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80’s Kajagoogoo Regroups

Oh the joy of it all!

1980’s British pop sensation, Kajagoogoo – most widely known for their number 1 charter “Too Shy,” will regroup and tour this September, starting in the UK, reports BBC.

The group split shortly after their rise to international fame in 1983. Limahl, real name Christopher Hamill, is quoted as saying that it’s “taken 25 years to grow up”.

I’ll be damned if that isn’t a long development but oh well, better late than never, some say.

Shame the sound was wasted for all those years though…

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Amy Rocks Out

Amy Winehouse has been holding forte in the Caribbean – St. Lucia to be exact, clad in nothing more than a bikini and skimpy ass Daisy Duke shorts. Looking all too healthy!

And now comes a video, via YouTube (thnx OBP!), of Winehouse rocking out at the piano to a small crowd.

I feel her joy. That’s exactly how my heart sings when I get to feel the sun warming my skin!

She sounds amazing! I can’t wait for her next CD!

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Total Beyonce Live

Former Destiny’s Child lead singer turned wanna-be actress popped up at the Viacom headquarters in NY for a taping of MTV’s TRL on Tuesday.

Although in all black – a ghetto Black Swan number, Ms. B proved to be beyond help. Stop wearing your mothers’ “House of Dereon” designs!

There’s a reason for Fendi, Prada, Dior, Givenchy, Channel – NAMES, Names, names… Lacroix, sweety, Lacroix!

ADDENDUM: Add thief to her credits! Check out WWTDD’s post on BK!

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BRITS Drop Michael

George Michael has been dropped as the front-runner for this years BRITS Life Time Achievement contention due to his wicked public endeavors!

Now, this isn’t saying much for the suits (or the British – uptight fuckers that they are,) behind the decision who The Mirror and AceShowBiz are reporting as stating, “George was front runner to get the lifetime achievement award. But Brits bosses felt it would be better not to be associated with him for the time being since the Brits is a shop window for our music.” Can you spell anal?

He may be a sexual deviant – and its ironic that the British are disowning one of their own, and he may just be dallying in some controled substances (crack is whack Georgie!) – but what’s all that have to do with his musical accomplishments? Perhaps this could have had a positive affect on this crooner – and us die-hard fans of his work certainly would have appreciated it… to say nothing of the sensationalism in having a scandalous recipient at your otherwise boring ass awards!

Take that finger out of your sphincter you BRITS!

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Britney’s Womanizer Vid

So here is the new video for Brit-Brit’s “Womanizer” track which premiered on 20/20. There are a few fundamental issues I have (for sure!)

I’ll start with pointing out how gay her male lead looks… She’s singing about him and all he’s worried about is where the camera is filming him from. Classic Homo upstaging technique! 2nd is Brit’s comfort with regurgitating the same old style she has done since “Oops, I did it Again.” Girl, that was so long ago, cant you try something new? Perhaps employing David LaChappelle for something really edgy, damnit! And lastly, we don’t find body rolls an acceptable form of choreography. Its so Solid Gold – and not in a good way.
Having said this, I must admit that the song is way catchy…

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Even More Britney, Bitch!

This girl means to cash in! Us is reporting on the new ad for Britney Spears new fragrance, Hidden, Fantasy! slated for a January, 09 release.
What has this chipmunk sounding white trash hidden? She’s put her life and snatch out front for the world to see repeatedly. And the airbrushing… Jesus!

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More Britney Bitch!

Here are the circulating stills from the upcoming “Womanizer” video slated to premiere on 20/20 this Friday. That constitutes an official comback? Right…? Well if that doesn’t affirm a comeback her slight fender-bender out in la-la land does – as DListed and ICYDK suggest.
Whitney, are you following this? put the pipe down!

The video will then be on Britney’s site.

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It’s Britney, Bitch!

And she’s back with a new song titled – Womanizer (album drops end of the year!) I think she is sending a message to KFed…? But rather than break into trailer trash drama, I’d rather let the pills work their magic and stay focused on this song cuz in the end its about the beat… I broke a sweat trying to embed it for posting (if it failed! click HERE), listen to the track! (Girl, that’s some Photoshop magic above!)

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