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Bobby Cannavale: Full Frontal

Hotness Bobby Cannavale full frontal in Boardwalk Empire.

We can’t begin to tell you what stumbling across these here full-frontal screen grabs of hotness Bobby Cannavale in Boardwalk Empire brought on for us.  It was like having a cold-sweat fainting spell with an outer-body experience – simultaneously.

Once we came to and suppressed another bout of the vapors we were left jonesing to be afforded an internship on the shows costume department.

We have a whole new lever of desire for the tall 6.2 1/2 thespian.

It is also nice to see he is anatomically correct!  And that’s soft.  Heaven help whoever gets to ride that erect.

Yummy Bobby Cannavale at The Other Guys world premiere

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Matt Bomer: Magic Mike Additional Scene Stills

Matt Bomer shows off his tight ass in a deleted Magic Mike scene.

Yes, we know that White Collar’s Matt Bomer is a pretty boy with a smoking hot body.  It doesn’t hurt any that he also happens on having a flair for fashion and style.  And did we mention he is pretty?  He poignantly demonstrated just how pretty worked out that physique of his is in the Magic Mike supporting role – even if we feel he was under valued on screen.  Well just in time for the upcoming DVD release here is a reprieve.

In case y’all say you missed it – the movie – or didn’t know – which is a LIE – rest assured you will fully know now cuz, well, here is your definitive (further) proof!

New stills have surfaced of Bomer from solo out-takes featuring that fine ass of his – literally.   And the chorus says ‘DAMN papi!’  We still feel that dude who directed the flick needed to be replaced w/ the likes of someone who knows how to present the art he was filming.

Who the hell films dance from above or waist-up?  Pan out and lower the camera, dumb-ass!

But getting back to Bomer and that fine ass…  Damn if we wouldn’t mind gladly making like that was desert and even putting some miracle whip for presentation on that…

White Collars’ Matt Bomer at the Hanna screening

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Justin Bieber: NSFW Nudes Surface Post Theft

Justin Bieber joins the celebrity leaked-nudes club!

Twink-a-licious Justin Bieber joins the bevy of celebrity folks with leaked nudes.  And fans rush to decry foul.  But the evidence would suggest authenticity.  Right down to the smooth torso and body art that adorns the Canadian crooner. Read the rest of this entry »

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Yankee Stadium: Bubble Butt Top Hits Home Run

Drunk couple filmed while bubble butt top slides into home plate!

This brings a whole new meaning to sliding into home plate!  A drunk couple was caught and filmed in a Yankee Stadium men’s room stall getting busy!  And the crowds go wild with cellphones.

We have personally never visited the Yankee Stadium – old or new structure.  Sure we have passed them both on plenty of occasions but we never seemed like it would be rewarding for us.  We say this as we’ve never been afforded a pass into the team locker rooms – our true interest.  (Don’t judge…)  But clearly our conclusion may have been shortsighted as this may not be the only place for rewards in the mammoth facility.

Having survived the NYC nightlife, we can earnestly say that getting down in a stall is nothing new…  We have come across it at many different spots – involving way more than what is here pictured.  But it we weren’t being invited in – and we are not saying we may or may not have been – we wen’t about our business of procuring drink tickets and our own piece of ass.

Having stated that, here’s what we don’t presently appreciate…  The crowd of high school acting spectators climbing up over the stall to film (video has since been taken down – we are still looking for it though…) and photograph the couple.  Yes, y’all.  like a bunch of depraved dumb-ass children.

If you don’t appreciate someone getting into home-plate, your options are simple really… exit and go to another bathroom, report it to the security personnel or do your business and get back to your own business.  Why the need to go and reduce to being a peeping tom?  Read the play-by-play here.

Well, needless to say we fully support the right of two consenting adults to lock themselves in a stall – should the need arise – and get it on.


Hot ass BTW!

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Protected: Alison Pill: Topless Twitter Photo

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Prince Harry: NSFW Butt Ass Nekkid!

Prince Harry uncensored!

We knew it would surface & alas it has.  Here you have the hotness of British Prince Harry butt-ass nekkid during his frolicking holiday in Vegas a few weeks ago.

Reports indicate that there is a video being shopped around…  No word on the entire content on the footage – as yet.

