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Topping His Game!

Its official, cocksure bad boy next door (and my future ex-husband,) Shia LeBeouf topped weekend box offices this weekend to the tune of 29+ million with his new flick “Eagle Eye.” Was there any doubt? Was there any competion? OSCAR awaits this young buck, for certain… or the very least a full rimming and prostate massage!

Congrats, sweetey! I’ve got dinner and dessert on the table waiting for you…

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Shia Off Hook…

Because I like looking at his picture, I bring your attention to the TMZ post on Transformer hottie – Shia LeBeouf.

It appears the erratic behaviors of the “new” Tom Hanks will likely land him on public transportation for having refused to take a breathalyzer or blood work after his last late night fender-bender – which is better than having to do a few days in the LA Spa version of county. LeBeouf is scheduled to have a hearing later today West coast time.

But I’m sure even this wont need to go on for long. Hottie has to have so much ass being thrown his way he can pick and choose the size, style, position, color, speed of his new ride…. Call me…

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Trans Cock…

Superstar Blogger – Perez Hilton, posted an item referencing Shia LeBeouf’s attraction to Diane Sawyer – a woman old enough to be his grandmother. Old news by now, for sure. But as I have a hard-on for Shia and his cocked-n-loaded boy tendencies, I could hardly resist a follow up with my public declaration.

From his coarse textured hair (there has to be some ethnic in there), to that ‘I-swear-I-didn’t-push-you-down-the-stairs’ smirk of his, I get giddy inside thinking of where exactly I’d like to put my tongue on him.

So Shia, if you are willing to try something 40 years your senior, balance it out by considering batting the opposite side of the field. And you could simply call it research!

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