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Tom Hardy: Esquire Magazing May Cover Boy

Tom Hardy graces the Esquire Magazine May issue cover

Tom Hardy graces the Esquire Magazine May issue cover

English hottie Tom Hardy graces the May issue of Equire Magazine.  The cover story – from what we can tell – ponders his capacity of becoming the next Hollywood “movie star,” capable of opening a highly anticipated remake like Mad Max and considers the naysayers who express doubts and believe that, even if he can, Hardy “can still fuck it up.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Noomi Rapace: Animal Rescue Film Set

Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy film scenes for their upcoming movie Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY

Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy film scenes for their upcoming movie Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY

At times one gets lucky visiting a film set.  Don’t know how it happens but it does.  The Animal Rescue set, presently filming on location throughout Brooklyn and Queens, starring Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace, happened to be one of those times.  We arrived minutes before the talent came on – one after the other – to film an exterior scene with their puppy.

It doesn’t get better than that y’all. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tom Hardy: Ass Up Face Down

Tom Hardy assumes the position in a nude self-pic.

Tom Hardy?  We didn’t get all the hoopla about him really.  Sure, he is cute.  And we wouldn’t have passed it up were we presented with an opportunity.  But we can’t truly say that we were salivating over it.  That is not until we came across this here (purported) photo of Bane in a position we would risk suffocating for rushing in tongue first!

We kid you not.  That ass is a thing of beauty.

God bless Mr. Hardy – from the back cuz the front looks like it is lacking.

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Tom Hardy: The Men of The Dark Knight Rises NYC Premiere

Tom Hardy and date attend the NYC world premiere of The Dark Knight Rises on the UWS.

Tom Hardy and his costars Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Will Estes, Morgan Freeman, Josh Stewart, Scare Crow himself Cillian Murphy and our beloved Joseph Gordon-Levitt were joined by Daughtry, Ron Howard, Dennis Haysbert and Penn Badgley at the world premiere of The Dark Knight Rises on Manhattan’s UWS, yesterday.  And the crowd spanned a city block for a glimpse of all that testosterone.

And who can blame them?  We ain’t going to complain about the men out-numbering the women at the Batman preview any.  To us, that fact is some serious icing on a flavorful cake.  A plus with party written all over it.  We ain’t greedy or nothing, it merely serves for diversity and keeping busy is all.

We can’t imagine this truly being the end of the re-boot.  It just can’t be.  We imagine this will break box office records and Bale will be threatened with single-handedly being responsible for the break down of Hollywood itself if he doesn’t return and fulfill his duties.

Alright, that’s a bit much but he has taken the Batman role to new dark heights and for that we can all be eternally grateful.

We still remain with some reservations about the chosen party to take on Cat Woman but as the title suggest, this is about the MEN!  Get set for a kick-ass weekend.

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Christian Bale: The Dark Knight Rises on Wall Street

Christian Bale films The Dark Knight Rises on Wall Street in NYC

The Dark Knight Rises is to the Batman fan what water is to fish.  And with director Christopher Nolan announcement that this is to be the last Christian Bale instalment of the series, well, it sorta puts the pressure on all involved to deliver a film of epic proportions.  Judging from what we witnessed over the weekend on Wall Street, the flick will deliver this and more!

We just aren’t buying that it will be the last of the mega-blockbusters.  Cuz holy Batman, it is about the money, honey!

Sure, there are detractros in the mix.  Anne Hathaway, for one, being cast as Cat Woman, makes some folks queasy - less we forget how brilliant Michelle Pfeiffer delivered her purring.  But to her defense the suit is sheer hotness.  Just saying…

But, alas, to some, it’s merely about the Batman!  And if you still want for more, this one has more bad guys than you can shake a 12 inch stick at – including Scarecrow (Murphy.)  And 12 inches is a whole lot even for the most insatiable of folks.

We fought our own way onto the set to get a view of the caped crusader 1st hand, this Saturday – it wasn’t easy, just about all of NYPD was present – and managed to walk away with not only a few pics of Bale, in suit, but of his fight scene with Bane (Tom Hardy.)


And without further ado, here is an overview of our pics for y’all to enjoy.

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