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Pope Election: White Smoke Spurts Out

Smoke spurts out of chimney at the Vatican

Smoke spurts out of chimney at the Vatican

White smoke at the Vatican indicates new pope announcement imminent, reports state.

Far be it from us to tell folks what to have faith in or not and why.  Folks need to believe what will aid them in getting thru a day/month/year/life time and, our general position on it is more power to you.

What we wholeheartedly fail to understand is how a pope resigns his life-long post midst allegations of a scandal of a sexual nature and all avenues redirect to the election of a new perv in some Prada shoes.

History teaches that where there is smoke, there generally can be found some type of fire.

It isn’t that we don’t believe in a higher being – assuredly there is the plausibility of some celestial being out there somewhere – we simply don’t subscribe to the ‘pay, pray and obey’ practices of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our personal detachment to this practice dates back to our Catholic School sentence as a child.  We innocently enough asked why the man was in a dress at a holy Friday mandatory service and it all went to hell thereafter.

Seriously, it was like we had demonstrated the anti-Christ insignia.

Fast forward to present day and our view is still reservedly on this avenue…  Drag queens get chastised for donning cross-gender attire yet these men wear dresses everyday and we are supposed to view them as deity.


What with the altogether recent scandals of inappropriate activity at the hands of pervy Priests one would think that the initial mention of impropriety, as far up as the Vatican, would merit getting down to the nasty details of what there lies beneath but NO!

How does that happen?


Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected as new pope, to be called Pope Francis

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Justin Bieber: NSFW Nudes Surface Post Theft

Justin Bieber joins the celebrity leaked-nudes club!

Twink-a-licious Justin Bieber joins the bevy of celebrity folks with leaked nudes.  And fans rush to decry foul.  But the evidence would suggest authenticity.  Right down to the smooth torso and body art that adorns the Canadian crooner.

On the tail-end of his personal computer and camera being nicked comes word on the internet of nude pics surfacing of a pre-pubescent looking boys body posing for stills with ink prominently visible matching that of Biebs.

Coincidence?  Possibly.

We don’t know for sure whether they are indeed factual, but we ain’t putting nothing past it!  But for now we are going with the fact that all evidence points to truth.  Cuz lets face it… Biebs is hardly the innocent he so desperately purports to be.  And the body matches.

If it smells, sounds and looks like a duck that ain’t never done a push-up – then the quack is the very one that y’all see on stage!

Only question is how long before the sex tape surfaces.  Cuz it ain’t going to be too far off.

We cannot display this gallery

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Carly Rae Jepsen: Alleged Sex Tape Pics Uproar

Video grabs from an alleged “leaked” Carly Rae Jepsen sex tape scandal presently making the rounds.

What’s a sure fire way, present day, of getting that hot piece of ass you keep eying to give you a late night thought and take you up on your incessant solicitation of “call me, maybe?”  Have your personal video depicting you ready to go down on another suitor leaked.  Cuz in this day and age, it’s all about the visual.  And if that doesn’t extend your 15 minutes, well, you better be ready with a backup plan at a drive-thru.  At least that is how it seems to be playing out for Carly Rae Jepsen – singer of that annoying ass song “Call Me, Maybe”.

Let us tell you that when the key words – sex tape and leaked – caught our attention, we weren’t fully sure who the Jepsen chick was…  Our first response was to think perhaps this was Minka Kelly’s pseudonym in her “alleged” sex tape scandal, which incidentally, and all too conveniently, has come forth as she is set to go into filming of some new project…   Hmmmm, you say?

Someone please tell her an actress she ain’t!

But upon closer inspection, and some light researching, we found Jepsen to be the culprit behind that annoying ass song catapulted into global scale by another annoying ass – Justin Bieber.

Our grievances grow by leaps and bounds this early morning…

But wouldn’t it be a sensation if the alleged piece Jepsen was about to perform oral feats on in the video grabs herein depicted was the Biebs himself?  Don’t feign shock!  It could happen…  And it certainly would explain a whole lot.  Now that is a sensation of epic proportions.  And we would assuredly call her, maybe.

