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Prince Harry: Vegas Billiard Strip Down!

We can’t say that we are all that surprised by the surfacing of nude pics of hotness Prince Harry and some skank in Vegas during a strip billiards game this past week.

TMZ posted two doctored images, presumably from a set, and we ask them why?  Why doctor them Harvey?

So much so and to the point of putting a star on that smooth bum of his?  Is that really necessary?

Clearly Principeso didn’t mind letting it all air out!  And we should honor his free spirit by paying it back in kind…

We hate ourselves some censorship!  We do.  Can’t help it.

Why even bother is our state of mind if you are going to censor the very thing that makes it worth posting?

Not judging anyone, simply making an observation is all…

We are also left wondering if Lochte was in on the strip billiards match post pool race…  And if so, where are the pics?

Now, you know Harry is a freak!  Cuz papi was playing strip billiards with a Group of folks.  That spells a propensity for group activity if y’all know what we mean.  And on top of a billiard table is a perfect spot to get down w/ a get down that comes with edges to anchor yourself on for better leverage.

We petition that they be re-posted w/out the censoring layers.  And someone please tell us what the “cupping of the genitals” by Harry-licious is all about?  Be free Harry.  No matter, for now, they will do nicely.

We cannot display this gallery

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Royal Shit

Generally, when we think of a Prince, we think of kind, caring, thoughtful lads whose actions speak tenfold.

One who is handsome and charming – kissed by the gods and born into sovereignty – always thinking of the little people.

Well, admittedly this is a contrived Disney-esque sentiment. And y’all know how I feel about Disney!

The reality of life is that even a “blue blood” can come shy of making a positive first impression. They take a shit like any other person…

During Prince Harry’s promotional American blitz, the general sentiment – via word of mouth – was that Prince Harry (Lady Di’s younger carrot top kid) was not the bewitching individual his mother came to be known as – that woman could charm snakes it seemed!

“It was as if he wasn’t even told we were expecting a photo,” one pap told me.

Knowing that HRH was scheduled to appear at the Harlem Children’s Zone, yesterday morning – prior to his polo match on Governor’s Isle – I ran out of my humble abode at the crack of dawn in attempts of procuring a pic of the youngest kid of one of the most celebrated woman in all the world.

Although I was aware that the main photo (with the under-privileged) was scheduled to be indoors, I did expect that Harry would do a walk thru and, at the very least, look over at the sardine packed horde of press members giving us a general wave and smile.

What came to pass was Harry not only failing to meet these expectations but made like there wasn’t anyone on the police blocked streets at all, and just walked on by. All in all, a less than climactic experience, really.

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An Average Prince Harry

The folks over in England, according to the News of The World, would have you believe that Armageddon is happening on account that Prince Harry has gone and shown the world, again, that he is simply an average jock that acts out with his buddy – likely looking to blend in with some of the rest of the average joe’s.
Fuck em, if they can’t take a joke, Harry! God save your Grandma and such…

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Prince Passes on Paris

Our friends over at Celebslam have brought news from across the pond being reported by the Daily Mail.

Evidently, Prince Harry (you know the cute one,) was at Whisky Mist nightclub, with his circle jerk buddies, as was Paris Hilton… Now this next bit should be of little surprise… Apparently, when Paris saw a potential for gossip magazine placement, she streamlined to the uncut red haired royal to work her spell of easy pussy. Evidently, blue boy went unimpressed and after a short pleasantry, one which he made her work for, he shook her hand and quickly moved on.

How dare this strapping young heir treat our hussies that way? I know the British are sexually stunted – spending more time beating around the bush then finding its root, but mothafuk this is Paris Hilton we are talkin about, the girl that can suck a dick and never drop an ounce of spit, wreck her lipstick nor loose sight of the camera filming! Speak nothing of taking sum dick without breaking a sweat…

That’s just the rudest thing I’ve ever heard a Brit do! This is the by product of a nation with currency valued higher then ours.

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