You gotta admire the young royal.  He has handled it quietly and sans apology for his playboy ways.

Young and full of jizz!

Love that about him.

We do however feel the invasion of his privacy by some skanks looking to cash in after being afforded his company and hospitality.

But lets face it…  Vegas is hardly the place to go befriending undercover ho’s and pimps.

Lord knows if we had the privilege of witnessing that fine ass of his 1st hand we would gladly curtsy and bury the evidence.

But alas, it is little surprise that there are less than honorable folks in Vegas.

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Nathaniel Marshall: NSFW Nude Self Photos

American Idol’s Nathaniel Marshall nude self-pics surface.

American Idol runner up Nathaniel Marshall has joined the elite bunch of reality television nudist.  Photos have surfaced of the pudgy singer in all his glory.  And we must say that the ass is banging!  Smooth and supple.

We are not kidding.  The ass is without a doubt the highlight of the set and given the pose utilized to capture the moment we’d go as far as to say that it’s a safe bet Marshall is of the passive persuasion.  As if the above photo featuring a headband weren’t enough proof…

We could’ve done without the g-string shot, however, but far it be from us to censor it for y’all.

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Miranda Kerr: Nude Polaroids Surface

Aussie VS model Miranda Kerr pictured in a set of nude polaroids shot by French photog Laurent Darmon.

Aussie Victoria Secret supermodel turned Orlando Bloom baby momma Miranda Kerr has faced newly surfaced nudes with tongue and cheek.  But hell, how else to do it given her whole career is about tits and ass – and a lucrative venture at that it really is!  So we are befuddled over the hoopla over a set of alleged “unauthorized” nude Polaroids shot by famed French photog Laurent Darmon surfacing and making the rounds these past few days.  Slow celeb news days will do this to the under-worked folks pretending to be “journalists.”

As if the beauty getting to make beaucoup $$$ for strutting and showing off her attributes and getting to shag one of the most coveted Brit specimens EVER weren’t enuf already!  No, we have to endure having our noses rubbed into it and be made to feel guilty about being lax’ed on our gym regiment.


We don’t see the big to do.  Not really.  Less it’s really about how she isn’t adding bank to her account with the release of these here photos.  And you know that’s where its at.

We have a simple approach to such matters…  If you don’t want something getting out simply don’t do it!  And by the looks of the photos, Ms. Kerr was all too happy to show off her hot piece of ass and perky and quite appealing tits!

Yes, y’all, it’s about the tits and ass.

Sure we would be happier were they of her love Bloom.  In that Lord of The Rings blond wig please!  But we do appreciate beauty when faced with it and the photos do the subject justice so lets leave it at that.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr at The Good Doctor TFF premiere in NYC

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Danell Leyva: NSFW Olympic I-Phone Pics

Self-phone pic of Danell Leyva – Bronze winner at the 2012 Olympics Games hits the web.

Here’s the thing about slow news days and the web – it makes the mundane web posting ready in a jiffy!  Case and point: 2012 Bronze medal winner, Cuban American, 21 yr old, Olympic gymnast, Danell Johan Leyva Gonzalez’s self semi-nude pics.  Read the rest of this entry »

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James Franco: Set to Star in Homo Sex Art Flick

James Franco at TFF (l) graces the cover of Flaunt magazine (r)

Message to James Franco…  Nobody likes a tease!  Sure, it’s cute for a hot minute to get the blood flowing.  And we do applaud that Milk pool scene.  But at this point you either have to put out or, well, take one for the team.  We aren’t saying we don’t welcome you looking into gay life via on-screen escapades, not at all.  We are simply saying there is only so much research you can possibly do without putting that shit into your permanent rep.  And this message we find ourselves wanting to convey cuz we love you so and want to see you rise to your full potential.

What’s prompted this momentary deluge of frustration?  That’s simple, word has surfaced of Franco’s rush into a collaborative production with Travis Mathews, known for directing “I want Your Love,” on a project entailing a “homo sex art flick.”

This is all well fine and good but you better be giving it or taking it!

We can’t earnestly say we are all miffed about Franco’s history into the gay genre – not really.  Especially with the current cover of Flaunt magazine featuring his very tasty posterior.  But seriously, just give it up already.  We won’t tell!

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