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Primetime GOP

Piggy Palin has given her first TV interview since joining McCain to ABC News’ Charles Gibson. And as I couldn’t watch – I was trying to bring you closer to “The Women” coming to a theater near you, today… I’ve tried to catch up online, but have reached a bump on my travel of the GOP road.

Apparently, when asked on ANWR off-shore drilling in federally protected reserves, she responded to Gibson, “I believe that man’s activities certainly can be contributing to the issue of global warming, climate change. … Regardless though of the reason for climate change, whether it’s entirely, wholly caused by man’s activities or is part of the cyclical nature of our planet — the warming and the cooling trends — regardless of that, John McCain and I agree that we gotta do something about it.”

Well thank you for that. But what does this mean? What does she propose the country do about it? Drill anyway? Alternate means of energy?

It’s time to put the lipstick down you pit bull wanna be and just answer the damn question!

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