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Anita Baker: Lately Single on ITunes

Anita Baker plays to a sold out concert at Radio City Music Hall February 26, 2007.

Anita Baker plays to a sold out concert at Radio City Music Hall July 26, 2007.

We have been waiting a good while for our childhood songstress Anita Baker to come out with some new tunes.  For real y’all, we love her madly but at this point we can sing her tunes backwards.  Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but y’all know what we mean – dammit.  Lo and behold the rapturous wonder releases Lately single – available on ITunes

We must say that we were expecting a WHOLE new album – as in 8 to 10 new tracks – but we ain’t going to bitch too heavily cuz its good to hear her smooth melodies once more.

Back in 07, we dutifully charged tix to her sold out post-Fourth of July concert at Radio City Music Hall and proceeded to wait on her exit after the show for some additional photos. (See more & hear track after the jump!) Read the rest of this entry »

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Zarkana: Radio City Music Hall

Zarkana at Radio City Music Hall curtain call – August, 2012.

If there is one thing Cirque du Soleil can always manage to do is catch you off guard and make you gasp!  If not with there staging then assuredly with the talent featured in their elaborate productions.  Zarkana contains a few of those OMG moments – the Wheel of Death and Trapeze acts – that leave you gasping for air!

And the standout of the night goes easily to body artist Anatoly Zalevskiy, who steals the spotlight with his fusion of contortionist and gymnastic and leaves you wanting for more.

Having said that, the grand production is lacking the personal feel of the tent and ring that solidified the French Canadian’s original spin on the classic circus show.

Sure, the general make-up has exponentially grown into with their popularity.  So much so that their leap to stage productions has been met with Vegas building them a permanent set-up to best feature the talent; but Radio City ain’t that the Vegas stage and, in the end, this leaves you feeling removed from whats transpiring on that huge ass stage.

But it is about the talent and the gasping, in the end and Zarkana manages to deliver on response from its audience – if only barely.

We are not of the group that is altogether pleased with the leap and hope they will return to what drew our devoted patronage from the start.

We give Zarkana a 3 out of 5 stars!

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Simply Red 25: I Want Tix!

It is some type of hardness accepting that 25 years have come and gone.

Especially when a chunk of those were spent muddling through black outs from riding the wave of the high life of NYC nightlife. A period where underage drinking – courtesy of the ever fabulous drink ticket, rampant drug use and comp admissions were nothing but a cab ride away.

But apparently 25 years have come and gone. This I must conclude given that Simply Red – you know them from their countless hits – youtube it (lazy ass!), who will be playing Radio City on March 15th, has just released a 25th Anniversary CD.

I would be dancing naked in the snow covered streets were it not that press tix have gone quicker than my youth. (Damn Roxy coat check!) Ordinarily I am rather blah about it, jadedness has its priveledges, but this group has withstood the test of time and sounds all the better for wear! (Take note of that you chipmunk sounding Britney!)

Spring hope is eternal (hard to keep alive in these frigid conditions,) so I will hold back the tears and await a miracle!

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