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Whitney Houston: Dead at 48

This is truly a sad ending to a long and drawn out public downward spiral.  One time pop sensation Whitney Houston has been found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel by her bodyguard this afternoon, state Beverly Hills Police.

Last photo of the troubled singer, taken this past Thursday as she exited Tru night club in Hollywood, depict her looking like a ripe mess albeit alive.

Although the world knew that the one time voice which belted out of the Clive Davis creation was gone and nothing but a memory, her expected return to the big screen in “Sparkle,” opposite Jordan Sparks and Mike Epps, was highly anticipated.

Ironically the upcoming film deals with fame and drugs.

The loss of Whitney Houston comes on the tail end of her fans having already mourned the loss of one of the greatest and most impactful voices of our time.

Her recordings will stand tantamount to her one-time vocal prowess and her life will be a cautionary tale of the hazards of uncontrolled drug use.

RIP Whitney.

We will leave y’all to mourn in your own fashion and share these two videos, showing two very different Whitney.

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Grace: Williams Blood!

Tired of waiting on Whitneys comeback album and forever hearing about the upteenth listening party – most recently in Los Angeles, I am regressing to Grace Jones’ “Williams Blood” single.

Here is the diva on Le Grand Journal pumping it out! Fierceness!

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Whitney: London Listening Raves

News from the Whitney Houston comeback album, titled “I Look to You,” slated for a September 1st launch in the states, comes in increments.

The latest news is on her London listening party which is being heralded as a triumph. Folks in attendance reportedly “danced in the aisles,” the press release proclaims.

I’m no fool, being all to aware that this is the build on the hype but I’ll be damned if the shit ain’t working! I’m gagging for a copy.

I am seeking solace in that I’ll be cross the pond mid August and may likely run across someone with a copy! (Not a word from you!)

Here are a few pics, courtesy of Arista Records. Hurry up Whitney!

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Whitney: The Wait is Over!

Imagine my response when an email notice popped up this morning announcing Whitney Houston’s scheduled return!

I all but burnt my damn lip on my coffee!

But overwrought with curiosity, I quickly clicked to open and discovered it was no hoax!

She’s back, bitches! The one and only Whitney will drop her new album, aptly titled “The Wait is Over,” (or so it should be called!) on September 1st!

Ok, so the wait isn’t really over cuz now we have to wait until the end of the damn summer – but why nit-pick. Kiss riding round the Blvd blaring Whitney’s tunes while the summer winds rush through your cascading hair goodbye – but hey, it’s Whitney, BITCHES! Wait…

Well, I don’t care to much about that! Just hurry up and get here is all I have to say…

photo: Patrick Demarchelier

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Whitney’s Alleged Comeback Imminent

With the Grammy’s come and gone – there was, again, no Whitney!

And this after all the hype and glorification by the likes of the AP and The LA Times – among many other, over her performance at the pre-Grammy soiree honoring Clive Davis’ in LA.

Granted, the photos from performance have her looking amazing, but that does not a performance prove!

I love Whitney! She is legendary – and the drug use only adds to the mystic! Survivor! But I still want to see a video of this said performance. I want the proof!

Hurry up girl, I’m ready! Give it to me, I want it – NOW!

This has been the longest comeback in the making of all times!

Update: So there is a YouTube video. Here it is. Draw your own conclusions on her successful return… I’m on the fence on this one!

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