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Barack Obama: Inauguration Day

President Barack Obama relaxes in the Oval Office.  (Official White House Photo)

President Barack Obama relaxes in the Oval Office. (Official White House Photos)

Four more years!  YES, today is inauguration day for Barack Obama who was officially sworn in for his second term yesterday.  Generally when one utters these words grouped together its something preceded with a word like ‘damn’.  This happens to be that amazing exception to the general rule.  And it would appear its in honor of the man undertaking another four years of dealing with the daily throws of DC politics.

We are all gleeful that the man we voted for is going full steam ahead – and on MLK day no-less.

Well, we too have a dream.  That the American people as a whole learn to vote into office politicians who are actually out to do work for the people instead of heading their otherwise lazy asses out to the nations Capital to spend their time filibustering and getting greased over by lobbyist who ain’t got no one’s well being at heart other than to figure out how to raise their profit margins at the expense of the very people who put those lazy asses in their cushy spots with the best health care imaginable!

That’s our damn dream.  And that one day, like a dear friend Elease so eloquently put it, we don’t have to work on MLK day!

Congress gets to take off for weeks on end and the people can’t have MLK day?  WTF!

But today is about celebrating history – one that will run another four years!  And for that, we think, MLK must be smiling from the here-after.  Cuz for certain some of what he preached – not all, we ain’t no idealist – has come to pass.

So here’s a Northern congratulatory mention to President Obama.  We don’t volunteer to brave the cold for many but we’d gladly do it for you.  But since we can’t, please know we’d be there with the masses today if we could.

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Prez Obama: HRC Speech

President Obama attended and rendered a moving speech at this years HRC dinner where he announced that the Shepard Bill will finally be signed into law.

This has been a long time coming and long ass overdue!

But like our good Prez says, it may not happen as quick as we’d like but it does happen – and in this direction we head.

I get all tingly hearing Hot Chocolate speak about this stuff.

Now I truly understand the attraction Lewinsky had for Clinton and where it stemmed from!

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