they were yester-years news but lo-and-behold here is the middle-aged Hulk Hogan – he is 59 and stands at 6.7″ – doing the nasty with some bimbo in a canopy bed.

Be forewarned that this may cause an involuntary upchuck without warning!

Not an endearing performance but looks like he gets down with the get down.

For those of you hard of hearing there is closed-captioning.

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Yankee Stadium: Bubble Butt Top Hits Home Run

Drunk couple filmed while bubble butt top slides into home plate!

This brings a whole new meaning to sliding into home plate!  A drunk couple was caught and filmed in a Yankee Stadium men’s room stall getting busy!  And the crowds go wild with cellphones.

We have personally never visited the Yankee Stadium – old or new structure.  Sure we have passed them both on plenty of occasions but we never seemed like it would be rewarding for us.  We say this as we’ve never been afforded a pass into the team locker rooms – our true interest.  (Don’t judge…)  But clearly our conclusion may have been shortsighted as this may not be the only place for rewards in the mammoth facility.

Having survived the NYC nightlife, we can earnestly say that getting down in a stall is nothing new…  We have come across it at many different spots – involving way more than what is here pictured.  But it we weren’t being invited in – and we are not saying we may or may not have been – we wen’t about our business of procuring drink tickets and our own piece of ass.

Having stated that, here’s what we don’t presently appreciate…  The crowd of high school acting spectators climbing up over the stall to film (video has since been taken down – we are still looking for it though…) and photograph the couple.  Yes, y’all.  like a bunch of depraved dumb-ass children.

If you don’t appreciate someone getting into home-plate, your options are simple really… exit and go to another bathroom, report it to the security personnel or do your business and get back to your own business.  Why the need to go and reduce to being a peeping tom?  Read the play-by-play here.

Well, needless to say we fully support the right of two consenting adults to lock themselves in a stall – should the need arise – and get it on.


Hot ass BTW!

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