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Bronson Pelletier: Marks a Spot at LAX

Bronson Pelletier caught relieving himself at LAX

Bronson Pelletier caught relieving himself at LAX

27-year-old Bronson Pelletier, most closely associated with the wolf pack in the Twilight films, arrived at LAX this past December sloshed.  So sloshed in fact he apparently couldn’t find his way to the bathroom after being ejected from a flight for public intoxication.  Yes, it’s been sometime since it all went down and he has since appeared in court – no word on result – and folks have moved on to Kim Kardashian’s ever expanding ass – although at least now she has a cause for it as she is totally PG – but as we have only recently come by a suitable grab of the video we thought we would post at this time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kellan Lutz: iD Gum Launch NYC

Kellan Lutz drops into NYC to help launch iD Gum.

Hotness Kellan Lutz swooped into NYC to launch the new iD Gum last night and our hearts are still in a flutter.  We know he is something a whole lot of folks wish to chew on – if softly – but we made due with the new gum and left him to fill the eye candy role.

There was no passing up the opportunity to lay our eyes on the strapping 6.1′ Twilight co-star.  Of course we’d prefer to have him wearing less as that is a whole lot more… candy.

But we can attest to it not being for lack of trying.

Yes,  y’all, we asked.

Sorta had a soft ring to a True Blood gig we stopped into, come to think of it…

‘Can we get a few shots without the jacket,’ we innocently asked.  “What else will be next,” Lutz quickly threw back with a grin featuring his yummy dimples.

He had us there!  There was no telling where someone else on the line would ask next.  Ornery bunch we can be.

No matter.  Pretty is – well – pretty!  But with a “Tarzan” role, presently filming, there should be plenty of less is more moments.  Also in the pipelines for the North Dakota native:  Syrup, Java Heat and Love is All You Need.

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Taylor Lautner: Gay Blind Item Candidate

Taylor Lautner stops by the David Letterman Show to plug his new Abduction flick

Before we dive into anything on Taylor Lautner lets just say it outright:  That is one piece of ass we’d risk suffocation given the opportunity to eat!  But evidently, if a certain blind items suggestion and its reader response have anything to say about it, he already has a live in beau to do the job!  This fact would certainly not impede on our willingness to do a back-flip in to that ass cuz, well, threesomes are great fun.

But let us no digress from the reason for this post.

According to Crazy Days & Nights‘ readers, the likely candidate for the “almost A-list” blind item mention is non-other than the chiseled supporting role hotness otherwise known as Jacob in the Twilight flicks.

Surprised much?  Don’t be…  The rumor has been around for quite sometime.

And, well, there does happen on that Lautner sets off the gay-dar whenever he appears – and our gay-dar is seldom wrong!  But we will concede to certain types within the gay community who would love nothing more than to appropriate twink-a-licious by-way of affirmation for the community at large.  A bit twisted really and not unlike how born-again Christians look to recruit everyone they meet to make themselves feel like the choice they have made is indeed a right one.  Piety at its worst!

The posting goes on to suggest that the closeted status is due to management and PR advice and that the blind item only feels normal at premieres.  Hmmm.  The beard thing also hasn’t panned out for buffness and his run at top-billing in a real action movie.  And this is where Lautner’s name really gets an “enter here” slot.  Taylor Swift anyone?

Sure, we think his tight physique is yummy but it ain’t no never mind to us  and we got our own real problems to contend with – we are having our own booty-call dilemmas! – which we dare say are grander than an alleged unease about being “out” in public with the lover that does real bad things with you in your boudoir.  Let blind item find his own way out that loosely closed door closet.

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Kellan Lutz: Bloomie’s Abbot Main Launch

Kellan Lutz flies into NY to launch the '12 Abbot + Main collection at Bloomingdale's in Garden City.

Twilight’s Kellan Lutz is one piece of hotness you want to be scorched by!  No way around that…  At 6.1, the North Dakota native inspires you want to put city living down and head your ass out West for some good ole clean living – and a barn where you can romp around with the likes of something like him after they chop down a tree or something…

True that Lutz now permanently resides in Hollywood, but he is the son of the Dakotas.  The birth place of that beautiful smile and crystal blue eyes.

