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James Gandolfini: Suffers Cardiac Arrest in Rome

James Gandolfiini pictured attending the Film Critics Award in NYC.  The Sopranos star reportedly died after suffering a massive heart attack while in Italy

James Gandolfiini pictured attending the Film Critics Award in NYC. The Sopranos star reportedly died after suffering a massive heart attack while in Italy

R.I.P James Gandolfini!  The Sopranos star reportedly passed away after suffering a massive heart attack after a day out with his 13-year-old son while in Rome, Italy.  His son is said to have found him in their hotel room bathroom after a day out sightseeing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bruno Mars: Mother Suffers Brain Aneurysm

metgalabrunomarsWe read about Peter Gene Hernandez, of Bruno Mars fame, losing his mom Bernadette Hernandez, 55, after she suffered a brain aneurysm a few days ago and have not been able to stop thinking of how awful this must be for the talented crooner. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chris Guerra: Justin Bieber Paparazzi Dies


Freelance photographer Chris Guerra dies while attempting to shoot Justin Biebers sports car in Los Angeles.

Reports blasting the web have West Coast freelance photographer Chris Guerra dead while attempting to photograph Justin Bieber’s sports car which was being driven by some no-name hippity-hopper named Lil Twist.


We have never condoned the chasing of someones vehicle if it cannot be done safely and quietly.

And we fail to understand why anyone would want to go chasing after a no-name rapper stopped by LAPD for speeding in a borrowed car.  Especially when the owner of the vehicle is nowhere to be seen.  (Not that were Bieber present would it change anything…)

It’s a sad state of affairs when someone – anyone – feels they have to risk life and limb in the hopes of making a few bucks – which is all the likes of Just Jared & his counter-parts are paying for photos these days.

R.I.P. Chris Guerra.

Justin Bieber lends his support to Pencils of Promise's inaugral charity gala in NYC

Justin Bieber lends his support to Pencils of Promise’s inaugral charity gala in NYC

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Whitney Houston: Dead at 48

This is truly a sad ending to a long and drawn out public downward spiral.  One time pop sensation Whitney Houston has been found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by her bodyguard this afternoon, state Beverly Hills Police.

Last photo of the troubled singer, taken this past Thursday as she exited Tru night club in Hollywood, depict her looking like a ripe mess albeit alive.

Although the world knew that the one time voice which belted out of the Clive Davis creation was gone and nothing but a memory, her expected return to the big screen in “Sparkle,” opposite Jordan Sparks and Mike Epps, was highly anticipated.

Ironically the upcoming film deals with fame and drugs.

The loss of Whitney Houston comes on the tail end of her fans having already mourned the loss of one of the greatest and most impactful voices of our time.

Her recordings will stand tantamount to her one-time vocal prowess and her life will be a cautionary tale of the hazards of uncontrolled drug use.

RIP Whitney.

We will leave y’all to mourn in your own fashion and share these two videos, showing two very different Whitney.

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Anna Nicole Smith: Bahamian Grave Visit

Anna Nicole Smith grave site in Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas is a hotspot for jetsetters from around the globe.  Sir Sean Connery is a permanent resident, Johnny Depp has his boat docked there, Shakira owns real estate and frequents the island and Javier Bardem visits with wife Penelope Cruz.  It also happens on being the final resting place for pop-icon Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel Wayne Smith.  A sad ending to a troubled existence, one which, we feel, has left a void in present day pop-culture.

And no, we don’t think Britney’s anst are of merit!  That troll may be an unwielding weed but she ain’t no Anna Nicole!

Truth is Anna brought a-whole-nother level of crazy when she popped up.  Inciting near riots with fans and paps alike.  Never mind that paps would step over themselves for a shot at a turtle crawl if it were to be deemed news – with Anna, it became like she was a cold drink of water to a desserted man!

True that. 

On the tail end of the Huffington Post reporting on The Today Show’s Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter DanielLynn tribute – originally airing earlier in the year – to fill air time during a slow news day no doubt – we were forced to think of the controversial beauty and how it all came to end so disastrously. 

It was also eery that we had just visited her grave during our Bahamas holiday.

We prefer to think on Anna Nicole as the stunner that she was and chose to leave her daughter alone.  That little one has had enough drama.  We would petition that The Today Show and HuffPo & the rest of em do the same & let that child just be.  May she rest in peace.