We cannot display this gallery

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Zac Efron: NSFW Leaked Nude Pic

Zac Efron joins the ranks of the elite “leaked nude pics” club

Perusing the web we came upon this here “leaked” photo of Disney star Zac Efron showing off his boy parts.  We had to look twice cuz we missed it looking at the pic the first time.  But true enough – he’s naked & showing off his woody.

We don’t know how we missed this when it surfaced this past August!  Seriously y’all, damn vacations break your stride!  Ordinarily we are all over this shit.

But better late than never is the old saying.

So we color corrected and enlarged it a bit so y’all wouldn’t miss it like we did & here you are.

The photo is touted as having been “leaked.”

We don’t know if we buy it but we’ll take it anyway.  And it makes perfect sense given that his old flames nudes have been out for a long ass while!  (if you haven’t seen em look em up, we got a posting of them!)

Of course we are still of the folks who put him in the “alternative” category.  That is to say he is AC/DC y’all.  And much more than that, he is a passive player.  Pussy boy central.  And his depicted size in the photo doesn’t help putting him in a top role.

Yes, we’d tap that – right after tasting them cheeks!  And to give you all a visual of this, we went and found this here CGI pic of the boy wonder which some fan created prior to his nude hitting the airwaves.

We rightly think they got it 100% right and can totally see Efron in this position.

UPDATE:  Efron was caught nude as a he could be on a hotel terrace which reinforce the “leaked” above pic.

We cannot display this gallery

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Rob Gronkowski: Photo with Porn Star Bibi Jones

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski gives porn star Britney Maclin the shirt off his back

Talk about a generous jock giving the shirt off his back.  Rob Gronkowski, 22, of New England Patriots tight end fame, is all up to his quarter sized nipples of deep shit for being photographed in the company of a blond by the name of Britney Maclin, 20, better and more widely known as porn star Bibi Jones.   In the photos, posted by Maclin, Gronkowski appears smiling while she models his teams jersey.

You’d think the team as a whole would simply thank her for the free publicity…  But NO!

This bit has rocked the NFL and sports world as if it were the first time – ever.  No, really, it’s everywhere. 

Cuz you know that this type of shit doesn’t happen in a wholesome sport such as this… 

Just imagine, these overpaid, over-hyped, testosteroned fueled (and a times topped off with a bit of steroids,) taking advantage of some of the pussy thrown in their direction and then letting them bitches put on their jersey during post-coital moments.  The shock!  And in these case it happens to be professional pussy, what else could he do?

What we don’t get is when is giving the shirt off your back to someone your banging so wrong?  It’s only proper to let them don your tops to appear presentable for a quick trophy snap.  How the hell else are you going to be able to make it locker room babble?

Well, the powers that be didn’t see it this way and the twenty-two year old Gronkowski was promptly called into the the NE Patriots’ principals office – Robert Kraft – and made to release an apology.

“I didn’t intend anything to hurt the reputation of anyone on the New England Patriots or on behalf of Robert Kraft,” the 6.6 tall and 265 lbs football twink said. “It was just a simple picture and that’s all.”

We don’t see how who he mounts or takes a pic with would harm a reputation that is less than polished and shiney, but thats just us…

We do however wonder if he wrote that himself or needed a flack to do it for him?  Cuz let’s face it, he is some type of fine-ness, he shouldn’t have to bang it out & then use his talents for something as menial as this…

Now, cutting to the chase…  When is the sex tape going to “leak” out?  Cuz y’all know there is one somewhere…  It ain’t possible to be a 22 yr old stud and be banging a fine piece of porn ass without getting a keepsake recording of it…  That just wouldn’t be right!

Until it leaks, we thought we’d round up some sexy Gronkowski pics and give you a look-see at what he was enjoying – for more on Jones click here.

We cannot display this gallery

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Christopher Landon: NSFW Self Nudes Surface

Chris Landon and friend cozy up to Mr. Black LA buble ass at weekly fete

UPDATE:  Although we had no intention of removing the “leaked” nude photos of Chris Landon – they are super hot as far as we are concerned – we have been repeatedly asked to do so.  As such, we feel it only proper to comply.  Sad, we know, but true.  Our position on nudity remains the same & were our body to look as fine as Landon’s –  it’s yummy – we’d be running the street naked, as brought into the world, tout le temp.  Modesty be damned!  We happen on knowing that the photos are still circulating round WeHo, by jealous parties no doubt, so don’t be surprised if they arrive on your smart fone.  As a backup, here is a pic of Landon while at the Mr. Black La soires.

