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Ray Elbe: Fractures Penis During Sex

Ultimate Fighter Ray Elbe fractures penis and requires surgery after bout with GF.

Ultimate Fighter Ray Elbe fractures penis and requires surgery after bout with GF.

Here’s one to make the top of the WTF list of 2012.  Ultimate Fighter Ray Elbe let his girlfriend take the top position during a bout of coitus recently at his Malaysian condo and girlfriend went and executed a thrust that his erection wasn’t prepared for resulting in fracturing his penis!

WTF is right.

Elbe himself relayed the minutiae of what ensued shortly after the ‘didn’t know my own vagina’s strength’ move that left him – by his own accounts – faint, with blood gushing out of his member.  And one has to ask, why?

Is nothing private anymore?

rayelbegf2The night that started off with a laid back ‘let someone else do all the work’ ended with Elbe requiring ten stitches and penile surgical reattachment to his urethra.


Oh, and les we forget to mention, Elbe had to also take anti-erection meds, post-surgery, as a woody wouldn’t have aided his pain any.

“Keeping it safe during sex isn’t just wearing a condom,” Elbe says of his resulting injury.

Sure at first this sounds like one of the most painful occurrences any man could experience – and indeed we fully believe it is.  We have personally felt the pain a sudden jerk on our privates from an unsuspected – and uninvited – source while at an Amsterdam club some years ago.  But shortly after this feeling of sympathy towards Elbe our chuckle overtook our sensory and, to tell the truth, we couldn’t stop guffawing.

We couldn’t help but visualize Elbe dashing from the bed spritzing blood everywhere on his way into the bathroom.  The panic that assuredly ensued witnessing the red gush not to mention experiencing the pain unfolding as he attempted to do something – anything to make the bleeding stop.  Minutes seeming like an eternity until the onset and sub-coming to a fainting spell where his otherwise chiseled frame caved and he collapsed busting his chin and fracturing his teeth on the bathroom floor.

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