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Victor Cruz: Torn Tendon Ends NFL Season

Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz

In all honesty, we know very few NFL sporting figures.  Victor Cruz happens to be one we know.  And it makes it that much sadder to learn that Cruz will be sidelined for the rest of his season with the Giants’ due to a torn patella tendon in his right leg during the game Sunday night. Read the rest of this entry »

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Victor Cruz: Engaged to Elaina Watley

Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz

Congratulations to hot chocolate and NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz on his engagement to girlfriend of 11-years, and baby mama, Elaina Watley, reports state.  The Giants player is said to have passed a ring onto Watley’s finger on Sunday, July 13th. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jaime King: McDonalds FIFA World Cup Brazil Party

Jaime King attends the McDonald's FIFA World Cup Brazil launch party in NYC

Jaime King attends the McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Brazil launch party in NYC

Hart of Dixie beauty Jaime King joined hotness Victor Cruz, hot chocolate Tyson Beckford, ever handsome Joshua Jackson and Katrina Bowden for the McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Brazil party launching the redesign of the famed McD’s french fries box, last night, in New York City.

The fete served up Blueberry Pomegranate smoothies, fresh french fries and nuggets!  

Can you stand it?  It was a happy meal…  And yes, we dove right into some, dammit!

What’s the point of working it out to look good naked if you can’t compensate with some McD’s!  (Tell Bloomberg to take a bite out of that…) Read the rest of this entry »

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Liam Hemsworth: The Men at Catching Fire NYC

Liam Hemsworth attends the Catching Fire NYC screening

Liam Hemsworth attends the Catching Fire NYC screening

It’s only right that with a movie of this magnitude one separate the men and woman – if only to make it last a little while longer.  And that’s what we are sticking to!  That and being afforded posting a lead photo of hotness Liam Hemsworth without detracting from the fashion fierceness brought on by the ladies.

Of course what is fashion however when you set eyes on Hemsworth’s baby blues? Read the rest of this entry »

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Victor Cruz: Latinos for Obama Spot

NFL pro-footballer for the NY Giants Victor Cruz is one hot salsa-field-sporting Latino.  And a nice guy to boot.  It also doesn’t hurt him any that folks all across the country adore him.  But he has now taken a moment from his sport to convey a well intended and earnest message to his fellow minority in support of President Obama.

And we thinks Latinos ought to pay attention.  STAT!

We marvel at a minority that attaches itself to a Republican ticket in the subconscious belief that by proclaiming their support for a club as the GOP it will merit them membership…

Here’s a news flash for those folks…  being tolerated is not inclusion, nor membership.

We ain’t judging those folks – not at all.  Simply stating facts.

So without further chastising, here is hottie and his spot.


YouTube Preview Image

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Jennifer Lawrence: Hunger Games Box Office Feast

Jennifer Lawrence stops briefly for outside photographers during The Hunger Games NYC screening.

Like the world over, we too have been anxiously looking forward to the arrival of The Hunger Games – starring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and Isabelle Fuhrman.  The preview alone for the book-to-screen adaptation wet our appetite for a full experience.  Hell, who are we kidding, Hemsworth had us wet for so long we were damn near drowning in it…  And we were determined to get our fill during one of the last promotional nights by the young casts before the grand opening worldwide!

Interesting evening…  But a grander screen experience.

From the costumes to the CGI effects to the casting – the film is a epic, capturing the conflicts of social class structure accented through color.

Oddly, folks are still on the Twilight comparison phenom and we can’t help but wonder why…  Other than the obvious that is…  the media fueling a public frenzy which originated with the books – much like the Harry Potter novels.  That and the fact that Breaking Dawn II still has one remaining episode on the 2012 horizon.

Sure, on the surface it appears to play to a tween audience.  But once you look past the surface of things – the fact that it stars a generally young-ish crowd being the most obvious – it really is a whole hell of a lot smarter than Twilight and well, no further connections can be discernibly made.

We now must regress to reading the book(s) given how wowed we were left with the film.

And on Sunday afternoon, the estimated tallies being reported are in the tune of around $155 Million – with a pre-sale coming in around $15 million alone.

Not bad start – but hardly a surprise.

We are for certain glad to have made the sacrifice and dutifully covered the NYC special screening, held at Chelsea’s SVA theater, late last week.

Yeah, the film has premiered everywhere else and Tim-buck-too but Lawrence’s green low-cut cleavage revealing cocktail number makes up for the scheduling blunder by the suits.  Although her attitude could in & of itself use some fine tuning.  (Girl it’s early in the game for such disdain… OSCAR nomination or not…)

Other notable attendees:  Alan Cumming, Rob Thomas, Cheyenne Jackson, Stanley Tucci, Irina Shayk, Abigail Breslin, Bridget Moynahan, Jake T. Austin, Dave Annable, Giant’s Victor Cruz and Carlos Leon.

We cannot display this gallery


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Terry Crews: Muscle Spice in NYC

Image Old Spice pulled out all the stops and brought in some major candy to launch their new Bounty of Scents in NYC recently with two of their spokesmen:  Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa.  Joining this tag team of lick-able Godiva were Giant’s Victor Cruz and model Chrissy Teigen.

Now we are a huge fan of Terry Crews.  And brother man is one muscle dude we have wanted to lay our eyes on for quite sometime.  (Sue us – we love chocolate!  What else can we tell y’all.)  We dutifully tuned in to his Brooklyn dad portrayal on Everybody Hates Chris and often rolled our skinny ass off our white leather couch in sheer hysterics.  And we have marveled at, not only his recent Muscle & Fitness cover but his big screen roles – brother can pack a Speedo!  So when we heard he was racing into NYC for an Old Spice launch event, well, how the hell to say no to that?

We quickly dusted off our Canon and made head-way down to the Highline Stages in the Meat Packing district – no pun intended – to get our front and center spot and feast our eyes.


But don’t you know we arrived and to our pleasant surprise the gang was all in and ready!  And all in good spirits.  Hot and timely…  That’s one fabulous combo.

The step-and-repeat went over smoothly & without a glitch – with the exception of one pap asking Cruz to show her his moves…  We know…  She is special that one!  But other one can’t say things go this smooth that often.  (case & point:  a horde of paps waited at Macy’s for Nicole Richie’s skinny ass for THREE hours!)

We quickly thanked the group for their good spirits and made a steadfast get-a-way with a smile on our face – Yes, it was just like after-glow!

And now for the apology…  We have been remiss on posting for a bit now but we are looking to taper off our absence due to working for the man.  We are grateful to the folks that have continued visiting our site to search our archive.  Much obliged!

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