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Ricky Martin: Me Book Signing

Puertorican sensation Ricky Martin signed copies of his new autobiography "Me," at Borders in NYC

One day after the much talked about Oprah interview Ricky Martin took over the Borders Book Store in the Time Warner building for a a signing of his new autobiography “Me,” much to the delight and howls of a packed house.  And for a brief moment I thought I was back at the “Livin La Vida Loca” tour all those years back. 

The children were que’ed in droves for a momentary opportunity of getting their pre-purchased copies signed by the bon-bon shaking daddy hipster.

And who can blame them?  Not I, that’s for certain.  I waited dutifully for a second wave photo op due to the amount of press in attendance.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my ass a copy and stand in the que along with my brethren but will most definitely get a copy shortly…

If you didn’t get a chance either – you can catch up with Ricky in New Jersey later this week for another appearance and book signing.

Ricky Martin's "Me" can be purchased in both English and Spanish at your Local Borders


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Ricky Martin: Oprah Tell All Interview

Ricky Martin is back with a new album, an auto-biography and a tell all Oprah interview

Puertorican hotness Ricky Martin has a new album, an auto-biography and a tell all interview on Oprah, scheduled for November 2nd.

The Livin La Vida Loca crooner and daddy mostest to twin boys, will sit down with America’s sweetheart and dish on the now defunct gay rumors, his kids and all the success while in the proverbial closet.  Oh, and he will perform his new duet with Joss Stone “The Best Thing About Me is You.”

We have never cared much for the tidbits about his personal life – and that’s cuz he ain’t never invited us to experience it in person.  But we have to say that we are intrigued to see how the one time Menudo child star will handle direct and very personal questions now that the light is on in aforementioned closet for the world to see.

As for the song…  It’s cutesy.  Certainly a little bit more innocent than we’d like and certainly not an ass shaker ala “Loca.”  But he is a dad now after all…

Take a click on over to this here link and have a listen for yourself.

 You can catch a glimpse of the super hunk at the Borders bookstore in the Time Warner spot on Columbus Circle in NYC on Nov 3rd at noon!

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TONY Awards: The Men

TONY Nominee and Award Host Sean Hayes at the 64th Annual TONY Awards in NYC

I spoke with my good friend Gin-Gin this morning and he’s told me the ratings for this years TONY Awards came in with the worst numbers ever. 

This could possibly be over-dramatization – he’s prone to that.  I myself was to busy editing to sit and watch the entire broadcast and only caught brief snippets.  Congrats again to winners Viola Davis and Scarlett!

But if those snippets were anything to go on, I might have to go on believing him.  Sondheim is melodic but that song Catherine Zeta Jones’ sang, although beautiful, is a fucking downer! 

Lord knows whenever I sing it I just cry up a storm.  Those fucking clowns man…  And who the hell wants to watch an award show to get all weepy? 

I do think Matthew Morrisson’s rocking number was butch and all – his hair is always so damn perfect – but does Lea Michele really believe she can take on Streisand!  Stop girl, please…  You are no Streisand!  And you are far from Epic!

There is no excuse for numbers lacking though.  Sean Hayes is funny!  That Spidey skit had me in stitches.  I reckon I am easy – I still cackle over Will & Grace…

Well this post is about the men so men I am giving y’all. 

Highlights on the testosterone front:  The boys from Green Day, Mathew Modine, Morrison, Puss-n-Boot’s himself Antonio Banderas, hotness Ryan Reynolds, Constantine Maroulis, Ricky Martin, Will Smith, Daniel Radcliffe, David Alan Grier and Jonathan Groff!

Hows that for a round up!

We cannot display this gallery

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AmFAR: Inspiration Gala Shut Out

AmFAR Rep Rudely Turns Away Dozens of Press Members at Inspiration Gala

Ordinarily I love me all things non-profit.  These organizations are the backbone of vital work for the under-represented and forgotten by the fast paced world we live in.  They are generally comprised by a staff of people who believe in its mission statement and the overall goal for the betterment of its target.

I have for many many years donated my time to such orgs firmly believing that if you can’t show support monetarily, your ass can – at the least, support hands on by giving of your time.

Present day I now only volunteer with one or two orgs – limited by my time being spent trying to make a living looking thru a view finder.  But I still hold steadfast to attempting to show my support, whenever possible, by covering non-profit events and putting their fundraising efforts into the mix of the hoard of images generated daily reaching editors at the desks of publications worldwide.

With this intention in mind, I ran over to the AmFAR Inspiration Gala, held at the NY Public Library on Thursday. 

Sure the key names of the night were Ricky Martin and Kylie Minogue – but still my intention originated from a good place – showing support to an organization that has, for years, worked to lessen the impact of HIV/AIDS worldwide.

Then I came face to face with Natlie.  AmFAR’s clipboard holding event gate-keeper.  I stunned watching Natalie rudely and dismissively refused coverage to no less than a dozen photographers and video crews utilizing the proverbial “we have limited space” excuse.  It didn’t matter that she had the vast rooms of the famed historical structure to work with. 

It very quickly became clear she only wanted certain type of media covering the AmFAR venue.  Her “wait list” resulted in being left at the base of the steps facing 5th Avenue with little chance of obtaining any coverage whatsoever.

I find it hard to reconcile how an organization the likes of AmFAR could be represented by someone who treats people in such a disdainful fashion. 

True that AmFAR is far from needing any more celebrity endorsement than it already has nor require the likes of coverage from the masses – but it is still a non-profit who, by definition, should be more caring of people as opposed to stature and elitism.