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Andy Whitfield: Gladiator Looses Hodgkin Lymphoma Battle

Spartacus Himself - Andy Whitfield, at the NY Premiere

In truly sad news, Andy Whittfield, 39, best known for his role in the Starz hit “Spartacus,” died on Sunday – Sept 11th, of Hodgkin Lymphoma, reports USA Today.  The series catapulted the relatively unknown Down Under Sydney native to international drooling attention.

Whittfield battled the illness for 18 months before losing his battle against the disease.

Vashti Whittfield, in a released statement, said he died “on a sunny Sydney day…”  in the “arms of his loving wife.”

We not only attended the NYC premiere of the show but are huge fans of the Roman themed testosterone fueled spectacle that is “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” which also stars John Hannah and Lucy Lawless.

Word from the network is that Whittfield will be replaced by fellow Australian actor, Liam McIntyre, USA reports.

Hopefully Starz will honor Whittfield’s immense contributions to the widely successful show and not simply attempt to wash away his arduous work.

Our untraditional prayers are with his family.

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Amy Winehouse: Dead at Twenty-Seven

Amy Winehouse dies of an apparent overdose at 27 yrs of age in her London flat

This is truly tragic.  Amy Winehouse, raspy voiced chanteuse, was found dead in her London flat by EMS responders, reports state.  Winehouse is believed to have died from an apparent overdose at twenty-seven years of age.

Folks always wonder what causes some in our society to seek refuge in an altered state.

The answer, we believe, stems from the deeply felt disappointment and disillusionment caused by “reality”.

Winehouse will be missed for years to come.

We can only hope she is in a better place surrounded by peace.

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Elizabeth Taylor: Legendary Beauty Passes at 79

Elizabeth Taylor passes away at 79 from heart failure

Think screen sirens of old Hollywood and Elizabeth Taylor will immidiately come to mind.  A complete stunner!  Without question one of the greatest beauties of her time. 

She is also likely to be credited with birthing  tabloid rags which her 8 marriages fueled and which, unfortunately, upstaged many if not all of her performances. 

She was also a humanitarian and always the picture of grace and composure and seemingly honest in the midst of make believe.

“I call upon you to draw from the depths of your being — to prove that we are a human race, to prove that our love outweighs our need to hate, that our compassion is more compelling than our need to blame,” she stated at the 1993 OSCARS where she  received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her AIDS charitable work.  

Mss. Taylor’s passing leaves behind a legacy that will live on – forever.

Elizabeth Taylor in a publicity still from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


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Tony Curtis: RIP at 85

50's Screen Legend Tony Curtis dies at 85

Iconic 1950’s screen legend and native New Yorker – Tony Curtis, has passed at the age of 85 of cardiac arrest, his daughter Jamie Lee Curtis has confirmed to ET

Star of “Some Like It Hot,” opposite Marylin Monroe, who went on to film over 150 roles, is survived by a sleuth of children he fathered throughout his 6 marriages. 

 “I was a good-looking kid, that’s the only reason I got into the movies,” Curtis told People magazine in 2008.

Indeed he was.

And that is how we want to remember him.

He leaves a world of classic film buffs glued to his on-screen antics and his larger than life Hollywood dalliances and colorful existence fueled by women, drugs and and an era long gone by.

We here at RTnM are mournful for the void his outspoken ways leaves.

RIP Mr. Curtis.


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Gilbert H. Stafford: God Speed


Gilbert Henry Stafford: 1952 /2009 RIP

To say that Gilbert Henry Stafford was a force would be an outrageous understatement.  From NY to Miami and Los Angeles – Gilbert was the quintessential go-to gate-keeper of a club door.  And if he worked the door you knew it was a place to go!

Smart, witty, fashionable and the voice of riveting entertainment whether at the dinner table with friends and their family in the suburbs or at a sidewalk cafe in the middle of the morning – he was always the perfect company.  A man of many talents including never forgetting a face or a name, who considered no one a stranger.  And he knew, appreciated and celebrated drama in all its incarnations. 

I am saddened to learn that on New Years he packed up and headed off to work the velvet rope at the golden gates we all want to enter – but at least my ass now knows I shall not have to be made to wait and will be greeted by a friend.

I would say R.I.P but I know for Gilbert this isn’t an end but more of a promotion to the unltimate velvet rope.  God speed, my friend.


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