Christopher Beau Landon, son of Little House on The Prairie star Michael Landon, is the latest in the celeb world to face a self-nudes leak scandal.  Although we dare say that if the pics are going to show your bits to the world at large we should all be so lucky to have them look like this!  Lawd have mercy!  The boy is our definition of a stairway to heaven.

Landon, writer of the hit movie “Disturbia,” which starred Shia LaBeouf, is presently facing what appears to be a spread of his parts on display on the site WeHo Confidential.

The sassy site not only has the full monty but some dish on the young buck thrown in for catty purposes.

“Want more,” the site cheekily asks.  “You can always catch Christopher in the sauna at the Equinox Fitness Club on Sunset,” they offer.


We think this might be a wide step over the line of decency, bitches!  What someone does in the semi-privacy of a sauna ain’t none of your fucking business – less you have been personally invited.  For all you guys know it might be included in the contract cuz we’ve heard of goings on that top this mention out here at the East coast Equinox.

But the pics are up & the comments made.  To say homos are catty is as redundant as saying ‘the sky is blue.’  And there you have it.

We can’t help agree with the euphemism the site geniusly concocted however.  Michael Landon’s “Leg*A*C in between his son’s legs” is a gift worth more than a trust fund any day.

And Chris’ ass is tight!

Note to Mr. Landon:  We type 60wpm and would be happy to serve as your errr assistant – just give a jingle!

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Rupert Murdoch: Speaks in Front of Parliament Figures

James and Rupert Murdoch appear before a Paliamentary hearing in the UK

Rupert Murdoch and his son James are presentl appearing before British Parliament figures to get to to the bottom of the phone hacking scandal that is plaguing his company.  A company that employs some 52k folks.  We are riveted by the on-going developments to date.  Including how one wanna-be comedien attacked Murdoch Sr during the hearing – on a live broadcast.  So much for dignified and official…

All bullshit aside, it’s fascinating how the world seems shocked at the idea of “investigative” reporting having reached phone hacking limits.  If only sensationalized by the likes of names like Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

If you run with a ‘get the story’ theme – regardless of the outlet – the tactics used, all tactics, are fair game and presumably expected.  The idea of it is no doubt the brainchild of a little thing called ambition.

News outlets around the world generally make it to a crime scene along with responding personnel – at times before them.  That in and of itself should reaise an eyebrow – at the very least.

Government officials taking bribes – in this case UK Police personnel – is hardly a new phenom, if albeit a wrong one.  Neither is it shocking that a news outlet employs private investigators or pay informants.

Rupert Murdoch may be the CEO of a company but realistically he is one man at the end of a company with 52k employees.  That is a whole lot of folks through which intel is disseminated through.  His position hardly merits being the scapegoat.

We are sure this is hardly the end of the story.  Undoubtedly it will cross the Atlantic – as all UK matters do – and take on a life of its own in the US.  God’s speed to those folks…

We cannot display this gallery

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Tiger Paid Top Dollar for his Pride!

Tiger Woods’ libido is all the news of late.  I swear that not a moment goes by where there isn’t one more story of another hooch disclosing his use of her cooch!  The count is around 10 so far….

Case and point: West Coast convicted madame – Michelle Braun, in an interview with the NY Post reveals that she personally supplied Woods with female companions (note the plural use here!).  Apparantly, the Tiger liked to seed two at a time and paid top $$$ for his pride of pussy.

“He liked girl-on-girl,” Braun is quoted as stating. “He had sex with them together.”

Braun goes on to say that her girls thought “that he was just wild and a lot of fun…  and that he was tough to keep up with — days [at] a time, with just being a booze and sex bender.”

Tiger’s tally for his ongoing service allegedly amount to about $60k, Braun says.

I’m sure his pretty European wife Elin Nordegren is seething with the count  that everyday continues to mount and will be out to get her own prorated payment for having been a passenger on that long philandering train of his.

Tiger Woods "Tough to Keep Up With" say Escorts

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