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Ryan Kwanten: DNA Magazine Cover Angel

ryankwanten-dnacoverNothing is sacred in the age of the internet.  You would think True Blood hotness Ryan Kwanten would know that by now.  But assuredly the message has registered with the sexy Aussie.

During a phone-in spot with Down Under’s Kyle & Jackie O radio show a few days ago a fan brought up his one time cover boy status on Australian gay DNA magazine in which he appeared in a pair of nothing more than a set of wings and CK underwear.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Ryan Kwanten: Web Nude Surfaces

True Bloods’ Ryan Kwanten alleged full frontal nude

We will readily admit to being “True Blood” fans.  Call us simple.  It’s got a great cast and their story lines never seem to take themselves too seriously.  Camp is found throughout every episode without question.

And of the cast of course we have our faves.  Ryan Kwanten is at the top of the list – right after Skarsgaard.  Dude is ripe with sexuality – so much of it we don’t think he is acting at all. Read the rest of this entry »

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