Our dearest bud Henry dropped us a note and informed us that Lutz would be appearing at Bloomingdale’s – Garden City, to launch the Abbot + Main ’12 collection and we packed our bag for a road trip stat.

The facilities came furnished with a resident DJ, cupcakes & Bloomie’s water being catered about the grounds.  Thank you!

And when the man, in all his ripeness materialized, the schlep out to Long Island was complete!

Lutz posed up beautifully, gave a few words to thanks the horde of fans gathered and was surprised with a birthday cake commemorating his 27th year.


Papi even went in for a taste, post blowing out the candles.  ‘You can afford a bite,’ we offered him.  And with a grin, Lutz went in and took a mouthful!

We nearly fainted and had to be fanned for lack of air.

Happiest of birthday wishes to Kellan for being a good sport and many more!

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Kellan Lutz: Bald Headed Hottie

Kellan Lutz has celebrated wrapping up the Twilight: Breaking Dawn flicks with shaving his curly locks, reports People.  First, hotness rocks out a mohawk and then finishing off the job by taking to a pair of clippers and shaving the rest of his hair completely off!

And what would such a dramatic move be without sharing it with the masses?

None, we say.

And we are thankful to him for so generously sharing them on all types of social media – his website, facebook & twitter pages.


Now, before you go and think the buff bodied pretty boy has gone and lost his damn mind, fear not.  He is simply down in Australia surfing or something or other.

He also posted an awesome beach pic.

“Love swimming in the ocean here in Australia with my shaved head,” Lutz says in the captions for his pic.

Some might rightfully say that this is a bit extreme but, given his hotness factor, it really does make for little difference.

We would mount it regardless!

Yes, of course we have a preference – we are partial to the mohawk look a bit more than the bald head.  What can we say?  It gives him a bad ass look and hint of someone who would grab you hair while you are on all fours and giving it to you right good.

And of course, how could we have not mentioned that we’d like nothing more than those rumours of a post-Breaking Dawn coming out would include this Chelsea looker…  Would make perfect sense…  Just saying.

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Breaking Dawn Closet Upheaval

Gossip mongers tell of a Breaking Dawn cast member's imminent leap out of the closet!

As if the Robert Pattingson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner blockbuster “Breaking Dawn” instalment of the Twilight series needed any additional mentions comes word from the Washington Post via Crazy Days & Nights, of an un-named cast member’s imminent leap out of the proverbial closet.


We were under the impression that this type of news was hardly needed on some folks associated with this film.  Le’s face it Kristen Stewart is a bit butch from the get go.  And we have been told, by multiple individuals, allegedly in the know, that Taylor Lautner is alternative.

But in the end who rightly gives a ripe good fuck?  Seriously!  Unless you are in the que for a boudoir session of course…  And then all you would need to concern yourself with is what position you would be playing…

We’d gladly let Lautner tell us his preference – just saying… cuz that body is tight!

Now, yes, Lautner has about as much chemistry on screen with women as oil and water, and Stewart has an aura of tommy boy butchness to her swagger – we won’t say nothing of Pattinson, cuz, well, y’all know how freaky the Brits can be; not judging, simply making an informed observation – but in the end why should we concern ourselves with alleged pending personal revelations, when there are real problems in the world, IE:  The Bahamas being completely overcast & preventing us from getting some real color, dammit!

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Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream Film Series Launch

Rachel Bilson and Karl Lagerfeld at the Magnum Ice Cream Film Series Launch

Rachel Bilson stopped by New York City to attend the Tribeca Film Festival Magnum Ice Cream Film Series Launch at the IAC Building in Chelsea a few nights ago.  She accompanied the legendary designer of epic proportions – Karl Lagerfeld, in debuting the sinful treats to an American market.  Of course Lagerfeld doesn’t eat that shit himself but he don’t mind pushing that onto an already obese peoples any.  Could that be payback for not being able to fit into his designer duds?

