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Hillary Clinton: Roosevelt Isle Presidential Campaign Stop

11067937_925227094200487_147115067194161009_oFormer 1st Lady and Secretary of State bad ass, Hillary Rodham Clinton, made a swoop into Roosevelt Island’s Four Freedoms Park – in-between Manhattan and Queens – in her Scooby-Do motorcade, for a presidential campaign stop that drew over 5k, reports state.

Why the remote locale for a NY press conference, you might ask?

Simple, really.  Clinton is quoted as saying it was because it was “a place with absolutely no ceilings.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Prez Obama: HRC Speech

President Obama attended and rendered a moving speech at this years HRC dinner where he announced that the Shepard Bill will finally be signed into law.

This has been a long time coming and long ass overdue!

But like our good Prez says, it may not happen as quick as we’d like but it does happen – and in this direction we head.

I get all tingly hearing Hot Chocolate speak about this stuff.

Now I truly understand the attraction Lewinsky had for Clinton and where it stemmed from!

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