Shame on AmFAR for allowing this wrinkled skirt cheap shoes wearing individual to be their frontwoman with such tasteless disregard and disdain for people looking to make a living and in turn show their support for this worthwhile cause.

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Ricky Martin: “I’m Gay!”

Ricky Martin at the La Vida Loca Concert in Nassau Now Declares Sexuality

What else can be said of the declarative statement? 

For those who didn’t believe, I reckon its definitive.  For those of us who knew – but really didn’t care one way or the other cuz we’d have gladly ridden that ride moaning ‘si, papi – eres mi pecado mortal’ – it’s of little consequence.  It is what it is!

We here at RTnM don’t condone “outing” someone – there really isn’t any justification.  Nor are we of the belief that folks have a commitment to give us affirmation for our own wicked ways.  We much prefer to run our own race into our own sack.

But Martin has gone and done it and we salute the Puerto Rican hotness never the less.  It has been stated with thought, dignity and self-respect.  Take that Barbra Walters!

“To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids were born with. Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen 5 or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment,” Martin is quoted as stating.

“These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn’t even know existed,” he goes on to proclaim. 

Ain’t nothing more we can say on this cept to continue to wish papi all the best.  BTW Ricky, we are single!

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Ricky Martin Denounces Anti-Gay Attack

Ricky Martin Addresses Recent Anti-Gay Murder in Puerto Rico

I never thought I would see the day when I would be giving kudos to Ricky Martin for officially addressing a gay topic.  Sure he is a hot piece of ass (papi looks good in Speedo!) and has had some great sounds (I still bust a move to “She Bangs” & “La Vida Loca,”) during a span of a long ass career, but the whole ‘is he or isn’t he’ rubs me the wrong way. 

This is not because I expect Martin to take a stance and become a gay advocate from a makeshift Miami pulpit but because he hasn’t had the cojones to look into the camera and say “who I fuck is none of your goddamn business unless you want to suck my uncut cock!” 

Of course he doesn’t have to use my words – exactly…  but along those lines… 

 And then he goes and releases a statement to the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia addressing the recent heinous murder of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado.  In case you haven’t heard of the story, google it!  

 ”The murders of James Byrd, Matthew Shepard, Jorge Steven Lopez, Marcelo Lucero, Luis Ramirez and countless others who were victims of violent ‘hate crimes’ should be completely unacceptable to every human being; because we’re all human beings. It’s up to us to change the paradigm,” Martin writes. 

He gets deeper with “I hear the word ‘tolerance’ thrown around in the media when it comes to cases like the ones I mentioned above. One of the meanings of tolerance is ‘the capacity to endure pain or hardship.’ Another is ‘the act of allowing something.’ To me, those don’t seem to encompass acceptance, by any definition. So how about this? Instead of saying ‘we need to tolerate diversity’ why not say, ‘we need to accept diversity.’”

I especially love the tolerance vs acceptance portion!  That breaks it down in simple terms.  Fucking-A. 

I don’t know whether this is a result of his being a new daddy to twins – they say having kids makes you see things differently, but whatever the cause it is some Act Up sentiment right there!  Bravo.  

Ricky Martin Poses with Twin Sons

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JLo 40th BDay Bash

Jennifer Lopez concluded her 40th birthday celebration with a grand party at the Edison Ballroom in Midtown Manhattan, last night. The party’s theme shouted “A Night for LoLa!”

Who knew that was her nickname…

On the guest list front, rumors swirled with attendance by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, as well as Victoria and David Beckham. Neither couple showed!

So much for “friends”… Seriously, these fuckers whirl into town just to get lunch, but couldn’t schlep in for a friend. Wow!

But there were notable attendees: Hot daddy – Ricky Martin, Liza Minnelli, Alex O’Loughlin and some Mets’ player I can’t name presently.

And for sure the spotlight had to land on Jenny from the Block! (It was just as well Posh didn’t show, you know that bitch woulda had a helicopter drop her ass off to one-up the show.)

Once the lady of the night arrived, with husband Marc Anthony in tow, she hammed it up with emotion and proceeded to tell her security team she was heading into the masses of fans lining up the streets awaiting her arrival.

She returned looking visible touched – and I know she wasn’t acting… taking a moment to pose for the small group of paps like the veteran she is.

For all that can and has been said of Ms. Girl – the one thing that can’t ever be taken away is that she can work some fashion! The white gown was most ethereal.

Happy BDay, Lola! You don’t look a day over 29!

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Protected: Longoria and Martin: PEE Retro Chic

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Martin Pops Twins

I tried to hold-out but the blogger-sphere is lit with the release of People en Espanol’s cover photo of Living La Vida Loca sensation Ricky Martin and his adorable twins Valentino and Matteo.

What can be said about the bundles of cuteness? Nothing nasty for sure! Double adorableness…

There are, however, a load of other areas where I can unload the jism.

The dad being the easiest bulls eye. Particularly that, at 36, he is still camouflaging the shit with “spiritual” references.

Rick – baby, sugar, hotness! It’s ok, we know…

Another stop on the WTF road are the journalists and their lack of integrity. Why censor the gorilla in the room?

We know Latin culture is still closeted on homo issues – but you aren’t helping the situation any by pandering to the retro-throwback mentality! TAKE A CHANCE And HELP CHANGE IT by Adressing it in a serious fashion.

So Ricky, heres a short list of reasons why you shoulda blurted it out:

1) Its Call in Gay day.
2) Prop 8
3) The People cover and
4) You woulda topped Tommy!

But in the end its about the kids and I’m a sucker for a baby! So I don’t care that the likelihood is Martin’s “assistant” assisted him in filling the cup! (I’d have done it as a goodwill gesture!)

I’m free to babysit…

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