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Hot Chocolate in the White House

The day has arrived. As a double minority (that’s gay and Latin for those of you who can’t do the math…) I never thought the day would come where we would see color move into the Caucasian house.
I hoped and, while I was on my knees doing something else – I prayed, but I wont get into that…

You know some of our countries fore-fathers are turning in their graves. And I am sure its a tight maneuver.

It humbles and inspires. But most of all it is long overdue! And Hilary is in there…

So let me join the masses, if only from the comfort of my warm NY apt (yeah, I got the stove on!) in welcoming Hot Chocolate into his new digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

May his new home bring about the change and equality due to all Americans! And may our President and First Lady Michelle, along with their beautiful daughters – Malia and Sasha, prosper for the next eight years! (Yeah, I said eight!)

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Feliz Ano Nuevo

May 2009 bring about the change and equality we have been striving for! That’s an indirect direct message to you O!

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SJP Obama Volunteer

Sarah Jessica Parker redirected her Sex n The City celebrity fabulousness to volunteer at Prez nominee Barack Obama’s NY office late last night.

The story told by media rep Blake Zeff, was that the fashion icon phoned in herself to ask about dropping by and doing a bit of volunteering wherever she was needed.

When they figured out it was really her a right quick memo was sent out and powww! Brief but effective photo ops materialized for the greater good of Obama for Prez! And girl did a whole three hour shift to boot – phoning undecided voters nationwide from a cell phone. Wow!

Of course Parker ain’t no fool! Although dressed down, girl rocked a “Change” t-shirt under a bright blue sweater with pins of support and jeans. (One in particular is hand made by a working class midwest mom and is distributed for free as a symbol of “the candidate that can’t be bought!”)


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Message from Middle America

Princess Perez showcases what many want to brush away as merely the sentiments of a very ignorant select few and non-threatening. In the cradling arms of Piggy Palin’s “wink-wink” approach to politics it seems contagious and unsettling…

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The Only Thing That Stays the Same Is…

Obama is quoted as having said “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” Nice! (although CNN researched McCain having used it a series of times referring to Hil…)
However, for this registered voter the Piggy Palin analogy seems appropriate as this hog knows how to feed… Reports say filed statements have her cashing in on travel per-diem expenses for her family, footed by the taxpayers, to the tune of 43k-plus…!
Here’s hoping the Caucasian house gets some color!

Bring on some Change!

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