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Amanda Bynes: Bathroom Self Photo Session

Amanda Bynes self-pic bathroom session series

Amanda Bynes self-pic bathroom session series

What the hell kinda unbalance is poor old Amanda Bynes experiencing?  The one time Hairspray and Easy A star has flipped her lid and let it land on the back of her neck and cause serious permanent damage.  And she is still pining for some “Shoop” from Drake.

We can’t blame her at all on that Drake front as brother is all types of yum-licious.  And evidently Rihanna can attest to that…

Bynes latest foray into the ‘look at me’ comes by way of a self-pic session in her bathroom (presumably) which incorporate a series of semi-undressed pics she posted on her Twitter page. Read the rest of this entry »

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Alison Pill: Topless Twitter Photo

Alison Pill garners national attention after tweeting a self-topless photo on her social network site.

Everyone is up at arms over actress Alison Pill and her topless self-pic posted via her Twitter account.  We, on the other hand, applaud her for being comfortable enough to bare her attributes with the masses.  Cuz let’s face it everyone – if not everything – on the planet has a set of nipples and ever woman has themselves some breasts.

Truth be told, we couldn’t rightly place Ms. Pill right off the back.  So we had to go and do a little bit of Googling.  Lo and behold, she starred in Pillars of The Earth, a series we loved!  She has also starred in Milk, Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen, Midnight in Paris and most recently, Newsroom.  She also has two upcoming projects we will certainly be on the lookout for – Snowpiercer and Thicker.

Kudos to her!

But of course the good ole USA being founded on puritan values… the powers that be capitalize on the very object of their focused attention.

A deeply rooted contradiction in terms.

We fondly recall a time some many years back while attending an opening attended by Rob Lowe where he walked up to our dear friend Tracie and stuck his face right between her ample bosom.


Hell no!  He was fine as wine.  Made us want to rush out and get ourselves a pair – truth be told.

So here is to the empowerment of women and their breasts the world over!

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Dmitry Rogozin: Madonna Whore Tweet

Dmitry Rogozin takes to Twitter to make derogatory remarks beleived to be aimed at Madonna after she speaks out against Russian punk band prisoners awaiting a verdict.

We just can’t let it go.  We’ve tried.  Russian official Dmity Rogozin is believed to have gone and attacked the divine Madonna on his Twitter account dropping the “W” letter for whore after Madge spoke out against a jailed punk band in the USSR awaiting a verdict, reports the NY Daily News.  Ain’t that some shit?

We’ve never thought Russians were of the etiquette subscribing or moral highbrow bunch – cold fuckers they are – but this one does take a foul cake.  Say nothing of a politician insinuating anyone is a whore – and a Russian one at that = is at the very least a laughable occurrence.

Sadly it appears his culture condones a misogynist voice.  Cuz addressing a woman – any woman apparently, as the dumbass doesn’t go as far as naming her officially – with such demeaning references is apparently acceptable.

This, above all, speaks volume for his people and the country’s overall political arena.

Why don’t you pick on your own kind chubby…?

We thought to share his twitter mugshot with y’all so that you could have visual of this top drawer individual.

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Tori Spelling: Hubby Tweets Topless Pic

Tori Spelling & Husband Dean McDermott Twitter Topless Photo

It always appears as though there is little Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott won’t do to get themselves some coverage.  It is hardly news.  Even if it means tweeting a topless pic of Spelling “accidentally,” as you attempt to show off your kid being silly to your Twitter “fans.”   Cuz you couldn’t possible have noticed that your wife was laying in the background with her dollar sized aureoles in full view.

Les we seem harsch, it could very well have been an “accidental” incident.  Because, well, you know, you coulda been so intensely focused on how darling your kid was being in the photo that those big ass nipples were mistaken for a wall or something.  Just a slight occurrence stemming from your over-zealousness to share that cuteness captured of your off-springs with the world at large.  And if it gets media attention, all the better.

They are cute as a button!

But lets face it…  These two “reality” royals will bare anything and everything – as personal and private as it may seem – to ensure that there reality show keeps getting attention and subsequently contracted.

Getting pregnant every year to quantify yet another announcement of being with child?  Not a problem!

It takes a village.

This is not to say that we mind nudity – in any form.  It’s how you were brought into the world and it’s nothing one hasn’t seen at one point or another.  False sense of modesty be damned.  Whatever you have, there is another just like it, if in different size and possible color, one person over.

What we can’t dispel is how desperate for attention – which turns into profits – they seem to always come across as being.

We also can’t help but ponder the irony.  Spelling is herself the offspring of that one-time king of TV producers.  A man with more $$$ than he or his greedy ass wife could possibly ever have spent in multiple lifetimes. (At least his wife’s lifetimes, may he rest in peace.)

You know – if it is possible – he is doing somersaults in his grave over a child of his having to go to such lengths to stay in the public eye and make some money, honey!  Even after all the nepotism you exercised by sticking her untalented ass in so many of your personally produced TV shows!

No justice, no peace!

But, in the end, its about the children.  No, really it is.  Cuz what kinda fucking message are you sending to your children doing such type of shit?  Whoring yourselves in such a fashion can’t be a healthy message to your children.  And while we are pondering that question, where the fuck is Child Protective Services?  Or do they have one on the West coast?


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Juliette Lewis: On The Russell Brand Band Wagon

Juliette Lewis drugdges up an old Russell Brand snap shot to jump on the media coverage post-divorce announcement

Celebrity-dom is a hard niche to maintain.  You can catapult to the top with one forceful performance, but staying there is damn hard thereafter and even harder if it has slipped through your grasp and you end up becoming ‘that one-upon-a-time a-lister.’  – What can be said for this phenom?  The public is fickle and so are the editors on the rags.  The complications of this occurrence is amplified if you were once the ingenue of the moment only to graduate onto becoming too weird for your audience to endure.  What generally appears to inevitably result is the has-been having to jump on the bandwagon of someone monopolizing media attention, at any given moment, in attempts at generating some redirected coverage.  Somewhat of a famous by association effect.  Case and point:  Juliette Lewis drudging up some old photo with Russell Brand and tweeting a message easily misconstrued as a suggestive double-entendre.

We mean not to say that Lewis has lost any of her capacity acting chop wise.  On the contrary, she still manages to channel that quirkyness into formidable performances.  They just don’t happen too often anymore.  We are merely pointing out that neither the rags, casting agents nor the public seem too much interested in what she has left to offer.

Sad?  Yeah.  Reality?  For sure!

So what is a girl who caused waves with a remake of Cape Fear and then wowed everybody in Natural Born Killers to do to get some media attention?

Well, you can pull out said photo with a certain Brit in the throws of a divorce announcement and tweet it for the public at large to start concocting a storyline to go with not only the photo but the tweeted message.

Sad?  Yeah.  True?  Likely!

Now, we ain’t judging, we are simply making an observation.

We cannot display this gallery


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Perez Hilton Beat Down

The princess of all media – Perez Hilton, has gone and allegedly gotten himself a beat down by Black Eyed Peas member and actor, Will I Am.

And what does Princess Perez do? She goes and Twitters it! That bitch is nothing if not a capitalist.

Perez: “I’m in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please. I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke.”

His Twit continued a few moments later with: “Still waiting for the police. The bleeding has stopped. I need to document this. Please, can the police come to the SoHo Met Hotel. I spoke to my lawyer. I really need to talk to the authorities. Please come to the SoHo Met Hotel. Have called the police. Need them here.”

What this Twit doesn’t divulge is what prompted the alleged attack. I want proof! Not that there would be a reason needed… Dustin Lance Black posting anyone?

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