Anyway…  when we say Bilson stopped by – well, we mean just that really.  The very next morning (that was yesterday, in case you weren’t following it) she was papped on the beach in Barbados wearing a tiny black bikini accompanied by her now chubby beau Hayden Christensen.

What happened Hayden?  Is this for a role?

Of course we wouldn’t kick him out of bed for it y’all, we are just wondering out loud…

Bilson seemed to be genuinely tickled by the tiers of photographers all clammering to get her attention and to her defense she handled it like a trooper in her peach toned cocktail number.

But it truly appeared as if Twilight’s Alex Meraz usurped her spotlight a tad bit later into the arrivals portion of the event.  Mr. Hottie entered the tented step-and-repeat looking fit and trim in a pair of pants tight enough to tell how he packages accompanied with a smile.  Total yum-ness!

Needless to say that all questions turned to Twilight and who are we to resist.  We popped out our mini-cam and managed to get a bit of video while Meraz talked about the upcoming installation and the May/December romances that develop within the story.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem like anyone looks into what lies behind this occurence.  Could it be a Mormon reference by the Twilight scribe?  Just wondering…

Other notable attendees:  May Anderson, Simon Spurr, Elettra Weiderman, Christian Siriano, Aurelie Claudel and Nicole Lapin.

We cannot display this gallery

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Twilight: Eclipse Trailer

Robert Pattinson at Remeber Me NYC Premiere

Just when you thought you’d had enough of the Robert Pattinson crazyness comes the trailer for the new “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” flick, due out June 30th.

RPat sure seems to be capitalizing on his psunami of celebrity, now if he were to hit the gym or do a few stomach crunches…

Perhaps its my ADD but I have a hard time taking the “I’ll love you forever” opening of this trailer.  It’s a regurgitation of the past two!  The only portion of the trailer that saved the day was getting a glimpse of Taylor Lautner’s shirtless appearance – this is indeed welcomed.  I also greatly enjoyed Dakota Fanning’s brief cameo.  More please.

Having not read the books myself, I don’t rightly know if there ever comes a time when Lautner not only drops his shirt but his pants as well!  (Just only half kidding!)

I’ve already invested in seeing the first two so I have little choice but to carry on!  But I may need to smoke something to get thru it.

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Kellan Lutz: CK Underwear Ad

Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein Underwear

Much hype has been made over Kellan Lutz landing himself the Calvin Klein ad campaign gig.  And with good cause. 

His acting capacity might be questionable – at best, lets face it, his role in Twilight has been far from featuring any range – but his body is downright ungodly!

Kellan Lutz Photographed Promoting the Twilight Saga at Toys-R-Us in NYC

So with drool dripping down the side of my mouth (I do love a cheap thrill,) and with my good eye busy trying to make out what has been (if anything) airbrushed out, here are two of what is sure to be an avalanche of photos of hotness in his skivies. 


Does he live up to the Marky Mark ads of ole?  That still remains undecided in this cammp – those are large boxer-briefs to fill – but that is not to say that we would turn down the opportunity to nurse from either of those nipples before we worked our way South to size up the scene!

We sure hope they feature a back angle with a slight more flesh showing, cuz you know Lutz waxed any possible hair off, and nothing gets us wet than a smooth bum!

Kellan Lutz Bares His Buff Body for CK Underwear

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Taylor Lautner is Max Steele

Taylor Lautner strikes a well suited pose at the MTV's VMA

Hollywood’s latest buff beefcake and Twilight: New Moon all around hotness is set to take on the role of Max Steele, based on the Mattel figure.  HOT DAMN!

Me thinks Lautner can kiss the ‘I don’t want to be known for my body’ bit goodbye given that the character is a extreme sports junkie who acquires superhuman powers after an accident.  Body showcase!

Paramount ain’t likely to let this go by without milking that piece!  I know I wouldn’t…Mattel's Max Steele

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